The Canadian ELD mandate explained

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If you are a Canadian trucker or own a Canadian trucking company, you must prepare for the upcoming Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. Canada will roll out the ELD mandate in June of this year, with full implementation set for 2020 (according to the Canadian Trucking Association, or the CTA).

Although the Canadian version is like the U.S. mandate, it’s still a complicated proceeding which you must understand. Non-compliance will cause hefty fines and out-of-service orders; both costly to the company and the driver.

To avoid delays and costly errors, let’s streamline it into easy-to-understand terms based on what we know today.

What is the purpose of an ELD?

If you listen to truckers discussing ELDs you may assume they only track a driver’s hours-of-service (HOS) and nothing more, but they provide a technology to help streamline workflow and communication.

An ELD is a piece of hardware which connects to the truck’s engine control module (ECM). It tracks HOS compliance, mandating both drivers and trucking companies to adhere to the strict rules put in place for the safety and health of those who use the roads. The days of recording hours on paper using a pen and ruler are gone. ELDs remove recording errors and illegal manipulation of driving hours.

An ELD can transfer its stored information to dispatch or DOT/MTO officers during an inspection. Police will be able to use the information for investigating an accident as it stores the information in a standardized format no one can alter.

Regulations require CDL to keep a record of duty status (RODS) and must use an ELD to show they follow the HOS rules.

What is the Canadian ELD mandate and why is it required?

The mandate requires that most fleets in Canada and the U.S. transition from using outdated paper logs to computerized logs to track the driver’s hours. A third party will certify ELD devices to add an extra layer of security.

Canada and the USA share similar rules and regulations related to transportation. Both countries are striving towards:

  • Safer roads
  • Fewer injuries for drivers and everyday vehicles sharing the roads

Developing better working conditions for drivers

In the U.S., the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the transportation industry. In Canada, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) is developing its own set of regulations.

When you compare the two, you find roughly a 75 percent overlap between the rules, which may change once the final draft is released. The Canadian government is committed to working with the U.S. in developing a set of rules which both countries approve.

Other benefits outlined in this document include:

  • Developing clearer cross-border relations
  • Gaining a better understanding of the regulatory requirements between the two countries
  • Outline a plan for fair competition between fleet operators
  • Ensuring HOS rules compliance
  • The goals of the ELD mandate

In both Canada and the U.S., the ELD mandate will not change the HOS already in place; it will monitor and force drivers and companies to comply with the rules by using a certified electronic device.

ELDs make enforcing compliance easier and level the playing field for all industries which rely on safe and efficient transportation of goods.

Safety is not the only thing ELDs increase. Transport Canada has conducted research showing the benefits of an ELD outweigh the costs 2:1.

This cost savings include:

  • Driver downtime
  • Quicker roadside inspections by MTO officers
  • More efficient deliveries which will reduce customer costs

The Canadian Trucking Association, knowing the benefits these devices bring, has been lobbying for these devices for over 10 years.

How does the ELD mandate affect Canadian trucking companies?

Carriers in Canada that do not cross the border are using computerized logging devices or the old fashioned, paper logs. Carriers who cross international borders, already have ELDs installed as required by U.S. regulations and are using them. So, if your fleet is not using an ELD, you need to quickly catch up before the end of this year when Canada begins enforcement.

Avoid undue stress on your staff and drivers by using a device like the KeepTruckin fleet management solution which allows drivers to transition from Canadian-based regulations to the U.S. based without worry.

Canadian ELD exemptions

There are four main exemptions from ELDs listed in Canada Gazette Part 1 Volume 151, No. 50. As of this writing, the exemptions are not law.

Commercial motor vehicles will be exempt if:

  • Operating under a permit from a provincial or territorial HOS director
  • Have a statutory exemption
  • Subject to a rental agreement with terms being under 30 days
  • The vehicle was manufactured before 2000

How to find a Canadian compliant device

Since Canada has not fully implemented its mandate, there are no certified Canadian ELDs on the market yet. Since we expect the Canadian rules to be similar to the U.S. rules, Canadian ELDs may require a simple software update.

ELDs sold in the U.S. are self-certified by the manufacturer. In Canada, the requirement for certification is through a third party which ensures the devices are tamper-proof.

Any U.S. operator coming into Canada would require their ELD provider get government approved certification to be legal in Canada. They do not expect this to be a difficult process since both mandates will most likely be similar.

The ELD learning curve

The old way of keeping logs has been in place for decades and learning a new method may be difficult for some. Success requires the full participation of drivers, dispatchers, and all support staff.

The earlier you train your staff and drivers, the easier it will be when full compliance becomes mandatory. Easing everyone into this new experience will lighten the stress of learning and aid with adoption.

By starting early, you can try different devices to ensure you have one that will work for your company. If you leave things to the last minute, you may struggle with a technology that does not meet your needs.

Research proves that fleets who have adopted the ELDs early, have learned to use them in ways which allow the company to reduce costs, increase driver retention, improve road safety, and decrease violations.

Here are a few resources that explain how ELDs and fleet management solutions can help you unlock the full potential of your fleet:

Driver retention: How technology can help fleets

How to increase profits with ELD data

Next steps for preparation

With the Canadian ELD mandate quickly approaching, you are going to have to get your fleet ready. Maybe you are an international carrier and have already implemented a US compliant device. If so, you are well ahead of others. If not, now is the time to investigate what device will work best for your fleet.

Pay close attention to the US discussion regarding the mandate as the Canadian version will be very similar. Also, start with a trial of an ELD device so you can get a feel for what is required.

Don’t be afraid to involve your drivers in making the best decision. You may learn that your drivers are already using KeepTruckin’s free app.

Why use KeepTruckin? Just look at these numbers

There are numerous apps and ELD devices on the market in the US. When the Canadian mandate comes into effect, you are going to need a device that is not only compliant but certified for use in Canada.

KeepTruckin is fully compliant and is software driven to make complying with the new Canadian ELD mandate a quick and painless operation. With over 500,000 drivers and 55,000 trucking companies using the KeepTruckin fleet management solution, why trust anyone else with your compliance needs.

Take a look at why customers choose KeepTruckin and make your own decision.  You can get started with a free KeepTruckin Fleet Manager account today to put your business on the path to compliance.

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  • The safety risks are extremely grave . Do you people not understand ? Or will you wait for an atrocious event to occur before realizing it ? You are rendering people’s lives and safety extremely vulnerable with your so called hocus pocus ELD safety BS .

    IT CAN BE HACKED ! All the retarded technology on vehicles CAN BE HACKED !

    If something unfortunate occurs due to manufacturers and enforcers lack of reasoning based on enforcing such technology on the public , all of you should and most likely will be sued and prosecuted for criminal negligence !

    “Criminal negligence generally involves an indifference or disregard for human life or for the safety of other individuals”

    You people are so obsessed with control that you even put yourselves in vulnerable positions due to your lack of reasoning .

    But at least you publically informed the public how to bypass an ELD through the use of manufactured trucks before the year 2000 . They can also bypass the silly DEF regulation as well .

    That leaves us with only two problems to successfully overcome .

    You people are on route to destroy the trucking industry and you don’t even realize it !

    I have posted and shown numerous links to GPS hacks as well .

    If truck drivers only knew how vulnerable they truly are ,they would park their trucks within the wink of an eye …………… And the general public would do the same with their vehicles ! This would lead to chaos ! We want to avoid chaos !

    Vehicles are COMPUTERS on wheels ! It’s not simply a computer in one’s home or business ! This needs to be taken into account .

    • This the truth and the regulator’s know that they don’t care all they want is control of every person that lives in that country so keep asking for more automated vehicles like the article says they are not making it safer

    • A computer error caused both those max Boeing planes to crash despite in one case the pilots trying to override the computer 26 times in less than 2 minutes. A elog caused my 2005 Western star to be written off after a fire the E-LOG started E-LOGS are not going to be the answer until all shippers and receivers provide overnight parking if they take more than 2 hours to load or unload. All truck s need to be paid a minimum of 75 cents per minute to the Owner-op for detention after the first 15 minutes like some contracts do now Set minimum wage for local drivers of $22.00 on payroll or $26.50 to a Corp. Over the road drivers $27.00 on payroll with time and a half after 10 hours and double time after 13 hours BEFORE the E-LOGS are required in Canada for all drivers on Canadain soil. O.T.R truck drivers paid to a corporate need to make aleast $33.00 per hour with the same overtime provisions. I have seen 3 trucks rolled over in the past by truck drivers speeding around curves to beat the clock. The previous company I worked for had 2 truck drivers beat up in a four months period and one will never work again after parking when their E-LOGS told them to. Parking is not available on the east coast of the U.S. now after 6 pm we need to build another 1000 plus parking spots for trucks in the G.T.A. and 1000 more in Vancouver area before E-LOGS come in .5195239586

    • are you kidding me I don’t need a computer to tell me to stop and go or when it’s time to sleep. you think it’s gonna be great I’m running elogs in usa and I’m more tired now then before rule change. the reset leaves me totally exhausted not sleeping when I’m supposed to bored out of my mind sleeping just to pass time and than waking in middle of nighr than taking off but I’m reset right I’m safe. can’t take a nap cause clocks ticking only have 14 hr window go go go is how it feels now and most of you people wanting elogs don’t cheat anyways so shut up and drive already. there’s nothing that the government sticks it nose in that improves. all that time you swipe under carpet on paper and your able to drive on it will be gone along with the money get ready for a pay cut. oh right trucking companies will have to pay more now or pay us for sitting ya they’ve been holding out for elogs NOT bend over and say thank you

    • @Noble1 perfect example; it’s 1 degree above and below freezing all day, I’ve been working 15 hours today and it’s about 11:30 pm. Roads are icy, it’s raining and snowing, I stop a few times to clean the lights and watch the speed of a few passing vehicles, waste a few elog minutes. Boss edits my start time to remove those 8 minutes. I need to drive those 8 more. I wasted 20 minutes at another perfect place to call it a day, still had 1 hour drive time. Boss emails “you got 1.5 hours since you had an extra 30, it’s cool just roll”. Last truck on the road for hours, that’s fine I like that. But I was done and elogs had me out there 16.5 hours when 13-14 was good that day.

    • Ya buddy we need more comments like yours they need to no what we have to deal with. I wish they were on a time clock and not on a big salary but that’s the liberals an Democrat’s for ya. we just have to speck up come on drivers let them no how you feel leave. Comment or they will never now be safe guys.

    • Elds are going to be a disaster no matter what thank you pollutions ya thanks for having us make less money great thanks for marking are lives Moore like a prisoner please one of you special government people help us and mostly us 10-40 year truckers some buddy help and speck thanks giving my rant

    • Plain and simple . Look at the UK where these were designed originally. They don’t work and the UK sold this crap to the US and smiled all the way to the bank . Look at the stats and reports overseas then tell me that this craps is good .
      Going going gone are the days of the owner operator making a honest living. Yup speeding and not stopping, running stop signs and cutting people off are only going to get worse . Mark my words . Corporate greed caused this government’s love this . Look at it how it is meant to be used . We the owner operators and small companies are screwed .

      Jerry Richard Edmonton, Alberta
      780-802-3476 .

    • How can I put this lightly……..comply or get out of the commercial trucking business.
      It is geared towards road safety and legislative compliance for the commercial trucking industry. It saves lives and reduces accidents, while at the same time pretty much guaranteeing compliance with ‘Hours of Service’ legislation. Like it or lump it, this is the direction the industry is moving in. Don’t fight the system……YOU WON’T WIN!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  • There’s always two sides to a coin ! And these people keep on simply expressing their views on one side . Which is bias !

    Rather than inform the public with impartiality by informing them concerning the vulnerabilities and weakness these gismos have too, they try to manipulate us to see things through their rose colored glasses !

    And their behavior clearly confirms why they are trying to enforce regulations upon the people . BECAUSE PEOPLE GENERALLY LACK ETHICS AND CAN’T BE TRUSTED ! That’s where the cause lies . But they keep on responding to the effect rather than the cause !

    In this day an age people are no longer innocent until proven guilty , they are treated as guilty until proven innocent !

    We as a people have a lot of work to do . We need to change the cause . The cause is how we think and act . Change that and the “effect” ceases and or changes !

    Why do we stubbornly act like the fly trying to bypass a closed window ? It tries to go left , then right , then up , then down . But it doesn’t progress through it ! It stays there ! We are smart enough to create and invent technology but then we fail when it comes to its weaknesses . Just like with ourselves . If we first strengthen our weakness(mentalities) then we will also strengthen what we create automatically without needing to go back to the drawing board due to the chaos generated by our mistakes ! We as a people are currently FLAWED ! Fix that and we will have truly evolved as a species ………..

    Stop “manipulating” people !

  • Noble,
    I disagree with your comments because in my opinion the benefits for ELD outweigh your arguments as there is a minuet risk of the truck getting hacked.
    Even if there is a genius who has figured out how to hack the truck why would he/she change the HOS. Wouldn’t it cause more chaos to effect the truck and that would be more fun?
    I propose there is a massive problem with the trucking industry. Companies cutting each other’s throat for repressed rates, carbon tax, tier 4 emissions, ghost trucking companies, driver inc and a general lack of safety awareness.
    This is illustrated with the Humboldt tragedy. The driver received eight years for his part but the company only received a $5000.00 fine and there is no major changes to the infrastructure. What this tells me the next tragedy, and there will be, it is the driver’s fault.
    I believe the ELD is a the first step to clean up the industry. This will force all players: drivers, trucking companies, and shippers to take responsibility for safety.

    • ElD suck if your a hard working trucker if you think they are great than I don’t have a clue think about it racing a clock . Ya that’s safe come on.

  • Accident rates in the U S are way up yesterday I seen two trucks on their side go going two fast on the curves on the 76 toll road on landed on top of a car with a load of recycle paper. The parking is almost unavailable after 1800 hours on the east coast. Truck drivers and Owner-ops need to be paid for all hours worked. Even new truck drivers to Canada are driving to fast and cutting in line. We need to be able to split the sleeper berth into 5 and 3 or a 6 and 2 split All receivers need to provide overnight parking or pay a $50 drop off fee to a nonprofit group that builds and maintain s truck parking with bathrooms and wifi The problem is not the E-LOGS but receivers fines and lack of planning and long loading and unloading times. The C.T.A is dumping this on the truck drivers and is going to need to bring a continuous supply of foreign truck drivers from low countries as they will quit after getting their P R card. This will be the male nanny program. All foreign truck drivers after one year should make twice our minimum wage paid by the hour off the log paper or E-LOGS plus overtime after 10 hours per day and 50 hours per week before E-LOGS are made manitory 716 800 5814

  • Who would benifit hacking a ELD
    Hmm let me take guess.
    I’M Thinking Mega Trucking Company’s that have developed and or sponserd A ELD manufacturer with it,s sole intention to monitor small independent Truck Companies in order to observe customers list and volumes of data
    That explains the lobbying of the governed party’s
    It’s been done I hadn’t heard of the outcome yet and very little has been said
    But I’m keeping my ears and eye’s opened for updates
    Not that hard to do everything’s stored on the cloud
    THE concept I don’t mind using the ELD ‘s
    Just not comfortable on how many people can get the information

  • How is it safe racing against a clock trying to make a buck . it’s really sad it came to this in the industry if only the government new how safe and brotherly hood it used be. jUst give it time and government will see the big mistake they made after all the carashs and deaths that are going to keep happening it’s will get bad I’m sure . yOu all drivers no who get special treatment when it comes to trucking sad to see the trucker kicked at like the devil from many people be safe drives and make your point to the government

  • As a member of Senior Management in transportation, and with a strong background in safety and compliance, I have spoken to many drivers, dispatchers and Ops Managers about ELDs. So far, the ONLY strong objections I have heard have come from people that either have been frequent violators of HOS or have consistently felt pressured to find ways to circumvent them.
    That should tell you all you need to know about why ELDs are an important next step in safety. (Worth noting: Hacking an ELD is way harder than falsifying a log book.) At the end of the day, this will vastly increase HOS compliance, which means safer roads, lower costs, and higher wages. Drivers who are unable to recognize the importance of HOS compliance shouldn’t be on the road.

    • Then Tell me, Mr Senior Manager that thinks he’s a big shot, why a fellow like me who has NEVER had a HOS violation and never been in an at fault accident and has blemish free abstracts should be required to pay for an ELOG and do the extra work required to backup the files and learn the idiosyncrasies of them? Stop the BS and admit that the OTA members want elogs because the office compliance staff was overwhelmed by your non compliance. This was a way for you to save money which is fine, but The added expense for me is unnecessary and anti competitive. You people put unqualified garbage in the seat and try to drive the truck from the office. Scum.

        • That will be fine,the small companies employ inexperience drivers,that can’t speak either English/French,to do the job at a peanut. And also force them to violate the HOS.This is making the road to be unsafe. We need to embrace change. Many have gone in the hand of fatigue drivers.

      • I agree 100% with ya government nothing but nonsense I don’t think they care about us at all the new drivers killed the industry for us guys and gals with 20 years under are belts will never be like it use to be. Be safe

    • yes but it’s because there’s no good reason for them. I race the clock, reset and try to sleep to pass the time and end up more tired, usa stats is no improvement in accidentsome or truck crashes, I can’t think of one thing the government stuck it’s nose in that ended up better than before can you.



    That is very clear & simple.

    There’s the problem: HOS Rules are actually ILLEGAL by FAIR LABOUR LAW STANDARDS.

    How can this be safe???

    Much like “UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED” by Ralph Nader…

    For Trucking:


    “The designed-in DANGERS



    are what makes “Truck Drivers & Trucking Dangerous”.

    These PROBLEMATIC DANGERS need to be corrected. ELDs will not do it!

    I’ve said it before, the industry is SICK. The system is flawed. It wasn’t always like this. 

    SPECIAL INTERESTS, LOBBYISTS in Shipping & Receiving, & now ELD Manufacturer’s, made it this way. Their aberrations must be corrected.


    In 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced:

    The Fair Labor Standards Act, which is also known as the Minimum Wage Law.  It has been working  for virtually EVERY INDUSTRY IN SOCIETY since way back in 1938 (in the USA). The trucking industry was & is still exempt from FAIR LABOR LAWS & STANDARDS to this day.  There’s the REAL PROBLEM & SOLUTION!

    WHO wants to work in an UNFAIR INDUSTRY?


  • Your data should be private to your own company. I don’t see how or why your ELD data would end up in the hands of a competitor / big corporation. Is it clear that the ELD device has to transmit live data to the “home” unit or can the unit store the data until the end of whatever time period – run / week / month to be retrieved manually back at the home hub (via some sort of data transfer / memory card whatever?)

  • Iris going to make me find something else to doin other ways get out of trucking all together that’s what the eld is doing for me and a ton of experienced drivers

  • We operate a metal recycling facility in Winnipeg, MB. we have a fleet of 3 – 2 tractors hauling flatdeck, super B and end dump, 1 lugger truck that hauls a trailer with up to 3 20 yard lugger bins. All of our trucks operate in Manitoba only, mostly in Winnipeg, and some locations in Winkler Morden area. Are we mandated to have our local truck fleet of 3 compliant with ELD?

  • Hi, I’m a company driver and I want to know if it’s my companies responsibility to provide the equipment to run the ELD. My company wants us to use our cell phones and I don’t think that’s ok

  • It. is my understanding that ELDs don’t work in areas without cell phone service. How is that going to work?

  • are elogs going to be manditory for gravel trucks that only work in the province of alberta right now the company i work for is hauling gravel under the 160 km rule only using pre trips on paper. we are driving 12 to 14 hrs a day 7 days a week. i know this is illeagal but my boss says if you dont do it he will hire someone who will. please inform me

  • Here’s what I’d like to know… why is the trucking industry the ONLY industry that has computers tell someone when they can and cannot work? A doctor or nurse can work a double or triple shift with no questions asked and thats fine, a surgeon that’s more exhausted than any truck driver with his eyes barely is allowed to perform open heart surgery on someone and if the patient dies.. that’s fine though? At least they tried right?!? Canada wants to enforce elogs then fine, enforce them to these new steering wheel holders that’s on the road and to these companies that have such horrible CVOR ratings!! Why are these pathetic excuse for companies that lose their CVOR allowed to go other provinces for plates and insurance?? WAKE UP TRANSPORT CANADA, ITS YOUR FAULT THIS INDUSTRY IS IN THE TOILET!!!

  • Dear Professional Truckers,

    This in not so much an issue of public safety as it is of SLAVERY.
    This is what an ELD is all about.
    Nowhere in any industry can you desperately try to do your job and be hungry, be tired, have a urine bladder about to explode, and have feces about to leave your anus in the hope to get your trailer unloaded and to be able to move on to the next pick-up. And this all the while you are hoping that the Goddam scale is closed and the DOT is not there because it is raining too hard.
    Enough is enough, leave the industry, leave all, and when the shelves are empty everywhere, maybe they, the government, will take the time to listen to us.
    If not, let eveyone STARVE.
    I have no pity anymore.

  • We are a small commercial moving company operating 99% of the time in the Greater Toronto area with two 20 ft. trucks weighing around 11000 lbs each. At present all our drivers do is complete a Daily Vehicle Inspection Report. Do they now have to have an Electronic Logging Device