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Help Choose 2 More Trucks for Canada’s Big Rig Calendar

Since 2008 the Wowtrucks® Calendar has celebrated 13 Canadian drivers and their rigs.  For the past two years a contest on the Wowtrucks® Facebook Page has helped select some of the winners into the calendar.  This year’s voting just started and runs until midnight August 11, 2014.  The two trucks with the most votes at the end will win a spot in a future Wowtrucks® Calendar.  Voting is open to anyone on facebook and each account is given one vote per 24 hours.   Its not too  late to enter.  If you or a friend has a truck that you believe belongs in the calendar you can enter it right online.  Questions to

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2014 Wowtrucks® Calendar Promo Video

David Benjatschek

David Benjatschek

David Benjatschek is a professional business speaker/trainer, motivating audiences across North America. His 15 year career in Oil & Gas primarily focused on the transportation sector. Also an accredited photographer, David is the driving force behind and the Wowtrucks® Calendar: Canada's Big Rig Calendar.
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  1. hungry says:

    My husband and I are long haul truckers, and apparently we love the lifestyle so much that we do it for free. In the past year and a half we have been manipulated, threatened, co-erced, and forced to work for free, been fired, physically and mentally abused by employers, and yet we still love trucking…. BUT, although we are doing our part in holding these companies accountable, we really need to make some changes so that driver’s do not have to seek help after they have been ripped off $40,000 in a year and half – — we need to get some implementation and some serious repercussions handed out by the government! Otherwise, this little trucker, not only will loose the love for this lifestyle, but also her home – and that is the only thing that I have left to loose — everything else is gone 🙁 My vehicle, my blissful marriage, every friendship I had [I simply cannot talk to anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of how $1.00 has to feed me for a day], my family and soon [in less than a week] my home….. can we not rally together so that this does not happen to anyone else?

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