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Schneider reveals outstanding rate of theft-free loads

GREEN BAY, Wisc.— Schneider announced today that even though it moved more than 3 million loads last year it achieved a 99.9999% rate of theft-free loads in 2016.

For maximum security, Schneider incorporates a layered security approach with both carrier and shipper working together from beginning to end for truckload and intermodal moves.

“While we employ various technologies and processes to keep freight safe, our best assets are our careful and observant drivers behind the wheel of every load,” noted Dave Geyer, senior vice-president and general manager of Van Truckload for Schneider. “Schneider drivers’ skill sets are kept sharp through thorough theft-prevention training, both during drivers’ onboarding and in quarterly training sessions. We also keep our drivers updated on the locations and types of thefts that are occurring industry-wide.”

Data from CargoNet, the leading cargo theft prevention and recovery company, indicates that a 99.9999% rate of theft-free loads is a great accomplishment.

“It’s clear that Schneider places a strong emphasis on security, and they continue to lead by example with their approach,” said Anthony Canale, general manager at CargoNet. “Schneider’s dependable reputation and its extensive understanding of the importance of putting in layers to ensure a 360-degree approach is a sign of its commitment to securing its customers freight. We are honored to be a part of Schneider’s continued success.”

According to CargoNet’s annual theft trend analysis, the value of loads lost increased in 2016. Last year, the industry as a whole suffered 864 cargo theft incidents, averaging $203,913 per lost load.


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