U.S. Calls in Military to Deal with Driver Shortage

ARLINGTON, VA — A new bill addressing the growing concern of a driver shortage may prove beneficial for both trucking companies and recent veterans, according to the ATA.

The Military Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Act of 2012 would allow uniformed service members to get a CDL where they are stationed, rather than in their home state, making it easier for soldiers and sailors to move from military to civilian life.

“Making it easier for veterans to move into these jobs is a good thing for the military, for the veterans themselves and for our industry,” said Bill Graves, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations.

“Trucking already faces the beginnings of a driver shortage, and with increases in freight demand, as well as demographic changes, we will soon see demand for drivers increase rapidly,” he said, adding that veterans with experience driving trucks in the military are highly sought after.

The passing motion drew applause from Graves as he thanked the House and Senate for quickly passing the bill.

“Hats off to Senator Snowe and Representative Bucshon for leading the charge to eliminate a regulatory hurdle veterans now face in applying for a CDL,” he said.

Graves explained that as the economy continues to recover, it is becoming ever more challenging for trucking companies to find qualified drivers to move America’s most essential goods.

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