Top Students Win Trucking Scholarships

WATERLOO, ON— Vania Agostinho knew she was interested in the automotive sector, but resisted applying for a technician-type program because people told her it would be “too difficult to learn and work in a male-dominated industry.” Good thing she didn’t let that stop her.

Agostinho got a diploma in radio broadcasting, but continued pursuing her passion and after she was introduced to truck-coach technician basics, found that “big trucks” were more her style.

Last week at an awards ceremony hosted by Waterloo’s Conestoga College, Trailcon’s VP of service and operations, Paul Merryweather presented Agostinho with the 2014 Trailcon Leasing Trailer Service Technician Scholarship.

Al Boughton, president of Trailcon, commented: “We see this as a great opportunity to give back and to help a deserving individual get the necessary training that will open doors to a career in a skilled trade.”

Agostinho was chosen by the college for excelling in the Truck Trailer Service module of its Motive Power Fundamentals program using criteria established by Trailcon Leasing, the Ontario Trucking Association Education Foundation and Conestoga College.

Neil Sullivan and Jason Reinhart also won the Glasvan Great Dane Truck Trailer Service Technician scholarships last week.

The students were recognized for being the top two academic achievers in the truck-trailer service unit of Conestoga College’s Motive Power Fundamentals program.

“Once again, we are thrilled to see our scholarships awarded to such deserving and dedicated students,” said Paul Cobham, Glasvan Great Dane Trailer Sales president. “This is a great opportunity to reach out to students who have set their sights on employment in the truck and truck-trailer service industry and provide them with some financial assistance to help fund their studies.”

Both the Trailcon Leasing Trailer Service Technician Scholarship and the Glasvan Great Dane Truck Trailer Service Technician Scholarship aim to create a more prosperous trucking industry by financially helping students interested in job opportunities in the industry. For more information, visit

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