Town Famous for Trucking Looking at Truck Bans

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. — What would Bud The Spud say?

Bud of course is the fictional potato-truck driver from Stompin’ Tom Connors’ hit Bud The Spud. In the song, he starts half of his trips in the picturesque P.E.I. community of Summerside. Buy that of course is fiction.

In real life, the City of Summerside is considering restricting trucks from operating on certain streets during late hours. This comes after the City was petitioned Monday by 77 residents who live near South and West Drives.

According to the CBC, one seven-year resident of the area says most of the noise comes from trucks serving the barges along West Drive. “You got 400,000-pound, tri-axle trucks 20 feet from your bedroom, your bed’s going to do some dancing,” the resident said.

Council has agreed to meet with the local trucking companies to discuss the situation.

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