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Port Metro Vancouver project gets ISI’s Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Platinum award

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Recently Port Metro Vancouver’s Low Level Road project received the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system’s Platinum Award.

It is the first transportation project to receive an ISI Envision-verified sustainable infrastructure rating system award. The project consisted of the realignment and elevation of approximately 2.6 kilometres of the Low Level Road in North Vancouver, to give space for two new rail tracks. The project also eliminated three existing road and rail crossings and provided direct access to major port terminals. The project addressed safety, recreation and noise challenges associated with port operations along the Low Level Road, including the reconfiguration of three intersections and improved lanes for cyclists.

“Port Metro Vancouver’s realigned Low Level Road project improves community mobility, enhances the availability of active transportation options, improves community safety and mitigates threats from unstable slopes and seismic risks,” said ISI president and CEO, William Bertera. “The road project’s design team also contributed to sustainable infrastructure through economic development and stability in the local community.”

Port Metro Vancouver president and chief executive officer, Robin Silvester also commented: “The Low Level Road project has increased trade opportunities for Canada while providing safety, traffic flow and recreational benefits to the local community. We are proud of the significant collaboration between funding partners, project staff and the community, and delighted to see recognition of the project’s contributions to sustainability.”
Port Metro Vancouver said the project was initially designed to enhance rail and port operations as international trade grows, as well as to address safety and traffic congestion in the area.

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