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Schneider helps set up fuel supply chain along Gulf Coast

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Schneider National is working with FEMA and other government agencies to create a critical diese...

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Schneider National is working with FEMA and other government agencies to create a critical diesel fuel supply chain for hurricane rescue and relief efforts along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The carriers has been called upon to create a diesel supply chain needed to fuel emergency vehicles and generators being used in the Hurricane Katrina cleanup and rescue efforts.

Three Schneider National bulk tanker trucks were involved in a police-led caravan to the Port of New Orleans over the weekend. A U.S. tanker containing diesel fuel is docked there and crews are siphoning fuel from the freighter to the tanker trucks which then deliver the fuel to camps in and around New Orleans.

Schneider is providing trucks, drivers, supervision and dispatch for the effort over the next 30 days at least, the company reports. Schneider doesn’t usually transport fuel and 75 per cent of its bulk volume is non HazMat, making it a unique undertaking for the fleet.

“It is safe to say we have not done anything like this in recent memory, including some of the more recent (9-11, Hurricane Ivan) disaster efforts we’ve been involved in," said Schneider spokesperson, Janet Bonkowski. "The magnitude of this disaster and desire to do what we can to support rescue and relief efforts motivated our associates to figure out how we could logistically do this and then made it happen.”

Company drivers from the affected area have volunteered for the assignment, the company says.

“All we could tell them was bring water and clean socks, and be prepared to be out for up to two weeks. Their response: ‘Sign me up,'” said Bonkowski.

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