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U.S. ports going electronic Nov. 15

WASHINGTON, D.C. --A list of prior electronic prior notice deadlines for U.S.-bound shipments, subject to port of e...

WASHINGTON, D.C. –A list of prior electronic prior notice deadlines for U.S.-bound shipments, subject to port of entry, is now available.

Effective Nov. 15, trucking companies must provide advance electronic transmission to Customs Border Protection (CBP) of required cargo information for U.S. inbound cargo information at the following New York and Michigan ports —- Buffalo, NY; Alexandria Bay; Ogdensburg; Massena; Detroit; Port Huron; Sault. Ste. Marie and Algona. The Ports of Champlain and Trout River will require advance notification by Dec. 15, 2004.

To effect the advance electronic transmission of the required truck cargo information to CBP, CBP has approved two interim EDI systems, for use until the Automated Commercial Environmental Truck Manifest becomes fully operational. The two systems are the Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) and QP/WP (an Automated Broker Interface [ABI] in-bond processing system that allows ABI filers to create and process in-bond shipments.

Trucking companies hauling commercial cargo subject to advance cargo information requirements into United States must use one of the two interim EDI systems described above with the exception of CAFES and BRASS loads. (This is a temporary measure until ACE is fully functional.)

Under the BRASS program, the following conditions must be met:

1. The importer and shipper involved in the transaction are current BRASS participants (as of Aug. 17).

2. The importer and shipper have engaged in a minimum number of 50 BRASS import transactions during the previous calendar year. CBP retains the right to change the minimum number as a matter of policy.

3. Trucks carrying the merchandise must be driven by FAST-registered drivers carrying FAST cards.

4. The truck carrier participates in an approved industry partnership program, such as C-TPAT.

For more information on this issue, Ontario Trucking Association members can e-mail OTA’s Stephen Laskowski at stephen.laskowski

Or they can attend an information session for members, to be held in the near future. OTA hopes to have an announcement on such an information session(s) next week.

Watch Truck News and/or the OTA Web site and newsletters for further information.

And click on the Truck News Border Legislation icon for a copy of the Federal Register document announcing the new rule.

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