Volvo talks Vera at IAA

by Sonia Straface

HANNOVER, Germany – Volvo Trucks used its press conference time at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover this week to talk more about its eye-popping Vera, the autonomous, electric vehicle that looks more like a driverless sports car than a transport truck.

Volvo is calling the vehicle a “unique concept that could radically change the whole perception of transport.”

The Vera combines all the buzzwords of trucking today – electromobility, connectivity, and autonomous. And to boot, it has no driver, and no cab. It has what Volvo says is the potential to completely revolutionize trucking.

In the future, Vera is to be used for regular and repetitive goods transport and for short distances. Volvo said the vehicle would likely be used for transport between warehouses and logistics hubs.

“The future is well and here,” said Michael Karlsson, vice-president of autonomous solutions. “Just imagine what 10 of these vehicles could do inside a logistics warehouse. It’s going to make transport safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

Because it is all-electric, Vera will have no extra noise or emissions, too, Volvo added.

“We believe we need to find new solutions to meet trucking’s needs in a sustainable way,” Karlsson said. “And the increasing shortage of truck drivers is another challenge. Vera is meeting these challenges, and demonstrates a complete and realistic road towards the future.”

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