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It’s a bold statement to say that one product can reduce tire-operating costs. But Vancouver-based Lyna Manufacturing says such a claim about its Tire Lyna sealing compound isn’t pulled out of thin air.

“Sealants typically haven’t worked in commercial tires because of the heat and pressure they’re exposed to,” says Craig Watson, Lyna’s corporate development director. “They dry up or deteriorate. Our product is a gel that maintains its properties under normal operating conditions. It’s non-toxic and organic; you can take a hose before the tire goes into recap and wash it out.”

Watson says Tire Lyna acts against the porosity of the rubber. “People think of a sealant as a quick fix for a leak, but in our case, the idea is to prevent the seepage of air that, over time, kills tires and fuel economy unless you’re regularly checking air pressure. Most people aren’t regularly checking pressure. That’s where the savings come in.”

Tire Lyna also has a sealant that works against bead leaks and small punctures, and it won’t have an effect on your tire or retreader warranties.

What it won’t do is balance your tires or absolve you of the need to check pressures or conduct regular maintenance. For information about Tire Lyna and distributors, go to www.tire, or call 1-877/940-4107.

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