Western Star adds new options, 25-ton XD OffRoad hauler

by Truck News

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Western Star has added a new 25-ton hauler to its XD OffRoad line of equipment, aimed at smaller off-road applications, such as construction, mining, and quarry site hauling.

“The XD-25 provides yet another extreme duty option for customers who tackle the toughest challenges,” said Kelley Platt, president, Western Star Trucks. “These units are specifically designed to handle off-road jobs without compromising fuel economy and cycle time efficiency.”

The Western Star XD-25.

The new XD-25 is available with a Tier 3 Series 60 or Detroit DD13 engine, and is powered by the Allison Off Road Series (ORS) transmission and planetary gear sets. Together, the engine and transmission combination results in more power for loaded applications and higher speeds when unloaded.

Additional features found with all Western Star XD OFFROAD products include rugged slippered spring suspensions, simplified maintenance components and metal fender butterfly hoods for long-life durability.

“Our customers want an off-road solution that has great ton-per-mile savings, and a lower purchase price over conventional articulated equipment,” Platt said. “The XD-25 OffRoad’s low maintenance design and versatile platform configurations deliver on performance every time.”

The company also announced a host of new options available on Western Star trucks. They include:

• RollTek Seats: Available for Western Star 4700, 4800 and 4900 truck models, the RollTek seat system inflates side-impact airbags, tightens seat belts and compresses air suspension seats to the lowest position to prevent serious injuries to the driver, in the unlikely event of a rollover.

RollTek seats

• Sealed Frame Rails: The new sealed frame rail for Western Star 4700, 4800 and 4900 truck models, reduces corrosion on double channel and partial liner configurations, the company says. Sealed along the edges, the flexible water-tight seal prevents the intrusion of liquids and minimizes rust that might occur due to environmental factors and road de-icing products.

• Abrasion Tape for Exterior Harnesses: Intended for applications that can cause abrasion in the chassis, such as construction, logging and road maintenance, the new Abrasion Tape for Exterior Harnesses for Western Star 4700 and 5700 truck models will improve durability. Each harness is wrapped in an abrasion-resistant seal and then fastened securely to the frame rails to prevent damage to the wires from debris, water and chafing.

• Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box: With cab access and increased ground clearance, the Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box for the Western Star 4700 is durable enough to withstand harsh working conditions, and features the traditional Western Star style.

• Detroit 23,000-lb Front Steer Axle: New for Western Star 4800 and 4900 truck models, the Detroit 23,000-lb front steer axle is ideal for applications that require a higher front axle weight rating like snow plow, dump and heavy haul. Up to 40 lbs. lighter than other brands, Detroit front axles improve durability, reduce tire wear and provide smoother steering control.

Diamond Plate Tool Box.

• Five-Man Crew Cab: Western Star 4700, 4800, 4900 and 6900 truck models can now be spec’d with an aftermarket-installed five-man crew cab option with either two or four doors. A 12-dash inch backpack is also available for additional storage.

• 5700 Truck Configuration: The Western Star 5700 is now available in a truck configuration for expeditor and RV applications in a day cab or sleeper.

“The needs of our customers continue to grow and change, so we will continue to add new options that will help our customers while delivering the power, performance and comfort expected from a Western Star truck,” said Platt.

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