Align Class D requirements with other CDLs, says OTA

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. —  According to reports from the Ontario Trucking Association, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) embarked on consultations with industry in October to determine the feasibility of aligning medical, vision and knowledge requirements for Class-D licence holders with all other commercial classes (A, B, C, E & F).

Specifically, the regulatory proposal if implemented would align Class D renewal requirements so that:

· All Class D drivers up to age 64 would be subject to knowledge and vision tests every 5 years;
· All Class D drivers under the age of 46 would be required to submit a medical report every 5 years;
· All Class D drivers age 46-64 would be required to submit a medical report every 3 years; and
· All Class D drivers age 65 and older would be required to submit a medical report annually.

OTA’s president, Stephen Laskowski said this of the proposal: “The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is pleased to provide comments to the Regulatory Registry concerning Class D – Revised Licensing Requirements. OTA’s position on the issue is that Class-D licence holders should be brought into line with the cyclical medical requirements that exist for Class-A licence holders, but in doing so, recommends that: The changes are properly communicated to the public and to the affected drivers; A practical implementation plan is developed that is manageable both by industry and by MTO; MTO work to accelerate its review timelines (currently at 30 days) of medical reports; and, MTO continue to provide priority medical review for all commercial drivers. OTA stands ready to assist the Ministry as they move forward with this initiative and looks forward to next steps and consultations.”

The MTO has not set any timelines on the proposal, however they are currently reviewing the logistics of what would be required to realistically make the transition including education, capacity of the medical community and medical review office. As well, the mandatory entry level training (MELT) initiative underway by MTO does not apply to Class-D drivers (only Class-A drivers are covered).


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  • Well, the day I turned 65, I walked into a license bureau and asked the fellow behind the counter to drop me to a G license from a class A. Had enough of the government bull crap. That is why many 65 plus drivers are hanging up their driving careers. No wonder there is a driver shortage. Older drivers prefer to be home every nite and would drive the city. A lot of experience is leaving the driving industry.

  • And they claim there is a driver shortage now? Most of the D class dump truck drivers I work with are guys that retired off the highway and gave up their A because they were tired of the constant “MONEY GRAB” for constant medicals and re-tests. And that’s all it is……a money grab.

    I still have my A, but when the day comes I fail a test or medical, it is going to be celebration day as I will then have the motivation to quit this crappy industry.