Vitran plugs in to a new U.S. system

TORONTO — Vitran is set to begin streamlining its U.S. LTL operations for future growth and it all started with some new software.

The Toronto-based carrier recently launched its new U.S. LTL IT operating platform, which is expected to enhance Vitran’s ability to drive revenue growth, increase productivity, streamline costs and deliver improved profitability.

With the implementation complete, management – over the next 90 days – will focus on eliminating the 13 overlapping freight terminals in the Upper Midwest resulting from the 2006 acquisition of PJAX Freight System.

Vitran will then begin cross selling to its existing accounts in an effort to fully extract synergies from its recent LTL acquisitions.

"With the foundation provided by the new IT system in place we will now focus on the integration of all its operations, but more importantly Vitran is in a position to roll out its expanded service offering in North America," said Vitran president and CEO Rick Gaetz. "While this has been a long and difficult task it was necessary in order for us to leverage our existing franchise and will allow Vitran to streamline the integration of future acquisitions."

This new IT system incorporates the strengths of the previous systems and has additional enhancements that will allow Vitran to better serve its customers with their regional and interregional freight requirements.

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