SPECIAL! Kenworth T880 Test Drive in 360° Panorama Video

Jim Park

MARSHALL, MI — What could be better than a test drive video of a spanking new T880 on some really rough terrain? A total 360-degree panorama video, of course. You choose the view; just click, hold and drag the mouse to change the camera angle.  

Check out this Kenworth T800 dump with an Ohio spec, loaded to 90,000 lb gross vehicle weight working its way up and down 20% grades at the Eaton Corporation’s Truck Proving Grounds in Marshall, Mich. 
Equipment Editor Jim Park pilots the truck through a test course showing off the pulling power of the Paccar MX-13 engine, the shifting prowess of the Eaton UltraShift Plus 8-LL transmission and the gravel-gripping traction of the Hendrickson HMX 460 rear suspension. 
Using a 3D printed 7 camera Go Pro rig, we shot this video from different perspectives on three separate runs over the course. There’s nothing hidden from view this time, as we capture all the action from every direction.
We have footage shot from inside the cab getting the exact driver’s perspective, as well as shots from a camera assembly mounted on the windshield and one outside the cab. With this cool new technology you can watch what’s going on out front and out back at the same time. 
Check out this first-of-its-kind video test drive; you’re bound to see something you weren’t expecting. 

NOTE: 360° videos will NOT play on Safari. Only Google Chrome or Firefox.

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There are three other videos in the T880 series; Part 1, On the Test Track, shows the T880 in a typical work environment and features a cement mixer truck and a heavy-haul spec’d T880 pulling a dropdeck trailer. Part 2, Going Off Road, features a T880 dump spec’d for Ohio where trucks can haul as much as 90,000 pounds. There’s a walk-around video as well where we get up close to the T880 to see what makes this truck so special. Check them out too.
Jim Park

Jim Park was a CDL driver and owner-operator from 1978 until 1998, when he began his second career as a trucking journalist. During that career transition, he hosted an overnight radio show on a Hamilton, Ontario radio station and later went on to anchor the trucking news in SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking channel. Jim is a regular contributor to Today's Trucking and Trucknews.com, and produces Focus On and On the Spot test drive videos.

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