Turnover rate at large truckload carriers rises

by Truck News

ARLINGTON, Va. —   The turnover rate at truckload fleets with more than $30 million revenue rose 5 percentage points to 83% in the first quarter of 2019, the American Trucking Associations said Wednesday. That was lower than last year’s average rate of 89% and 11 points below a year earlier.

For smaller truckload carriers, the rate fell to 73%, exactly where it was in the first quarter of 2018, the group said.

ATA chief economist Bob Costello said the rates demonstrated a muddled picture of the labor market for drivers.

“While the market for drivers in certain segments continues to be tight, we’re seeing the impacts of a softer freight environment,” Costello said.

“Despite weaker freight growth, it is clear that there is still strong demand for quality drivers industry wide, which will continue to put carriers under pressure to recruit and keep good ones.”

Turnover at less-than-truckload fleets ticked up eight points to 18%, the highest level in 15 years, but well below truckload driver turnover.


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  • It all comes down to treating drivers with dignity . If you don’t then they won’t endure your unethical behavior .

    A lower turn over rate would indicate that carriers are getting the message . However , that’s not quite the case based on the current report .

    Therefor while advocating a little more stringent driver training , perhaps carriers should be schooled in ethics & sustainability .

    ” Why are ethics being thrown out the window in favour of the bottom line? ”


    In my humble opinion …………..

  • I would like you to remind you that we are all consumers & labourers .

    One major way that we can create ethical sustainable change is by exercising consumer activism based on “dollar voting” .

    The goal would be to influence manufacturers /producers/shippers into choosing ethical carriers to ship their products .

    A consumer “boycott” is an effective approach to change a producer’s behavior . We certainly do not advocate harm . We always offer choice .

    Either the producer chooses to act morally by choosing to do business with ethical companies and treating their labourers with dignity or else the consumer won’t buy their products .

    It’s quite simple .

    You the consumer & labourer can make a sustainable change based on ethics to improve your quality of life . All you have to do is make your dollars work for you as hard as you work for your dollars by applying a little wisdom .

    YOU my dear middle and lower class have a lot more power than you have been lead to believe .

    Don’t ever forget that 99% is a lot more powerful than simply 1%

    In my humble opinion ……….

  • You can also take this a little step further .

    Look at it like taking a little consumption vacation concerning certain products produced by certain producers .

    Everyone has a breaking point . Either they bend or they’ll break . If a producer wants to remain stubborn then they will be driven out of business . The consumer can either take over their business and continue to produce the consumables they desire or create a change in management by simply having management replaced .

    Collectively you have more power than you can possibly imagine . That’s the key : COLLECTIVELY ! You must unite for the greater good of humanity . Be a visionary . If you want a better tomorrow then you need to act better today . Think about your children’s future and the generations to come .

    Government has failed the people .History is our best teacher . The people must unite and learn how to govern based on ethics and wisdom , not trickery . Only then shall the “people” be treated with dignity and evolve into the gods that they truly are .

    Until then , we will continue to be deceived ………..

    Remember this quote : Money talks , BS walks !

    Outsmart the status quo and create ethical sustainable change for yourselves and the generations to come .

    In my humble opinion …………