David Benjatschek

David Benjatschek is a professional business speaker/trainer, motivating audiences across North America. His 15 year career in Oil & Gas primarily focused on the transportation sector. Also an accredited photographer, David is the driving force behind wowtrucks.com and the Wowtrucks® Calendar: Canada's Big Rig Calendar.

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Authenticity at Work

Authenticity is so crucial for leaders and managers to understand. I love to open up my leadership workshops with the following challenge to the leaders in the room: "You don't control anyone. You can have tremendous influence on those around you by controlling the only person you can which is you" Some people get into trouble by marrying someone for their "potential", thinking they can change them over time. Usually that doesn't turnout well! Great teams don't evolve by changing people. They evolve from creating an environment that motivates them.

Vote for your favorite Canadian Trucks in the Wowtrucks® Facebook Contest

The 2013 Wowtrucks® Calendar will be the 6th annual Canadian Big Rig Calendar. Traditionally I've taken all the trucks from the 4 major Show N Shines across Canada. This year I'm opening up 4 spots in the calendar to be won through a Calendar Facebook Contest which is currently running until June 30. Click on the link below and you'll be taken to the Contest Tab on the Wowtrucks® Facebook page where you can browse the approx 70 trucks entered and place one vote for your favorite truck each day.

2 Success Tools for Everyday Life: If you want to be an A-Lister, these B Lists will get you there!

A-listers is a term commonly used for those elite Hollywood stars that make over $15 million per film. While I want each one of you to be an A-lister, I don't share the Hollywood definition of what it means. I think that the Hollywood definition is dangerous to us all because it defines success by monetary income/wealth or the "Stuff" we've accumulated. For me an A-Lister is someone who is simply happy with their life because they are meeting the goals they set for themselves no matter what they are.

The Incredible Power of Authenticity for Business & How Social Media can help you find it

Authenticity. Freedom to be yourself. YOURSELF .... complete with all your glorious strengths and weaknesses. To place yourself in your authenticity is a powerful place for both corporations and individuals. I'd like to spend a bit on why it is so important for companies and how Social Media can be an important tool in finding it. As an example, let me brag on a favorite restaurant of mine in Calgary called Marathon.