The murky matter of protests and the donations that drive them

Much has been made of late on social media and in the mainstream media, about trucker protests that are in the works. Truckers are rightfully upset about a vaccine mandate that was clumsily applied to cross-border essential workers, including the professional drivers who’ve been keeping us supplied throughout the pandemic.

But such protests rarely deliver results, aside from angering the motoring public and casting shade on our industry. We will report on significant events that disrupt our industry and your businesses, but do nothing to support this form of protest.

One disturbing trend is the amount of money being thrown at recent attempts to bring commerce to a halt. One initiative raised more than $900,000 via GoFundMe in less than a week.

This is fairly significant, and startling, when you consider where that money is going. The fundraising initiative was started by Tamara Lich, who has a history of association with radical groups, including the recently formed federal separatist Maverick Party in Alberta. Yes, by this weekend, there is likely to be about $1 million in the hands of someone affiliated with a party that wants to break up Canada. (Plan B, mind you).

In her past, Lich was regional coordinator for Wexit in Southeastern Alberta, and was member of the board for Wexit Alberta. What’s Wexit Alberta? It was the provincial party whose co-founder wanted to exit Canada and join the Trump-led U.S.

Lich later took her ambitions federally and joined the federal Wexit Canada board, which would later become the Maverick Party.

She was also affiliated with the Yellow Vest movement, which was linked to death threats against our Prime Minister. Is that what we’ve become, Canada? To her credit, Lich attempted to distance her local chapter from those making the death threats. But think about that for a second…she was affiliated with an organization that threatened to kill our Prime Minister – and now has nearly $1 million of your money to distribute as she sees fit.

Protesting trucker

Curiously, she seemingly has no direct connection to the trucking industry. She worked in the oil and gas industry and was singer for a local metal band. So where does this love for truckers come from?

And, where will that million or so bucks go? It will go into the organizer’s bank account, that we know. That’s how GoFundMe works. From there, who knows? Since the fundraiser is not an official charity or organization, there is no further accountability. (Incidentally, chooses not to promote GoFundMe initiatives for this very reason).

Lich says the money will go towards reimbursing participating truckers for their fuel costs. That’s great, but hauling a load would pay more than bobtailing cross-country for the cost of diesel. Rates aren’t bad, these days. She’ll cover food and lodging too, if you really need it.

The good news is, funds will be dispersed via e-transfer “(preferred).” Paper trail! Since GoFundMe wipes its hands of accountability once the dough is deposited into Lich’s account, we hope she will be forthcoming about how those funds are distributed.

As previously mentioned, we don’t think protests that disrupt cross-border – or any other – traffic are safe or productive. We don’t support these initiatives. We do, however, agree that government bungling of vaccination mandates (at state and provincial levels – looking at you, Quebec), has created frustrations and fueled the appetite for such initiatives.

If these protests do materialize (many fizzle out when it’s actually time to roll), we have concerns about the effect they will have on how the public perceives our industry, the safety risks posed to the motoring public, and how a substantial chunk of money collected from hardworking truckers will be spent. And very little optimism that the feds on either side of the border will reverse their vaccine requirements.

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James Menzies is editor of Today's Trucking. He has been covering the Canadian trucking industry for more than 20 years and holds a CDL. Reach him at or follow him on Twitter at @JamesMenzies.

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  • Maybe you should report on the 1.1 millions of dollars that has been raised to support protesters in Northern BC where I live. This money gas been raised for a handful of protesters that we see every day in our community. People here are to scared to stand up against them because they threaten and bash as well as retaliation against anyone that doesn’t agree with them. I am first nation from here and yet none of you writers white about this. We as Canadians deserve jobs and security not homelessness and poverty. In my family we have truckers and we support them just like the nurses and Drs that lost their jobs and all people theirs too.

    • I liked your comment! I’m just a Canadian and not affiliated with truckers but I am behind them all the way. This is about MORE than Truckers…this is about our Freedom that government has not respected. These mandates cause nothing but more problems. Vaccine or not should be a choice. I pray more Truckers join in and I cheer them on.

      • Yes, is very good that the Canada truck pilots show the weakness in such a decadent “democracy”.

        Maybe can keep Canada people distracted for next few weeks before Ukraine fields thaw.

      • You are bang on James. This should be illegal because its not just the truckers who are pushing their own mandates, including the flip flop Erin O’Toole!! This prick used to be the veterans affairs minister, but when confronted by upset, but peaceful people, he ran out the back door and would not confront this crowd. Normal for consevatives.

        • This must be normal for liberals too… Shortly after the freedom convoy started, Trudeau just so happened to be ‘exposed to COVID’. Perfect timing for him to hide from upset, yet peaceful people who just want their rights, freedoms, and unity back. That he has taken from us all. Similarly to how he went on vacation to Tofino after ignoring invitations from Indigenous communities to celebrate the First National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Really shows you where is priorities are. His values don’t lay in truth, reconciliation, freedom, unity, and the rights of all people. His motives are self-serving, and always have been. In my opinion, no political leader will be perfect; they’re human too, and no one is. But they have a lot of power over the people. And it is liberating to see we, the people reclaiming our power to stand for our rights and freedoms. United we stand, divided we fall.

          • Peaceful they are vandalizing war memorials defecating and urinating on memorials and peoples lawns taking food from the homeless and basically seen videos of them talking about ramming police cars thats not peaceful this convoy is full of people claiming to be Canadian but they are not no real Canadian would harm a war memorial

  • You obviously have no concern for the long term trucking industry.
    You seem to be focused on the short term only.
    people need truckers, not a shill like you.

    • It says directly in the GFM that the funds will be sent directly to fuel companies oh but you probably didn’t read that

      • Support the Truckers standing UNITED, Vax and Vax-free stand together!!

        We didn’t fall for the division tatic we are stronger together!


        • Oh yes!! Divided we fall and that’s what they want. Canadians are tougher than that. We may have a long fuse but now we are at our peaking point.
          Even if it gets rough I hope we all support them.

      • The ppl are speaking out against injustice and the pm calls it terrorism.. what a coward.

      • She may say that on the Go Fund Me page but they only deposit to one account. You’re trying to suggest that 3.5 mil is what it is going to cost? Chances are she will pocket most of it.

        • Roxanne if you did a little research, you’d see that all funds leftover are to be donated to veterans. Please, stop trying to attack this movement of freedom. No one is asking you to donate… those who have donated are very aware of what’s planned for the funds.

          • But who oversees the distribution of the funds? I am not accusing the organizer of the GFM of malfeasance, but I trust very few people when millions of dollars are at stake.

          • Oh so, money goes directly to Linch’s account, then she pays ditectly the fuel companies (since you do your research, tell me where have you EVER paid fuel other than the pump) then leftovers go to veterans? Which ones? And wtf is the matter with you ppl?? What in the Hell is the point of paying veterans with money for TRUCKERS. Sure, that’s absolutely legitimate and his not at all linked to her political Maverick Party. Plus she refers to the attack on the U.S. Capitol as a freedom movement. That’s why she is labelled as a terrorist. Just you wait, they are not going to Ottawa to protest, they are going to fight. Come on, get you heads out of your… convoy.

        • Do some math . 3 million divided by 30000 truckers is 100 dollars a piece . That would hardly get a semi out of the driveway ! Think about it !

      • not founded Stacy. The majority of canadians are not behind this trucker convoy,, why did these truckers not have filled trucks, but hold all hostage while you travelled all the way from out west,, empty ,, there is actually no real empty stores,, this a lie Stacy. there is talk from the parties as to where the money will go. I can garanty that all will not go where you think!! Go-fund me cannot distribute that kind of money ,, they have certain rules,, check that out!!

      • Something has to be done, this government is destroying Canada and small businesses. If you have a better idea bring it on. If not just do your job and report what is happening. Are you a journalist or an opinionist.

        • Mmmm!
          You really trash talk this person.
          It s one thing to question it’s another thing when you trash this individual!
          I personally do not know this person!
          She defends and participates in what she believes!
          As you have done yourself!
          I will always defend those that act with courage to defend there convictions!
          Two narratives yours and hers!

          Do you really believe all of the participants are unvaxxed!
          Let’s see how this works out!

          • Where did he trash talk about the organizer. I read some clearly stated facts. Questions I had and are now answered.

    • Go fund me is dispensing into HER account. Over 2mil.!!
      There needs to be a detailed accounting of how and where she is spending the truckers and other donors hard earned $$$$.
      I agree with protest but it will not work if they disrupt traffic or cause dangerous situations.

      • Agree completely. I believe it is now closer to 3.5

        The driver’s are going to create an even worse imagine of the industry.

  • Who pays the taxes on receiving etransfer of these funds? these people are tax cheats. sure wish I could live life not paying taxes. I know a lot of truckers and honestly their all broke and one paycheque from welfare. My wife trucked 15 years and every year we paid our taxes we either broke even or were in the negative. Let talk about the USA putting border rules in that mandate a vaccination to enter their country JT’s fault? We live to stay healthy and these uneducated attempt to pull us down. Why do they get the press? I leave with a statement that has been with me for years. Our good friend was head salesman Kenworth Edmonton. told me hardest part of his job was trying to convince young families that there was no pot of gold after you buy your rig. So many of my wife’s friends are still driving in their 60’s and seventies cause outside of Canada Pension they have nothing

    • Wow! This here is why our country is the way it is. You’ve got zero fight in you. Don’t worry though, we will get our hands dirty so you can reap the benefits. I wouldn’t want you coming to war with me.

      • This is where people are delusional.. Nobody is “reaping the benefits” of the endless stupid protests based on misinformation and deliberate disinformation. The people who “reap the benefits” are the lawyers who make nonsense lawsuits that go nowhere and the hundreds (if not thousands) of websites equipped with sad merchandise and a big DONATE button, all proclaiming they are fighting for MY rights. They are not fighting for MY rights. I don’t agree with them. I don’t endorse this crap. You want a war? It’s unnecessary.

        • …. what do you agree of? This terror of the state over its own citizens for two years. How long? Are you normal? Of course, we will also go to war if we have to defend our freedom and rights. Don’t you see that we live in a concentration camp? What is the state turning into and how to turn people into monkeys with that stupid pLandemi….

          • You have no idea what a concentration camp is!! How dare you even try to compare the Holocaust with Covid! Shame on you for the reference.

          • There are always going to be meek sheep out there. You can’t convince them. They are blind and follow the ass in front of them to the cage where they can “feel safe’ ….

          • concentration camp? wow you are ignorant! once you said that you lost any credibility you sick fool.

        • “the endless stupid protests based on misinformation and deliberate disinformation”. Would you care to clarify “endless stupid protests”, ” based on misinformation” and ” disinformation”? When will they become necessary? When grocery shelves and store shelves are emptier than they are now?

    • Tax cheats and uneducated? Sounds like a liberal smear to me. What a disgusting statement. By the way, your writing style, punctuation, and grammar suggest you look in the mirror.

        • The irony of that statement is the fact that the more educated someone is, the less likely they are to vote conservative. There are many studies that confirm that. Something you would know if you were educated. The average level of education is much higher on the left.

          Also, when you whine about your supposed rights without worrying about your responsibilities, it isn’t freedom, it’s adolescence. These are nothing but overgrown children.

          • Here is a fact for you. The education system, from kindergarten to disertation has taught you marxist leftist nonesense and you bought it. You all bought it. You cant get a refund and your pride keeps you thinking and voting the way you do. If its not your ego that prevents you from seeing through what is so obvious to people who have true intelligence then what could it be? Here let me help you with this one. YOU ARE STUPID

    • Tax cheats? One paycheque away from welfare? Uneducated? Man, it’s uneducated liberals like YOU that kill me LOL So blinded. Such low IQ’s. So brainwashed!

      Here’s a statement for you:

      With every link, the chains of slavery are forged. Whatever tyranny you inflict on others builds a structure that will soon turn on you and inflict you with the same.

      An injustice to a man somewhere is an injustice to men everywhere.


    • I don’t agree with anything you said. But I’m a Canadian too. My opinions matter as much as yours and we need to learn to get along and respect eachother. 99% of the press has been on COVID this and mandate that. But now it’s time for my side to take stage and stand up for what we believe in. And just because someone thinks differently than you doesn’t mean they are “uneducated”

  • I figure they’ll look at the industry no different that any other that protests. So far all I have seen are people raving about how great it is and thanking truckers for standing up for all Canadians. Not just their own. As for the money trail, it seems you’re trying to throw as much shade with the smallest leaf you could find…. Just saying that although I agree it’s not a great idea you terribly portrayed anything relevant.

  • Over the past 35 years of active engagement in federal politics all I’ve ever requested of journalists is to be fair. Your comments sir, do a distinct disservice to not only your readers, but all westerners. Statements like:
    “But think about that for a second…she was affiliated with an organization… AND, in the hands of someone affiliated with a party that wants to break up Canada.”
    …are clearly written not only as an inaccurate and unjustified smear against Ms. Lich, but an attempt to frighten people away from consideration of the Maverick Party. We are the only party willing to take the strong positions to truly represent what’s best for the West. Yes, even daring to talk about western independence! At a minimum we want the same deal in confederation that Quebec has attained. Maverick Party Interim Leader, Jay Hill.

    • Here Here! Well said. Once again an easterner shows that they don’t understand the political climate out side of Ontario.

    • Jay, you are so right. The trucking industry is a very huge part of the supply chain. The same supply chain that delivers supplies to and from all Sectors! Energy Sector, Retail and Food Sector, Equipment and Manufacturing Sector, plus even the Medical Sector. There is not one commodity that is not affected. People in Canada are fed up with the Government trying to shut things down. This morning Global News in Edmonton ran a small clip about a small truck protest and then they had a lone individual state “if they would only get Vaxed this would be all over”! CBC stated this protest is over “Road Conditions” !! When does our “Rights and Freedoms” come into play? Since this pandemic started, not ONE main stream media has said anything about Canada’s Charter of Rights. Ever wonder why? Gee who provides funding to the media? The PM Office? The PMO stating the truckers are a terrorist group. Really? These are the citizens of Canada!! What is the PMO going to do next? Call out the Military? Maybe the PM will blame this on China, Russa or even a legal party formed in Canada to protect peoples “Rights and Freedoms” as outline in the Charter. If this protest was called “The WE Charity” then it would NOT be questioned by the media, PMO or any other government bought and paid for individual. All this country wants is to get back to work and NOT let the government shut any more sectors down!! Enough is enough. I would say the movie Brave Heart said it best…… FREEDOM

  • Thanks for the article Mr. Menzies.
    I have 2 major concerns with this “freedom” convoy: 1. truckers are getting enticed into an angry and probably illegal demonstration that might result in a dangerous confrontation. On all levels (legal, medical and future employment) it’s a bad idea and will not likely bring any kind of real satisfaction to participating truckers other than possibly blowing off some steam and getting their 2 minutes of fame in a news report. 2. truckers and anyone who is donating to this current Convoy fund are likely getting bilked. People do not seem to understand that there are thousands of sites including gofundme campaigns that promise to “fight for your freedom” in exchange for your (hard earned) donations. I’ve been watching the Tamara Lich Freedom Convoy campaign. As of this minute the donations total almost 1.5 million dollars! I have screen grabs of this “campaign” and the “goal” started (at least in the grabs I have) at $300,000. Presumably, this is what Lich thought was a reasonable slush fund for her convoyors expenses (gas, food, lodging). Keep in mind that not all of them come from BC and presumably, truckers will join this convoy from across the country. The goal post keeps moving! What is going to cost 1.5 million dollars???????? This is a private person who is collecting money that she (alone??) will distribute to needy truckers at her discretion. There is no accounting to donors OR to truckers who might think they can rely on her funds. In fact, this money could easily just go into her pockets… I find this and other schemes like this to be a sad reflection on our society today. Just think of what that 1.5 million could do.. instead of what it will probably do. I wonder if Canada Revenu watches these things?

    • Easier to type then to take action… not your money. Atleast these Canadians chose to give there money not like what our government does with it..

    • The modest goal of $300000 doesn’t even come close to the cost. I support Tamara Lich and the truckers whole heartedly. Smears like this makes me want to join the convoy myself. I’ll pay my own way thank you. In honour of my father a life long skinner who just died with no dignity due to the health care mandates.

      All who have donated and all who are going have my utmost respect.

      Charmaine Craig
      A trucker’s daughter

    • You should do some fact checking before you spout off. This GoFundMe has been set up to help with expenses for fuel and necessities. They have many book keepers and accountants following the money trail and are not personally touching the monies as GoFundMe is dispersing the monies directly to the fuel vendors. That private person that you are basically slandering is not tou hinge the money but just took the initiative to try to help.

      Yes the goal keeps increasing because the amount of people and truckers joining the convoy keeps increasing.

      By the way….Thank a trucker next time you see one because without them you would be awfully hungry.

    • More truckers join up need more moneys. Probably have to hire an auditor now too. Isn’t it wonderful that there is so much support for the truckers who object to vaccine mandates— over two million as we speak and that’s not counting my donation to come. Godspeed to the truckers.

    • Not really paying attention are you! Lawyers, accountants, management are now involved. This snowball has turned into an avalanche! Your insinuations are not wanted or needed. James Menzies has just proven himself to be a hardcore liberal with the drivel he just wrote.

      • It’s ironic all of you sheep keep talking about committees, lawyers, accountants, GoFundMe being involved. With absolutely 0 proof besides ‘Tamara said so’. If you’re that naive you deserve to be scammed anyway.

  • I don’t see Alberta separating as “Radical”, in fact, the idea is more logical then staying a part of Canada.

  • Third generation trucker here. Do you really think the average joe/Jane at any part in Canada or America gives two shits about a truck or a trucker ? Rates aren’t that bad fuel is touching on $7. Per gallon insurance in some fields is over $40000 a year I can go on !

    Who do you people really represent here?
    Have you and do you have anything invested personally in trucking?
    I bet not!

  • Like Pierre Poilievre said…”if the grocery shelves are full..thank a trucker…if they are empty…thank Trudeau” This is more than a protest…this is standing united for the rights of not only Canadians, but all people since our own PM is at the root of pure evil acts that have been taking place toward civilians before 2019. He has profited from the harm done during this plandemic to people and has a good laugh about it with his elite pals and pals who are pedophiles, rapists and murderers. Justin Trudeau is not a leader who cares about the people, he is a traitor and this convoy is en route to Ottawa to pressure the House to remove him from his leadership position for the laws he is breaking. The funds raised are to fill tanks and bellies of truckers as they stand in unity to wait for the removal of Justin Trudeau from office. ‘O’Canada, we stand on guard for thee’

      • We all need to support this. Trudeau and the rest of them should be charged and prosecuted. For the people by the people. It’s time for Canada to modernize the way our government is operated. The time for change is now. It’s 2022. Not 1950. Hail the truckers. Hail freedom to all Canadians and all our forefathers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Enough is enough. It’s time to fight. The totalitarian rule on us has to end and this is the door. Thank you to all the truckers and people who are involved in making this happen. Canada. The True and Strong and Free

  • I understand about the issues of go fund me…I’ve seen it first hand…
    However optics are huge as well. If uou put the dollars aside for now, over 10,000 people at my last observation have put their names in public view supporting this cause. My understanding is that if 1 person puts their to a cause with $$ or a letter..then that represents 100 who agree & would vote that way but just didn’t write the letter. Therefore, I think the cause is benefiting somewhat from this go fundme.

  • She could do less harm with that money than if turdo had it, look how hes hemeriging our tax dollars at least this way the word can be spread that we are not happy with our government and something must be done to solve it

    • Here is one way different industry

      For truckers 8 weeks wishy washy notice isn’t even enough if you could get them too. Fact is govt wants to starve us and drive up inflation. Both sides of the border have a driver labour shortage.

      • I think you just proved why this “protest” makes no sense at all. If there are trucker shortages, then all of these foolish truck drivers should consider getting a job trucking within Canada instead of throwing a hissy fit because they can’t go across the border without doing quarantine.

  • James Mckenzie is an idiot. He does NOT support truckers where it really counts. Funds are also going to our Vets. James needs to shut up or support truckers where it really matters. Loads are not the only thing that matters, it is OUR right not to be vaccinated and when rights are taken away and being bullied to succum like others, we stand our ground!

    • It is your right to choose whether or not you are vaccinated. It is not your right to cross an international border. The US will not let you in without a vaccination. That is their right. Canada also has the right to impose a quarantine period. Because your rights end at the point where they negatively impact others. You are absolutely correct it is your right to choose not to be vaccinated. But like all choices, it has consequences, and those consequences include not being able to cross the border without testing and isolating. Grow up.

      • So based on your rambling statement ,anyone who drinks, smokes, is obese .. etc will put a strain on the healthcare system thereby putting others in danger of not being able to access the healthcare system.. lock ‘em all up and take away their rights too? Maybe you should grow up and maybe educate yourself with some critical thinking.

  • She better bloody well be transparent about who these funds are supporting. I have supported the cause but insist on clear transparency in this matter. Anything less is a total scam and fraud. If she is not forthcoming on where these funds are actually going, she needs to be held accountable as otherwise she would be betraying the trust of the Canadian public.

  • The truckers are out their for a good cause. I support them 1000 times over. Quit playing games like a child. Step aside Gerald. Let the truckers carry on.. they have raised enough money through Gofund me to complete the cause.. to hang onto our freedom. Stop the mandates. All of them. I stand with them
    We are friendly and kind. The gossip of anything else is false. I or the truckers are harmless. We come in peace to keep our freedom and stop the rediculous mandates.

  • You are Paid for by Fancy socks and big pharmaceutical companies. Worry about how he has corrupted the press, tv stations and medical people and institutions. They are the ones that need to be stopped. Spread your BS else wear. We the Canadian people are not listening to you any longer. The people who give to the Go Fund Me are doing it of their own free will, no one is forcing them like Trudeau is forcing the Vaccines and Mandates! They are standing up for our freedom! Too bad you can’t say the same!

  • This action raises my already positive opinion of the trucking industry. Supporting the ones that actually are the foundation of nearly every business in the country seems like a common sense thing to do.

  • This article is crap. Truckers are taking a stand for our rights & freedom. News articles that only cover one side of the story should not be operating since news is meant to deliver facts and not opinions. Had this article been written from the other point of view it would be shared way more

  • Firstly, one doesn’t have to have a history in the trucking industry to support a call for freedom for all of us.
    Secondly, the amount of money donated to support this call to restore our freedom is short of the proverbial drop in the bucket compared to the incredibly mismanaged finances pissed away by Trudeau and his cronies .

  • I support the truckers!!We stand together ❤️
    End vax mandates!! Sending bear hugs to all standing against the mandate!!

  • Seems all you do is smear disaffected Canadians, James Menzies. Are you to tell me that people who vote Liberal, Green, NDP, CPC do not have people who cast threats or act inappropriately? This is entirely the purview of yellow vests or Maverick Party supporters? Those yahoos who disagree with you? This is a typical LEFTY SMEAR. Anything you types don’t like, you smear with no basis in fact. You tar an entire demographic of dissatisfied and frustrated Canadians who feel that their future is being wiped away by a tyrannical, unlawful, unaccountable, arrogant, government caught up in scandal after scandal. You assume that those involved are too dense to demand accountability for the funds. All I see is the bigotry of low expectations. You act as if you are somehow superior to those of us that want an end to this tyranny. FYI, I donated $2500 and I’m not worried one bit about where it goes. Godspeed truckers and thank you for standing up for Canadians.

    • I agree 100 % with what you have written.I.have never read anything written by the author of this obviously biased Liberal lover “journalist’however it is standard fare from Canada’s media who will smear and distract to protect Trudeau and his policies that are destroying the Canada I grew up in.The truckers freedom Convoy is a peaceful law abiding protest supported by thousands of Canadians who are exercising our rights.

  • What a crap loaded article with misinformation and leftist butt kissing propaganda. Shame on you for posting this type of piece.

  • I would simply say, look at the numbers. It’s at almost 2 million. People are speaking up with their wallets. This is about all the B.S. people are sick of. Articles like this one is a perfect example.

  • This is nothing but bullshit The truckers are standing up for what’s right and fighting to Gain back our freedom here in canada , They are standing tall for all , And for the money that was raised is for fuel costs and for food and lodging and break downs that may accur along the way .

  • Unless you are one of the many that contributed to the almost 2 million dollars ….I don’t think you have any business beiing concerned about it. I think you Mr. MENZIES are a psy-op. Character assassination as the topping. You should be out there with all the truckers.. supporting them and fighting against this Agenda 2030 world Slavery plan. Wake up Menzie…. .see the big picture.

  • This is such an incredibly skewed and biased story that you have written! The truckers are all fighting for the fundamental rights of every single Canadian and doing more to reunite Canadian that or PM who openly spews hate and divisiveness of the people he is supposed to represent. Your spin is disgusting and a disgrace to journalistic integrity.
    You should truly be ashamed of yourself.

  • Easy to sit there and type, real hero’s are those who put there money where their mouths is. This writer will never be remembered for anything… almost at 2million$ now that is real Canadian support. Peacefully protests are our rights how about write about real riots and real problems who Canadians don’t support. Freedom convoy 2022!!!

  • I support Canadian Truckers, I am Canadian and I protect my Freedoms. Vaccine is Poisonous. And form of New World Order. This is a Freedom Country. Godundme have done everything good.

  • It’s funny James you always seem to be on board with whatever scheme governments come up with,never talk about how the so called driver shortage is really a shortage of carriers willing to pay enough to lure more people to our industry, but as soon truck drivers and owner ops talk about standing up for ourselves you jump right in with oh don’t do that it will make the industry look bad. Sorry James this way more than the vaccine mandates we have had enough,maybe look at what has happened to this industry since the middle 80s then report how our renumeration has been stagnate for 40 yrs the frustration should be obvious if you investigate

  • I am in support of the efforts of the truckers convey, there is power in numbers.God bless you all and keep you in this fight agains the evil that think they can take
    Our rights and freedoms. Good will concur over evil.

  • Wow James, you should be ashamed of yourself. Pretty obvious you’re a Trudeau lover. Truckers are fighting back and you take a stand like this?

  • Its about time people band together when our own government has been the one always involved in corruption. Our government does not take care of their citizens. Everything bad in history has been with the government leading the pack. The truckers taking action is just undoing the wrongs by government. These truckers are not involved in terrorism or are they violent. Truseau is doing everything including fabricating stories to stop them. He is surprised by how many Canadians support the trucker convoy. Keep this account going, Canada needs the help of these heros defending our freedoms.

    • In Canada, section 83.01 of the Criminal Code[1] defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause” with the intention of intimidating the public “…with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act.”

  • Maybe pay attention and do your research. Go fund me is paying direct to the fuel companies to cover the truckers fuel. Isnt that just amazing that all of us know that and you don’t?? In the pockets of the organisers? Do you know what fuel costs? Do you know how important truckers are to the supply chain? Kinda like nurses and caregivers are important? You write an article with lame information. Do you need a research team maybe??? As your research sucks. So does your article, could have been good had you known more info. Better luck next time.

    • I am so glad those details were added after the publication of this post.
      And glad I have screen captures to prove it!

      • Just because the comments mention that GoFundMe is going to control doesn’t mean anything! Their terms do not reflect this…. They clearly state they do not control nor have liability over how the money is spent. This is a big risk for the donors who think they are supporting a cause, when in reality, they could be lining someones pockets. You were right to call this out…

  • Doesn’t matter what you say…. blah blah blah. These guys and gals are heroes. Why does a successful Go Fund Me page and a campaign to support the truckers so disturbing to you? Are you just a wee bit jealous?

  • All you people need to look at the bigger picture here .Look around you ,everything you see is brought by a Truck , have some Respect ,put Politics aside and Thank god you have Food on your table. Support our supply chain .Support the Go Fund me page for the Rally to Ottawa if everyone wants their Freedom back ,otherwise take your Politics some place else.

  • This is an absolutely disgusting smear article!! Did Justin Trudeau write it himself? How dare you smear a peaceful protest organized and full of taxpaying peaceful hardworking Canadians?? How can you sleep at night after writing absolute trash like this!!! I am disgusted by this article. Shame on everyone who helped this get printed

  • Nice slander job you don’t know this lady, your calling her a criminal before she even has the funds shame on you. I’m glad your not my friend because today I’d have to tell you to go f yourself.. Terrible article .. best advice delete it.

    • Actually, as per GFM, you can withdraw funds as often and in as large amount as you wish. It doesn’t change the displayed funds raised. Not saying this has occurred, just saying it’s presumptive to say she doesn’t have the funds.

      • I’m sorry but your replies do not justify or make up for the political bias you expressed in this article. You made it obvious that you not trucker’s journalist. I’m surprised that you still have a job, because you obviously do not understand trucking at all!!!!!!

  • 1. “recent attempts to bring commerce to a halt” – The prime minister is the cause of bringing commerce to a halt by mandating all truckers get injected with the experimental medical procedure.

    2. “affiliated with a party that wants to break up Canada” – did Quebec not also want to leave Canada at some point? This convoy is not about breaking up Canada, it is about the government breaking all the Constitutional Laws and the Charter of Freedom and Rights of Canadians.

    3. “Yellow Vest movement” – this is NOT the Yellow Vest movement. This is Canadian truckers whose livelihoods are being taken away by this current government.

    4. “go into the organizer’s bank account” – no, gofundme is supposed to be paying the Canadian supplier of fuel directly for the truckers. They have 2 or 3 bookkeepers, 2 accountants and other support staff to document and disburse the money for receipts presented after gofundme pays the fuel company.

    5. “chunk of money collected from hardworking truckers” – firstly, the truckers are doing this convoy of their own volition. Second, the money is coming from Canadians who are supporting the truckers in their trek to Ottawa, because no else has had enough fight in them to actually accomplish anything in Ottawa or provincially.

    6. “very little optimism that the feds on either side of the border will reverse their vaccine requirements” – easy for one to sit and criticize. What have you done to help Canadians get out of this mess? There are 3 or more COUNTRIES (UK, Scotland, Czech Republic) and how may US states that have reversed the mandates?

  • You should maybe research more. The money is going to cover the Truckers expenses such as fuel and truck repairs.
    The money has come from donations from Canadians fed up with a Communist Government.
    STOP spreading misinformation.

  • Hahahaha
    You guys are pathetic. A typical radicalism type hype speech. Why don’t you give your head a shake; hopefully it’s like an etch-A-sketch and you can erase that babbling idiot talk that you just regurgitated. If you think the Canadian people are going to tolerate this or any other form of psychobabble I believe you are horribly mistaken. I Strongly believe in what these men and women are doing; and I STRONGLY DISBELIEVE in the tyranny that this totalitarian style liberal government is thrusting upon the Canadian people. You are NOT going to have your way; just keep digging that hole. The Canadian people are awake to your lies.

  • The group of people you speak of include those who lovingly donating to this cause. They’ve donated because our Prime Minister is guilty of hate crimes, dividing country against each other as callously as he painted his face black (more than once). These mandates at this point are ridiculous particularly in light of how things are going in Britian.
    Our Prime Minister claims, like you, that any Canadian that’s feels different than he must be racist, misogynistic, etc. When they are in fact from varying ethnicities and sex. Your article here proves to me that people who care enough to fight on their feet scare the shit out of you, since all you are capable is fighting from your ass, hands on your keyboard.
    Do better. You will look back one day at your roll in these and I can guarantee you will feel shame. I hope then that you are able to find peace.

  • If all this money was divided to the 16000 truckers it would only be $125 each. What is all the fuss about. Get over yourself and stop attacking Tamara who obviously isn’t a Liberal. Let these peaceful truckers do the voluntary work they signed up for. Have their fuel be compensated and the 15000 donators trust Tamara. How many trust you James?
    Retract your article. You are a troll.

  • I’m surprised at your defeatist attitude! I will guess you are in agreement with turdo in looking us down, jabs and jab passports and loss off freedom! You then should keep your thoughts to yourself instead of theorising

  • I don’t think many people will take your article seriously if you are just going to write a piece on one individual, especially when this protest has so much support. Besides, Tamara would have to be really dumb to fuck with the truckers, just saying

  • This article is a disgrace. Stop and look in the mirror and think to yourself long and hard “do I really stand for this kind of segregation ?”

  • We lost over $600 miliona that was stolen from us on useless electronics and you are concerned about DONATED money that we citizens of this country donated ??? Change profession James , you are nothing but propaganda garbage spreader . This is peaceful convoy of people who refuse to be doormat for this totalitarian garbage government.

  • Gerald Butts who started these lies is full of it. Trucked Convoy coming like it or not! Ottawa here we come! Let’s see this corrupt government war crow. Gerald Butts you got fired once for not being to smart. Shall we see a second time! This is the best ever cause Canadians have put there money towards. Time for Trudeau to QUIT! Walk Justin! You started this war, nobody else to blame but you and Gerald Butts your Butt Buddy!!!
    We will see you all soon in Ottawa! A month or two in Ottawa to never be forgotten. One million people on there way!

  • Hi I am a Canadian. Through and through.

    I have a question for you sir. An unvaxxed person can catch covid and get sick from covid and spread covid. Right? Now we have vaxxed people who are catching covid and getting sick from covid and spreading covid. Right? Now my question to you sir is this. What is the reason you are not covering actual truths? What is the reason you are siding with a government and pharmaceutical companies that lied about how this vaccine is supposed to work?.

    Im no scientist but I do have basic knowledge on how normal vaccines work.

    Im no lawyer but I do know my basic human rights and I also know that Mandate is not law. Also if you did your research world health organization has asked all nations to drop these mandates as they themselves have realized that these vaccines don’t work. CDC has also announced that these vaccines don’t work.. natural immunity is working better for most of the variants that have come out.

    One more question. Since when is it ok to lock up innocent people in thier own countries and force them to take something that does not even work. We may as well drink bleach at least we know what bleach does. ( I wouldn’t recommend it though).

    Our Canadian truck drivers have my full suppourt. And attacking someone based on past things isn’t that attractive if you want to attack some one on past things lets talk about the hate speech Trudeau did on national TV or did you turn a blinde eye to that.

    • Literally nothing in your statement is remóntele close to being accurate. Let’s start with the asinine claims about vaccines not working. Can a vaccinated person get COVID? Yes. But they a far less likely to, which means they are less likely to pass it on. Vaxxed are ten times less likely to end up in ICU and 6 times less like to end up in hospital with Omicron, based on one study. For delta those numbers were closer to 38 times less likely for ICU and 20 times less likely for hospital. The part people like you love to ignore is that COVID can be mild, but it isn’t always. People are dying at rates 20 times higher than the flu and 25-30% of people get long haul syndrome. Omicron in particular is hitting children far harder. In the last month more kids have been admitted to hospital in Alberta than the entire previous pandemic combined. The fact is we are seeing more vaccinated cases now because there are far more vaccinated people. If 85% of the population is vaccinated and I have 85 vaxxed and 60 un vaxxed in a population of 1000, then 60% of unvaxxed people are sick and 10% of vaxxed. This is what we are seeing now and the misinterpretation of this is called base rate fallacy. Something educated people are aware of. Also the WHO didn’t say to get rid of vax mandates, they said they should be a last resort. And they have been. Unfortunately there is still a subset of the population who believe their opinion is more valid than facts and evidence which has now made mandates necessary. The CDC has never claimed vaccines don’t work. Ever. The fact you would even make such an asinine claim is a clear indication you have never actually visits ted their website Natural immunity is not working better, which is why we are seeing and increase I. People with second or third COVID infections. You are clearly not educated enough to realize that just because you want something to be true doesn’t make it so, but you are shining example of evidence to disprove the theory that a lack of access to information is the cause of ignorance. You have the information readily available at your fingertips and still choose to be willfully ignorant.

      • Bravo my friend. You get an A+ and a gold star for having the media narrative and political propaganda down pat. I’m sure they have lots of fish to feed the trained seals such as yourself.

  • Don’t forget Justin Trudeau has threatened Canadians numerous times during this plandemic. I don’t condone that type of behaviour from either side.

  • Your article is full of slander, unfounded accusations, bias and misinformation. A little research could have given you the reassurance that the funds are not being handled by one person but by a team of volunteers and accountants. The donors have given willingly and gratefully. It is the very least we can do to support a group that is standing up for all Canadians. If you had read the comments on the go fund me page, you would have seen the outpouring of love, support and gratitude. The only scam is your unveiled attempt to further divide Canadians – an attempt that only reflects badly on you.

  • His article is terrible and it forgets to explain that go fund me suspended the money because Gerald butts called us all terrorists

  • Look at the uk now nknow mask mandates no pass ports this government has screwed everything up and the party in lead needs to no this I don’t blame the truckers for going to Ottawa and the money being donated goes tho the proper places

  • What an ugly insidious article. The Truckers rolling for Freedom are hero’s. The Mandates are illegal and violate our Charter of rights and freedoms. The government must demonstrably justify doing so and not one of 14 governments across the country has done so. The vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission and mandates are futile and medical apartheid. God Bless the truckers fighting for us all. You apparently are happy with tyranny and a communist Canada

  • What a horrible biased article. Convoy 2022 is made up of Canadians who are exercising their rights.
    Many Canadians are disenfranchised with the way the liberal government has botched this entire pandemic.
    Every Canadian citizen regardless of political affiliation and vaccine status should stand behind this wonderful brave group.
    They are taking there chances, but it seems to be done in the right spirit. We take our chances every day when we pay our taxes and that money is mismanaged and misappropriated. That’s something Canadians are used to with this liberal Government.

    These truckers bring us our Daily bread.
    They are essential and this incompetent government has way too much overreach on our freedoms and rights and bodily autonomy.

    Look at what’s happening in Britain right now!
    Let’s let these people go back to work unjabbed!

    Please and Thank You .
    Let them be heard.
    They should continue their peacefull convoy unmolested by the likes of Gerald Butts… etc and anyone who opposes can pound sand!

  • So in your mind a person who disagrees with tyrannical measures, is against the Neuremburg laws as he’s forcing qn experimental medicine on the people of Canada, is now what, a terrorist? You should be ashamed of yourself!! You would see Canadians go without the necessities if life to appease a tyrant whi gas caused more harm to Canada than anyone I can remember in my lifetime? I’m 63 btw, his father tried to destroy Alberta and
    nearly did and his son has taken up his cause. Lich is a concerned Canadian and there are many of us, she’s enabling these truckers to have their voices heard. It looks like in your small mind having 20k fewer drivers to bring goods into Canada is a good thing? Give your head a shake, you’re an embarrassment to patriotic Canadians and you should be ashamed of yourself!!

  • There are many people counting on these truckers taking the message to Ottawa that we are DONE with them stripping our rights. Too bad you are not supporting them.

  • This Article is highly defamatory!!!
    You are very confused sir! You are joining a bunch of things together that are NOT affiliated!!!!
    I surely hope you are not the mouth piece speaking for
    Your writing is disjointed.
    You do not speak for Convoy 2022 your ideas are quite slanderous!!! Against people and organizations you know nothing about.

    You are trying to attach political ideology to people who are merely standing up for themselves and other Canadians.
    You should be ashamed of yourself!

    I truly hope you apologize to these hard working people who need our prayers and support now more than ever!

  • I think you are blowing checks out of your ass , this report you wrote on a magazine that writes about truckers, where are you coming from? If we all continue to be passive in this country PM JT will drive this country deeper into tyranny and yes there is alot of money raised on the GFM page but if you think all truckers are rich beyond anything I’m sure you never gave to any group in your life. This convoy is doing this for the end to all mandates. Get some balls and help fight for freedom or are you being paid by JT and Butts

  • Are you serious? This is a smear campaign. I am tired of media lying to us. Tamara Lich is from Medicine Hat.
    Have you ever been there? You are from Toronto, so likely not. We are rural, hardworking and community minded folks. This convoy for freedom reflects the values of many, many people, all over Canada. These are the people that work hard to provide for the rest of Canada. I wonder if you interviewed or spoke directly with Tamara? If you took the time to do honest reporting, you would actually know something about this and have something intelligent to say. I would love to know who your funding source is?

  • Little disappointed in your take on this. I can’t say I am surprised because you do get paid by big corporate ad money so you have to tow the line.
    I think you are failing to “read the room” that room being Canada and Canadians. The OVERWHELMING support for this from regular Canadians is nothing I have ever seen in my 30 years in the business.
    But for you to publicly malign a great portion of your readers well that just isn’t cool.
    You know the old saying “If you don’t have anything good to say…..don’t say it.”
    Maybe just go with that for a bit and see how this plays out.

  • Thanks for the Article, James, but…
    The trucker convoy travelling across Canada to Ottawa is a grass roots effort to peacefully and lawfully demonstrate against the Federal Gov’t inept handling of shutting down this vital industry, and many other aspects of good governance, and illegally curtailing freedom and democracy in our Nation, as well.
    This group is well organized, has board of directors and legal counsel, and TRUCKLOADS of volunteers who all care about this great Country.
    Your demeaning & openly sexist comments toward one of the organizers is a stain on your own credibility and professionalism.
    Gerrald Butts threw his ‘past-tense’ into the fray tonight by calling this group “terrorist”, in an attempt to lock down go-fund-me resources that have been given in good faith by Canadians. That’s a pretty ugly & LIBELOUS word for such a disgraced politician to be throwing around, Gerry.
    My guess is that a terrified and now absent PM has asked his best friend to throw shade on this rolling project in a cowardly attempt to ground it before it gets going.

    • Well said I know some of the people most are very good
      Double checks on the money to make sure no way gov can use against the trucking group.

  • WOW
    Way to side step every important thing about this entire movement. Attack the messenger, call people names, try and demoralize the group…. It’s fucking pathetic, and predictable.
    CANADA has had enough of this shit. I don’t need to spend or donate a dime to jam up the gov’t in my town. I don’t need a big rig. Not even a car. Me and the MILLIONS of people not on the road, will just pull our lawn chairs up to town halls with a beer and have a good old fashioned hot dog roast and not let the gov’t DO ANYTHING.
    WE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO. It takes a lot to piss us off up North, but fuck around, and find out, bud.
    Hope you bought extra TP, trying to manage this situation will have a lot of you shitting your pants.

  • Does any serious trucker read these publications. On line only ? Sounds like some serious cancel ofsubscription in order

  • James Menzies you are a coward hiding behind your liberalist life that has no fight in you and coward when challenged. You haven’t responded to anyone that has put comments down. You are the typical creep that hides when things get tough and don’t fight back for your rights and privilege’s. I do not see one person that has had any positive comments towards your article and you just showed your true colours; not Red and White but a great deal of Yellow. Thank goodness that Us that call ourselves Canadians are doing something and when you get your Freedoms back we all would expect an apology for your negative words.

  • Maybe you should report on the fact that Justin Trudeau was Listed as a Passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Airlines ” Deflecting from seemingly Criminal Action of a sitting Primeminister and Inferring that the “Freedom Convoy 2022” gofundme donations go to a Violent Organization is purely false.

  • While I understand your feelings around threatening Trudeau, and I agree such threats are wrong, Trudeau has made some serious threats against unvaccinated Canadians, including wanting to take jobs away from them (affecting both them and their families) for the simple act of standing up for their legal and ethical rights.

    What are people to do when backed into such a corner? From their perspective, they are fighting for their lives.

  • I’m sorry you feel the way you do
    However I as a Canadian totally support this movement.
    The current mandates are crippling the North American economy.
    There is 5 other Countries that have scrapped the mandates.
    There are farmers,Dr.,postal workers,CP rail workers,truckers, as well as first responders who are all backing this movement.
    I hardly see how this is anything but a way of making the government see what he is doing.
    As for the go fund me.
    Money raised is to help those truckers pay for fuel,food,lodging. I’m case you are not aware a lot of them have now lost their income because of these mandates.
    Any extra money that’s left over will be donated to the VETRANS; Yes the same ones who gave us our freedom originally; Whom by the way our governments seem to have forgotten about as well.
    What is a lawful act is the way our government is creating hate and separation and forcing people to take a vaccine that has harmful side effects.
    I do believe there are suppose to be laws against this kind of behaviour. Unless of course they have been secretly changed as so many have without proper notification to the public.
    This is a peaceful protest.
    It is people like yourself that is looking to create hate and anger amongst the people.
    Not everyone is being paid by the Big Pharma so we need our jobs.
    The current situation is a crime against humanity.
    And it’s our government that is committing the crime.

  • I back this initiative 100%. In fact I’m a part of a group supporting it. We are handing out food to them. They have a lot more support then you would like people to believe.

  • This is a peace full protest some one needs to stand up to this government pls kindly keep your words of hate out if the freedom that they are trying to give us back support trucks not try to keep them from there goal

  • You convinced me to make a donation to Lich’s fund.
    This is an extreme situation and it demands strong action.

  • I think it’s disgusting that you are not supporting the truckers fighting for our charter rights. You’re attacking the very people going to bat for us Canadians and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Defaming people trying to help in the press? You’re just as bad as turdeau. This GOFUNDME is LIGITIMATE and for a GREAT cause!!!! OUR FREEDOM

  • The truckers are fighting for Canadians right. If you don’t do something different nothing will change .
    The money raised is to help the truckers with the expenses incurred. Many of them will use their own money.
    The way the supposedly PM Trudeau is doing things is to turn Canada into A communist country as he so admires China, where the government will decide what’s best for us, while those criminals gets richer on the back of our Canadians .
    What are you doing to change the way our Country is heading?

  • I don’t know how to protect the Truckers’convoy Go fund Me account. But Please let me know how I can help. This is the last straw…as true abusers Trudeau and his gang will attempt to go as far as they can with their abused without being caught. As Catherine Austin Fitts points out, what motivate a true abuser is not the greed but the thrill of risk management. How far can I go without being caught! I donated to GO FUND ME and totally support the TRUCKERS’ CONVOY 2022. Let those truckers roll! It is our last chance to win this “war” on the people. The world is watching if Trudeau and his gang causes any kind of trouble and Go FUND ME listens to them. It will be the END for the GO FUND ME organization. I am not the only one who will see this…the world is watching! Thanks

  • This story is absolutely disgusting.
    May God bless the men and women involved in the Freedom convoy

    For the LORD your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory
    Deuteronomy 20:4

  • I am Tamara Lich’s Mom and I think your liberal journalism leaves a lot to be desired. Like so many other Canadians Tamara saw what the truckers were planning to do with their convoy and decided to show her support, she would start a go fund me, she had no idea the Canada Wide support this would generate. She knew individuals like YOU would attempt to smear honest efforts so she got help to set up a qualified finance committee she has NO access to the money and will not take a dime from it. You called her Radical is it wrong to want our country back and be willing to speak up against the mandates and taxes being forced on us? You also said she has no affiliation with the trucking industry you are wrong again her Dad has had a 1A for most of her life he trucked oil for many years and we are still associated with trucking industry we are classed as essential service and have crossed the border all thru this pandemic. We are so Proud of what she has helped accomplish in these few days and nothing you said has shot their cause down. In fact I think if you read all the comments on here you have been a real boost to the Freedom Convoy 2022 you stirred up a lot of Canadians so Thank You. Oh by the way Tamara, her Dad and I are going with the Convoy to Ottawa and We Are Not Accepting Any Funds From The Go Fund Me Money. I hope someday you stand up for Canada and your parents can be as proud as we are of Tamara.

  • Nice try at the smear campaign you clown! You should be ashamed of yourself. I recommend leaving your sleazy profession and become a trucker instead.

  • You are building the worse assumptions based case here.
    The past 2 years showed us that the Trudeau government is unapt to govern . The only way Trudeau knows how to govern is through hate and divisevness .
    All this movement wants is to show him that Canadians are United to say no to abusive mandates.
    Stop spreading hate and rumors!

  • Absolutely these folks have a good cause here. For nearly two years these drivers have crossed the bridge delivering freight, seeing almost no one in the daily duties. vs say a Walmart or Costco who see thousands upon thousands a day. There is no credible, scientific, or medical reason to mandate now that they suddenly must be vaccinated. The only purpose is to further reduce the supply chain and increase the already out of control inflation Canadians are experiencing.. when I say Canadians I mean those without Government jobs. We now have killed 26,000 US/Can jobs with this mandate without any reasonable cause to do so. I don’t know this individual, or what they represent.. but I do know those drivers, and the entire transportation industry as a whole, are 100% entitled to better treatment than this Federal Governments and main stream media are giving them..

  • James, the public is perceiving your industry with admiration. From the numerous posts I see on a variety of platforms, the trucking industry is being applauded for managing to maintain the supply infrastructure during the height of the pandemic. At home shopping put a strain on timely deliveries under stress, and there is NO negative commentary anywhere on the performance and dedication of our truckers. There is however, plenty of negative dissent over the performance of our Prime Minister in Canada. Under crisis, he descended to a demonstrable incompetence and inconsistency that he generously donated to the Premiers of each province to contend with and be responsible for. In crisis, he like many global leaders, descended into an authoritarianism whose long lasting effects may be too enticing to let go of. That this is apparent to our truckers, and not to those who choose to do the downward dog to our hired politicos, is our greater problem. I’m not sure I recall a first world leader calling a particular group of the citizens that he represents, racist, misogynist, extremists for not adhering to the enforcement of any medical procedure. To rely on the emergency act to justify government over reach was as insufficient in 2021 as it is right now. 2020 was managed well not by government but by the people, and done so without invasive medical procedures. Our truckers deserve only kudos for staying safe and keeping the supply chain safe. That mess is over by word wide accounts form scientists and doctors. The Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer and our Premier both have repeated that “we have to learn to live with Covid”. It is not possible that an Emergency exists in the same thought process as ‘living with it’. Variants are being transmitted by the vaccinated with only 20% of those in hospital being unvaccinated. Again, the Science that no vaccine will prevent transmission is ignored and Phizer succinctly states in its monograph that the vaccine is not a treatment for Covid 19. Far more dangerous to the continuation of this virus is the unwillingness to admit failure when so much of our democratic process has been threatened and people’s lives have been upended. The media refuses to cover the economic suffering in our communities, as well as the casualties after vaccination that consist of disabilities and deaths. ‘Not covered’ by mainstream allows individuals who prefer not to know the truth, the ability to nay nay and pooh pooh any such facts. After all, if a tree falls in the woods and you do not see it fall, you can say that it did not fall…for you. Regarding your article that paints Tamara Lynch as a subversive is disappointing when so much of we are witnessing in our governments right now, does require a push back from citizens. In a democracy, that is expected. Wexit is an insufficient derogation and calling for accountability of governments is neither illegal or condemnable. In fact, your weighing in, with your characterization of someone who has courage under what MANY MANY Canadians perceive as tyranny, is a poor choice on your part. Truckers need the support of your organization as well and you have just outed yourselves as being more concerned with your image to a government that does not have the trucker’s best interest in mind than a loyalty at all costs, to your trucker community. You must lobby government? Check yourself at the moment. Revelations are rampant and you may want to be seen in a better light by the folks you represent.

  • How much are the Liberals paying you for your editorial? I hope when this materializes you have the balls to commend the group for standing up for their rights and the freedoms we have fought for.

  • “These aren’t anti-vaccination protests, these are anti-mandate protests. We want to make sure everybody knows there’s a difference between that. We are tired of the government telling us we need papers to go into businesses to support local restaurants. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the border mandates for passport requirements for crossing the international border.”

  • If the truckers collectively stopped there trucks one day, the laws would be changed before the engines cooled off. That’s the truth…

  • I do not believe this is about “truckers” or the industry exclusively. I believe this is about someone finally representing the people of Canada. What out politicians are supposed to do, but are not. Our Canadian rights, that so many sacrificed for, are disappearing. Someone is just trying to bring awareness to this, and trying to keep Canada a united and free country. These unwarranted and ineffective mandates have caused nothing but division and devastation. Also, these mandates in themselves are NOT what Canada is…we respect people and their right to choose what is best for them; we are able to travel freely; we join together to support each other; we welcome different views, ideas, questions(not silence them), etc.

  • Yes James: Let’s all do nothing and allow the current governments to continue in the direction of total control over the people of this country. You are a big part of the problem. You are saying “do nothing and go back to work”. Oh just wait, the truckers cannot go back to work.

  • I think this woman is an idiot and this is so wrong. Wake up people if everyone did their part there might be a chance to get back to some normal life. Look the US just brought in that ANYONE entering the US now MUST show proof of vaccination, and that MEANS EVERYONE.

    • You can take the poison death shot Marie. In fact go take your third and forth booster. Darwinism at its finest.

  • So you seem to be saying that truckers should roll over and our shelves be empty. We are already short of truck drivers and now there will be even less of them if this mandate (not law) is kept in place.
    I think Canadians on the whole understand and support this effort even though we are sad that it has come to this.
    And as a magazine article you have done much disservice to them.

  • I have to wonder James… Did you even attempt to reach out to Tamara before publishing this story? Did you attempt to contact any of the many team captains or organizers involved in this “protest”, or anyone involved at all? Did you reach out to GoFundMe to ask about the account, and if they were involved in ensuring the funds are distributed legitimately?
    By reading your ‘article’, I have to assume the answer to all my questions is a resounding NO! In fact, based on your ‘article’, it’s quite evident you haven’t even looked at a single website associated with the movement, or watched any of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of videos all over the internet, in which the many organizers, team captains, and others involved, including Tamara, have addressed all issues, and have been 100% transparent about this entire event, including the funding.
    I shouldn’t be surprised by your lack of research prior to publishing an ‘article’ though. I read your Remembrance Day article here: and it too was rife with a lack of research. The way you praise the Royal Canadian Legion, shows an obvious lack of knowledge about their organization, and where their funds go. They say hindsight is 20/20 James, and here’s a little hindsight for you:
    I have family and friends in both the military (as well as retired vets), and the trucking industry, and I have to say, I am thoroughly disgusted with the ‘articles’ you have ‘published’ regarding them both.

  • First of all, the statement you made about dividing Canada, these truckers have brought more people in Canada together in a few weeks better than our PM has done in two years. You have a very negative and liberal attitude towards what is going on and I wouldn’t worry about how the public sees your industry. As it stands right now and with the funds raised it looks like the public is looking very favourable at the trucking industry or at least at the truckers willing to fight for freedom, obviously that’s not you. Anyone with any common sense can see that the power hungry politicians need to be stopped and if this doesn’t work you can be sure there will be more strategies to come, we will not give up on our country while you sit in your basement and write useless articles.

  • How do you sleep at night? Judging by your ridiculous thought process in this article I think it’s time for all the good people fighting to get those fake passes and leave Canada…I’d love to watch this nation collapse with the most useless humans I’ve ever met left behind to fend for themselves. They will soon be in complete dismay over their delusions and hearing them cry from afar would be karma served.
    To the author…Your entire family should be ashamed of you.
    Every citizen at this point should be wishing for our lovely P.m to be adorned with a rope neck tie.
    No matter what happens with the money it’s proving how many people are actually in this fight and trying to do something about it and how many people want to end this exponential amount of lies and crimes being committed by our politicians on the people of Canada.

  • This is not a protest just about covid 19 it is more about our freedom and the controls that Trudeau wants to put on this country.THESE TRUCKERS WANT TO MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!

  • The WHO has recommended scrapping travel bans, the UK (England, Ireland)is now starting to rescind vac passports, masking etc… The truckers is a movement/protest for all of our rights. How many young fit athletes have suffered side effects from playing by the rules and now their careers are in jeopardy due to health issues related to their heart. When did we evolve into a socialist society that you just line up and take what you are given. Pregnant women will not out should not consume Alcohol but good she’ ahead and take this injection “ trust me it’s good for you” my god, 32000k people out of 30M have died, most with co-morbidity factors, such as obesity and diversity and cancers. The only people I know getting sick these days are those fully vaccinated. But we want to stop the truckers, I don’t think so, good for them and thank you for standing up for the rest of us.

  • This is distasteful . These truckers are the only ones standing up for Canada and forced vaccinations . My friend now has heart complications due to the vaccine , my daycare provider has problems on the whole left side of her body due to the vaccine , 8 people in our small town of 700 dropped dead within a few weeks of thier vaccine ( one at the dinner table she was only 50 ) , my car dealer had a stroke because of his , and literally half of my friends all caught covid despite being fully vaccinated with 3 vaccines and were very ill . I also had two friends have miscarriages one was 30 weeks along when her baby stopped growing after her second shot . These vaccines are devastating and you writing a piece to try to ruin them based on a person who has decided to help them is nothing short of gross . What does being in a metal band have to do with anything ? People who listen to metal are what ? Are you stereotyping ? Also working in the gas and oil industry has a lot to do with trucking , they are the most important part of it . Your article is nonsense . We stand with truckers . We stand with freedom , because I’m tired of watching my friends and family become ill after their forced vaccines . Too bad you don’t feel the same .

  • If no one does anything nothing will happen.

    This isn’t just about truckers, this is about all Canadians.

    The government has been supressing and censoring doctors who are reporting serious side effects of this drug they are calling a vaccine and early treatments that have been saving lives all around the world.

    Masks don’t work, lock downs don’t work, big corporations are allowed to get record profits with thousands of customers shoulder to shoulder while small to medium sized businesses are shut down to die.

    None of this makes sense and more harm has come from them than good.

    This has never been about the health of Canadians, it has only been about control.

    I will not be on the wrong side of history, will you?

  • Shame on you!!! What a disgusting biased article. Nothing happens in this country without truckers, nothing! The public needs to be reminded just how much truckers do for them when some inconsiderably throw comments out “just go back to work” or you write an article like this, clearly some people are out of touch and not thankful for the sacrifices truckers make. In any other circumstance WCB would hold an employer accountable for treating their employees this way. Despicable bought off crooks. To write an article using scare tactics to stop people from donating to a peaceful protest because boarders may be disrupted. The government has just disrupted our economy for a full year enforcing mandates they said they wouldn’t, pushing businesses to fire employees over mandates that violate basic human rights!!!
    Trudeau and his buddies and maybe you need to get an awakening that there is more beyond your circle of rich friends. The blue collar workers are tired, tired of being treated like dogs, tired of paying taxes to a government that takes it and gives no considerations back to blue collar workers and then insinuates these truckers who worked through the entire pandemic delivering supplies, who now after 2 years working through it are going to loose their jobs and rights are terrorists for standing up for basic human rights, standing up for a complete violation of our charter of rights and freedoms.
    Shame on you!!!

  • As a donar to this effort I find you message disturbing.

    GoFundMe has no right to deny.

    I am not a terrorist. I am a great grandmother… over 70.
    It is a shame what is happening in our country.
    I support this Freedom Convoy 2022.

    • Try living with this in Ottawa.

      In Canada, section 83.01 of the Criminal Code[1] defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause” with the intention of intimidating the public “…with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act.”

  • Ok, so you’re a commie. Trudeau has literally divided this entire country and yet you sympathize with him over Canadian truckers. You’re so mentally damaged it’s sickening. Just say you hate freedom and move on comrade!

  • Why would you have a problem with people standing up for what is right.have people not been paying attention to what is going on in the whole world.ate you part on the media that the goverment gave money to before his come for a trucking paper you are not staying neutral and reporting on behalf of trucking and peoe that bring you your daily products.u have been an owner operator for 30 plus years why is it when a truck driver takes a stand it’s wrong but any other culter it is not a problem.if this is so outrages about the ralley then how come all over the world on the 20 there was protests. Iam a proud Canadian truck driver and support them all.for a paper that is called truck news I think you need to be like the prime minister of canada and just step down from your job

  • Wow what a one-sided story. Your reporting is part of the downfall of our once great country. These truckers are the only people with the guts to stage such a large scale protest against the very racist policies your prime minister is implementing. FJT

  • What a disgusting article!!

    These truckers are fighting for ALL Canadians, for our freedom

    You, James Menzies, are trying to divide Canadians, to cast doubt, to get all of us fighting against one another BUT it won’t work!!!


  • How dare you use a persons past to propagate your own agenda. We all have a past we may not be proud of. We all make mistakes. Let he without sin cast the first stone. I for one am proud to be part of this awakening. We have been mislead long enough.

  • Hi James. Do you know the concept of projection? When you accuse others of creating division, you are also creating division. Ironic isn’t it?

  • Mmmm!
    You really trash talk this person.
    It s one thing to question it’s another thing when you trash this individual!
    I personally do not know this person!
    She defends and participates in what she believes!
    As you have done yourself!
    I will always defend those that act with courage to defend there convictions!
    Two narratives yours and hers!

    Do you really believe all of the participants are unvaxxed!
    Let’s see how this works out!

  • This man lacks logical thought process and clearly has his head where the sun doesn’t shine. If only some real journalism was to be had, unlike this sad excuse of a man who doe not even have a backbone. Stand with the truckers of this country, for if they were not here, you would have nothing you imbecile.
    For the record, I’m glad somebody like Tamara has the balls to stand up. Unlike the author, probably whining in a corner with a pacifier in his mouth.

  • I find it suspicious that Gerald Butts, tweets out this unknown bloggers, lies and innuendo so quickly after it was posted. Smells like another Liberal Op-ed to me.

  • Tell me, Mr. Menzies, on which side of the fence are you exactly… when it comes to standing up for OUR Canada.

    You have publically stated your criticism of a grass roots effort to push back against the over reach of government, citing the scenario that it would be rare to deliver results while angering the motoring public and casting a shade on the industry.

    You do agree that truckers are rightfully upset about the (government overreach of) vaccine mandates being imposed on truckers.

    The government is hell bent on treasonously veering the future of our country to become “the first post national state”, in lockstep with globalist plans, as envisioned by Trudeau and his ilk.

    The scientifically unsubstantiated madness of restrictions, mandates, and lockdowns are intended to serve the long planned globalist agenda that Trudeau et al are so vigorously and unabashedly advancing. Follow the science indeed.

    A wide spectrum of business and profession leaders in Canada – small to large – company presidents, CEOs, chambers of commerce and business association presidents etc. … you know … much respected pillars of communities … suits who readily complied by wearing fashionably colour matched face masks … have not demonstrated the moral courage or impetus to stop the unnecessary destruction of our economy and the resulting damage to everyone. Those influencers, who could have effectively questioned and pushed back, have not.

    So, you do not support a long overdue pushback by the truckers and feel the need to publicly disparage the effort via Trucker News.

    You say that $900,000 from everyday Canadians raised in support of the convoy is disturbing. You must be even more disturbed now that the total is presently increasing toward 3 Million.

    You seem to fear the reputation of the trucking industry being damaged by the Convoy over the carnage already caused to the entire country.

    So exactly how would you propose the industry rightfully and effectively pushes back against these vaccine mandates ?

  • Wow! What a sick form of reporting! First of all it is completely legal to protest peacefully in Canada. This is not about a vaccine mandate on truckers! This is a protest to regain our freedoms. There are places in Canada that is blocking people from feeding their families. This is about keeping our country free!! They have support from Canada as well as other countries, thankfully other countries are reporting this event correctly.

  • You’re a useless, bought troll just like the other sheep owned by the government. I’ll stand for freedom no matter what you say and support these truckers. Nothing is stopping us from protesting and getting our freedoms back and we will remember people like you that tried to blacklist the good people.

  • WOW!! You are so misinformed, your journalism is what causes separation, THE MAVERICK PARTY is strictly a federal party which represents only western provinces , just like Bloc quebecois , freedom convoy 2022 represents ALL Canadians from coast to coast in a peaceful , respectful abs lawful manor, you Sir!! Are the problem,

  • How is it right where justin can dictate take the shots or lose your job, then compound it with if you lose your job for not taking the shots then you also lose your ei, it should be free will if you want the shots and free will if you do not want the shots, but one should never be forced into taking a shot and the truckers are standing up for all Canadians. We have all lost lots of freedoms due to dictator justin and I for one am happy to see the truckers standing up for Canadians. If you want to publish real news maybe report the vaccine injuries and deaths that always seem to be censored, start posting the truth in the world not making up stories about others

  • how about get behind those that do not want to have this vaccine shoved in their bodies? they should be able to work at their chosen profession (whether it be trucking or health care or anything else), without being expected to take a vaccine they are not comfortable with.
    And, as you see, this vaccine is not stopping the omicron wave. Many of my friends who are vaccinated and some 3 shots (an even less intelligent choice) got sick, very sick.
    So, to try and upend something that people in the 10’s of thousands feel is a worthwhile cause, why not look for the silver lining, why not show their concerns, why not ask those participating how they feel.
    I am confident enough the money will go where it is supposed to go else that would really be S^*) to hit the fan and have a downward effect on the primary organizers.

    so try not to just walk the gov’t walk and talk. be there for those that do not want this jab and want to use their voice to try to make a differenc.

  • I’m gonna have to say it is a little ironic how this “smear article” is released and Gerald Butt comments on it the next day with its link attached in his Twitter post. Not to mention all the fake comments attached! Looks like a big government propaganda campaign to me in order to muddy the waters of what is actually happening; The people have had enough, they are rising up in large numbers and saying “We are done with tyranny!!”
    Our government is in full panic and is desperate to hold their grip but strength in numbers will prevail and TRUTH ALWAYS WINS!!!

  • The truckers at least have a chance of getting our clowns, that sit in Ottawa, the clowns need to be removed.. Don’t defend our prized clown to us. Are you bought and paid for also? Stand with the people, not those clowns in Ottawa. Fyi she isnt the only person in the Canada who has threatened our Ottawa clown. Wake up sonny!

  • You’re on the wrong side of this discussion. The convoy is a proxy fight by those who feel powerless against mandatory vaccinations and it’s divisiveness. Truck News should support the idea of the convoy, but then you have corporate sponsors. Can’t get your hair mussed or you’ll lose that financial support.

  • Are you on Trudeau’s payroll. I
    Know you are a liberal follower. Your leader Trudeau is a terrorist and you are in bed with him and Gerald Butts. How much are they paying you to betray your country!!!

  • The government has managed to ruin the economy with their so-called viruses . We already have seen supply diminish and it’s not because of the truckers. The big picture with the trucker slow roll is public awareness towards our human rights and our constitutions when I read your article I’m pretty sure your siding with the liberals and so far they haven’t handled this very good.

  • Back in September, Rebel News reported on the list of 1500 news media that accepted Trudeau bailout money to the tune of $61 million. It should come as a surprise to no one that Today’s Trucking was on the list of recipients.

    This article is pure character assassination from a paid shill. Reminder that a thief thinks everybody steals.

  • We don’t care if you support them.. Million of Canadians obviously do support them and have proven that with well over 2 million in donations.. So stay in your lane because your opinions aren’t relevant to what actual Canadians want..

  • You are very short sighted, my friend. This isn’t about losing a few weeks of pay to appeal to unlawful government over reach. This is about the loss of justice and freedom for us and the next generation. It is about the loss of livelihoods and the ability to serve each other with goods and services. It is about the loss of freedom to choose how to care for our personal health. It is about saying no to force and violence from authorities that are in place to protect their citizens from that very thing.

  • You are Despicable,playing this Government’s dirty games
    So Many lives completely destroyed ,So many Companies Out of Businesses
    Your Puppet Pm?????
    He is A joke who completely destroyed This Country causing so much pain and suffering
    Your article is Disgusting !

  • Though I understand the frustration I don’t understand this attack against our environment. I wonder how huge the carbon footprint of all these big rigs spewing GHG’s needlessly into our atmosphere accomplishes anything except more planetary warming and climate chaos. There has to be a better way. I can’t support this action in its current form.

  • You are GROSSLY misinformed. Paid by the Liberals??? If the truckers dont stop this nonsense ask yourself what YOU do to help!! These truckers are doing what our SPREME COURT, civil rights lawyers, police etc etc should have done months ago but were to scared to risk their careers, high salaries and their pensions. If you are going to write about something at least know what you are talking about and get behind these truckers who are trying to save sorry gullible asses like yours. Support the damn truckers!!!

  • How much did Trudeau give you to write this? We should all stand united as people. Not vaccinated and unvaccinated this has divided our country. Trudeau is a coward and habitual liar. For the good of the country he should step down and let our country heal. Oooops we wouldn’t want to disrupt his vacation.

  • As per the interview on shawn Neumann podcast with one of the original organizers, all the leftover money that isn’t used to directly support the truckers in this will be donated to veterans in Canada. This article needs to fact check itself…

  • Also, further to my last comment, the money is being held and managed by sn accounting firm in Alberta. This article is such blatant propaganda its hard to not laugh

  • Well what there are doing is great. Someone needs to do something to stop this communist movement in our government. Shame on you for saying it’s not the way. Nothing is more important then protecting democracy. And our free way of life. It astounds me how many of you are so ignorant and blind to what is happening. I support truckers for freedom

  • Awful article! First of all Canadians far and wide are supporting the truckers with no concern over the short term supply problems or traffic. We’re going to have worse long term issues if this isn’t sorted out. I think the fact they’ve raised well over $2 million dollars shows that. Also her parents own a trucking company and she’s joining the convoy with them. They also have organized a financial committee to handle the money that’s donated and she has no direct access to it. Canadians are proud of the truckers standing up for not only their rights but ours as well.

  • I acknowledge you for saying “Truckers are rightfully upset by a mandate clumsily applied…”
    Thank you for that. A huge number of other Canadians are also upset by this mandate. People HAVE the right to choose what they put in their body. CDC has said that Omicron is not a threatening virus. The fact that these mandates have been imposed for this long, is not ok. People need their jobs. If people start looking, the truth is: the ones who are sick now are the vaccinated. (check it, & if you find that to be false, what you found is lies. Thousands of Drs & hospital workers are confirming this) Other countries are removing this Mandate, completely. It is not lawful anyway & has never been. Canada needs to remove this mandate NOW. For once, stand up for people who ARE standing up. It made a massive difference when other countries truckers protested. Truckers bring Canadians everything we use daily, everything! This is NOT terrorism, it is fighting for lives & livelihoods. Do the supporters at every overpass, bridge & town look upset? No. Towns can pause while Truckers move through.
    This is life-changing. Trudeau needs to acknowledge what the rest of the World is doing right now. ❤️

  • The Liberal Government just gave $120M to the Ukraine. A government hopelessly in debt, divided in every quarter, which persecutes millions of its own citizens over their informed medical decisions, is also raping them as tax payers to send $ to foreign governments. While you track $1.5M of crowd funding and express suspicion about Western Alienation, you display the profound ignorance of the media and actively participate in covering up the greatest crimes ever committed by a Canadian government against its own people.

  • Hi, in response to you biased, opinionated article, I wanted to point out that this may be “disturbing” to you, but it is obviously an important issue to everyone who made these donations.

    It’s understandable that you focused almost all of your article toward tarnishing the image of the person who started the GoFundMe campaign. This tactic is often seen in legal proceedings which have no chance of justifying the actions of the defendant, and instead focus all efforts toward tarnishing the reputation of their victims.

    I’m concerned for the well being of all Canadians, and all humans for that matter. I’m curious where your concerns lie and where your line in the sand exists? Is there one, or do you simply feel everybody should abide at all cost? Do you feel civil disobedience and the right to protest are necessary components to democracy, or do you think they are obsolete relics?

  • I can not believe you would honestly write an article portraying this when you – of all people- should know how the community you report on feels. I feel that you have lost your credit as a reliable editor.

  • I stand with the truckers protesting the Trudeau Liberal government’s insane vaccination mandate. Any freedom loving Canadian should support them! Trudeau and the Liberals are selling Canada out to Communist China and the United Nations, turning us into a slave nation. Our PM wants a so-called “Great Reset” translation you will not own anything and the government will own everything. This is what we’re up against my friends.

  • Another lie hits the fan!
    We are peaceful people and we donate the money to help the Truckers movement convoy ! What a shame Canada became ! We have the human right to peacefully protest ! The money donated ar our money! We are the hard working people ,Canadian citizens ! Release the money !

  • How much grant money is Newcom getting from the federal government in regards to Canadian publication grants is the question that should be asked based on this articles bias?

  • It the purpose of the money Or is it the person in charge. I and others knew about the plan for a protest. Some were hoping for 400 to 500 trucks plus a 2 or 3 thousand other drivers and support people in transport
    I stepped back and because of things I do with homeless and items that we get from certain shopping clubs could not risk our reputation or relationship. I have spent 300 of the last 800 days fighting certain issues that affect homeless, and truck drivers and the disabled. Despite camped out at queens Park making over a 100 phone calls some months and on T V radio stations the internet. Very little has been done to solve truck drivers and owner ops ( leasing) problems. Would you and the O T A or C T A be a lot more pleased if my name was on the fund with the same board and accounting people involved so would just be a overseer. Nobody expected the fund to get over $70,000 that I talked do when doing the radio broadcasts 15 days ago.

  • Hello I would like to thank all you truckers for taking a stand for our freedom and right our and your grandfathers fought so hard for. What do you think they would say right now. As we are letting the stupid ass$ole Justin we call PM. Do to our country. Has anyone seen what they have done in the UK and Ireland. They are all living life normal again. There PM’s have the right idea. If we don’t get ride of this idiot we are going to be living with no rights or freedom. Speak when spoken too and that it. Really anyone that won’t stand for our rights and freedom are cowards. Come people wake the f@ck up.

  • Clearly you have your head up JT’s rectum.
    All you are doing is intentionally causing shit to try to stop the freedom convoy.
    Turdeau has stolen our livelihoods, trashed our freedoms, and caused the suicides and deaths of thousands of Canadians. Pull your head out of Turdeau’s backside and try some HONEST journalism for a change.

  • You sir are a very warped individual. It is to bad you have no idea of what is happening here. You really need to free your mind from all that B.S. you are spouting. Do you not realize they are doing this for you too?

  • Scams annoy the hell out of me ( tamara ) the Vancouver Gofundme about Ronald McDonald house was twisted out of proportion too – scam $ 2 million i think. while real needy people get past over because no media hype

    Gofundme is making their cut regardless somebody that DOES need help

  • I think what they are doing is a great idea! It is uniting Canadians all across the country. I also feel as the store shelves empty, it may wake some people up!
    So you too, need to understand we are fighting for our country. You need to stop finding fault and get off your put and help!!
    Cheer them on!

  • Interesting article. Too bad so many idiots are commenting below. I as a member of the public disagree with this protest. We live in a democracy so yes, please voice your opinion, just know that you make up only 10% of the population. What’s more important is to protest the poor/dangerous working conditions of truckers, the long hours, the lack of job security and the low pay, not a public health measure offered to you, privileged first world person. You get to enjoy a top of the line intervention for free to keep you safer, your elderly parents safer and your relatives with cancer safer. Theatre of the absurd.

    • I guess if they are doing the protesting, they get to decide what they are going to protest about!
      And as the BC organizer, Art Meise of Prince George, said,
      “This isn’t just about truckers anymore, it’s about everyone,” said Meise.
      “We want an end to discrimination. We want the lifting of (COVID) mandates and restrictions. We want the right to choose and work.”

      As you said, it’s a democracy, and 39.4K people who’ve supported them to the tune of close to $3 million (at this point, and rising!) is no small number who are voicing their opinion … and that’s only the folks who’ve supported through the GoFundMe site.

      This is obviously important to a Lot of Canadians.

    • This.

      The scary part though is that while 10% of the population may not sound like much, that ten percent can do untold harm when they’re as misinformed and vocal as this bunch.

    • You may be right, maybe we are only 10% – I don’t know – and the truckers make up an even smaller percentage but they are about to shut this country down and we’ve got their backs. Trudeau needs to backs off and give us back our country!
      Your fear mongering and scare tactics won’t work any more. We are about to take back our country.

  • There is more to it then vaccines it is about the goverment over stepping the rights and choices of peoples freedom. Fix the healthcare system. By the way double vaxxed and the booster too. Your opinion in this article is attacking a person who did something great because she cares about this country.

  • I have to wonder why Mr. Menzies feels that standing up for your rights is a wasted effort.
    It appears he is more concerned for the industry than the drivers that have been affected by the change in government policy.
    This is nothing more than a hit piece on one of the organizers.

    Trucknews does not speak for drivers, it seems to speak for corporate interests

  • This is NOT about vaccines it’s ANTI-MANDATES. It’s not if your vaccinated or NOT……this Freedom Convoy 2022 Ottawa Jan. 29 to ?? …… It’s about our (you & me) everyone’s “right to choice”……keep on giving your vaccines to whoever wants them, BY CHOICE……BUT……stop all mandates, there is NO EMERGENCY! United we stand or divided we fall…..hope to see you in Ottawa…..history being made.p

  • Hopefully, truckers will read this article and cancel their subscriptions to your magazine, as it is abundantly clear that you are totally wrong and don’t think t
    like the truckers at all. If you don’t believe me, head to social media and watch the videos of the thousands of rigs and support vehicles heading east and west on Hwy #1 as I write this. Or check the balance of the GoFundMe account for Convoy 2022 to find it is over $3,000,000 with over 37,000 contributors. That took just a week!
    Your statement shows how out of touch “Today’s Trucking” is with the actual trucking industry. Someone has to stand up to the government, who is using the pandemic excuse to mandate Canadian’s every move, and these brave people are the ones doing it while you sit in your chair and beak off about them being radicals. Just because they don’t have the same beliefs as you. Maybe hard working guys and gals in the trenches have very little in common with a guy who sits at a desk and runs them and their beliefs down!

  • And, where will that million or so bucks go?

    According to the Go Fund Me Page …
    In order for your generous donations to flow smoothly, the good people at Go Fund Me will be sending donations directly to our bulk fuel supplier and are working out the details now which means your hard earned money is going to straight to who it was meant for and need not flow through anyone else. Any left over donations will be donated to a credible Veterans organization which will be chosen by the donors.

  • Who cares what you think. This protest is a blessing. Somebody has to do something!
    You sit there with pen in hand and thumb up your arse ….at least these truckers are doing something ….and so are thousands of us regular vehicle drivers.
    You agree the mandates are not right but what are you doing about it? Writing boohoos about people that are doing something.
    Well bravo to you!

  • Is any of this factual? How much of this is opinion? I hate how we can longer rely on any news to be honest and deciphering the difference when no facts or references are provided.

  • Sounds to me like the liberals are seeing their vaccine scam fall apart, and are resorting to desperate measures trying to stop the truth.

  • You completely ignore the threat the PM is to our country and the fact he’s the most divisive PM in Canadian history, while he preaches a message of inclusion. GO TRUCKERS!

  • You sit behind a desk and mention you hold a cdl. Holding a cdl doesn’t make you part of “our indusrty”…..using a cdl does. So quit pretending to be a driver and stick to hanging out at the water cooler where you obviously belong ya liberal lover

  • Shame on you, no matter what you should supportbthis, not turdeau, no matter what the disrup tion is, disruption in our lives withe these stupid mandates is enough !

    • Hey James I landed on this article. Do you think many of these type of protest fizzle out because you are not thinking a protest is in order. I am not for pr against the mandate . It will get sorted out but I think should support all truckers and not cower away because of a group or government. Things you said made little sense. The danger it will pose to motoring public . Come on bro . Anyways . Cheers 2q

  • This is not a matter of safety. This is a matter of nationhood and the people rising up against covid mandated medical tyranny. Are revolutions ever a matter of safety? All of the lockdowns, vaccines, social distancing and masks were “for your safety” and where did that lead, to enslavement. Being unable to travel by air, bus or rail in the country unless you produce a vax pass, unable to go for dinner or 2 a movie or have your children play sports all under the guise of safety from a seasonal flu or cold with a scary variant name. Sorry James, this is not about safety, this is about the people moving to restore life and liberty and regain the freedoms lost under the guise of “safety”. Those who would give up their liberty for safety deserve neither. I am a truck driver and I support these patriotic individuals all the way. Either you support this movement or you don`t. If you don`t, then get the hell out of the way as this convoy is not stopping until the final destination is reached. As for Tamara Lich, the language used to describe her political activities is biased liberal language. Affiliated with “radical” groups? Would this be the grassroots movement that advocates for Alberta to leave this federally flawed coalition of provinces we call a country? A movement that has support amongst the voters of Alberta? Radical? I think not. As far as threatening the head cuck in Ottawa, I am sure that happens many times a day, unpublicized, all across the country. Now about the substantial chunk of money DONATED by thousands of people supporting this movement, it is just that, donations, not income. Donations to support this movement just like the political donations made to any political party across the country or to charities. But I am sure more scrutiny will be placed upon where the money went for the truckers than how political parties or NGO distribute their donations. I have also heard the term terrorists being used to describe the truckers. As you well know, any opposition to a sitting regime as always been classified as terrorism. Creates opposition to the movement. Terrorism implies violence. I have yet to see any violence. Right now, the public sees this movement as righteous and rightly so. By the time the bought and paid for media puts their particular spin on the ongoing story, as they are directed to by their Liberal benefactors, using Canadians tax dollars, I am sure the story will be much different. Judging by the bias in the language in your article, I am now very much convinced it was tax dollars not well spent.

    • In Canada, section 83.01 of the Criminal Code[1] defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause” with the intention of intimidating the public “…with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act.”

  • For Heaven’s Sake! The money is going towards fuel for the legally licensed trucks, travelling legally, in an orderly manner, on safe Canadian highways. No guns happening! No speeding. No wrecklessness. No violence happening! Calm, happy support happening!

    By the way, it is far from fizzling (as you put it). Nobody’s in danger. The money’s going directly to the fuel companies. Sounds like you’re desperately grasping at straws to throw into the fire to fuel Fear! Jeez, as if there isn’t already enough of that happening.

    Not knowing how effective something might be is No reason not to go ahead with a sound idea. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And there sure is one heck of a lot that needs to change to keep Canada from sliding down the slipperly track it’s already on!

    As our National Anthem says:

    “… From far and wide, O Canada,
    We stand on guard for thee.
    God keep our land glorious and free!
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”

    That’s what they’re doing! Be proud rather than derisive!

  • Trudeau’s fascist policies using Covid as an opportunity to invoke fear and tyranny is the driving force where grassroots Canadians are awakening to the desperate need to take to organized action of rightful protest – if the Left wing, Marxist BLM can take to public protest and rally then patriotic essential workers being bullied by egomaniac Liberals can certainly protest and rally to voice their concerns – concerns that valid and merited. Our forefathers laid down their lives to protect our Rights and Freedoms against the real threat of global tyranny. Trudeau and Freeland are coming treason in bed with George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and the rest of the Davos W.E.F. maniac cabal.

  • Think what you like Truck News. Of course, once again, a news group has nothing substansive to say so they resort to personal attacks.
    I’m one of the thousands of Canadians who donated to the Go Fund Me Account for the truckers. We’re fed up with the mandates and restrictions and our governments for imposing them. This time the protest isn’t going to fizzle out. If you aren’t with us then you’re part of the problem.

  • WOW when I started reading this article it was not what I expected to read. Basically you are telling people that what the truckers are doing is disruptive and pointless because the feds won’t reverse their decision. I expected you to be more supportive of their efforts. I for one am not a person who normally support a lot of protests especially where it may delay my time spent on the road but this particular protest by the truck drivers is one of the few that I strongly support because they are one of the few groups that are standing together. I wish the health care workers and all other groups where vaccines were mandated would have stood together. How can truck drivers even come close to being responsible for spreading the virus…its absolutely ridiculous and insane to think something like that. It’s all about the government wanting control and having an egotistical and self serving tyrant as a PM. Still not sure how he is still PM when he was not even the popular vote.

  • This article is thick with innuendo…why not just come right out and say what you are trying to manipulate the reader into thinking? That Tamara Lich is a crazed, underhanded maniac that is bent on creating trouble while emptying the pockets of honest, frustrated Canadian citizens…something like our Prime Minister! And that the Maverick Party is a quickly thrown together bunch of Trump fans and lunatics.
    One doesn’t have to be particularly intelligent or educated to read between the lines of this article and get the feeling that this particular writer does not back the ‘power of the people’ and, if fact, would rather snuggle down with the pet pigs of the current Canadian government in the mire and waste that they have made of our country. (I hesitate to compare them to ‘pet pigs’, as I do appreciate and like pigs. They are an extremely smart animal.)
    I say let these trucks roll! Let the people line the overpasses and the streets! Let them close roads, block streets and bring commerce to a grinding, shuddering halt!
    This is no longer about kneeling down and complying to mandates! This is no longer about cowering before shaming techniques. This is about the Canadian people literally putting themselves back in the drivers seat. Put our wonderful prime minister out front and centre and let him explain himself to the blue collar men and women who built this country that he has so cavalierly taken apart piece by piece! It’s time he be a man’s man…oops! I mean a person’s person…and stand before the people, without teleprompters or bodyguards, and tell us all why we should respect his mandates! Let him show us how the west will be won.

    • Well Said ! ! (even with a bit of humour throw in for good measure)

      Ditto to every single thing you’ve said. Thank you.

  • This is one lame and shortsighted article. The government is breaking up our country onto a ruin. That k you Freedom Convoy for trying to save us from this radical government!

  • To sound this alarmist response to a natural reaction by honest, hard working and dedicated men and women, is to join hands with the “little boy who called wolf” Trudeau who has systematically attacked his opponents with vitriolic rhetoric. To call them terrorists is ridiculous, immature, and uneducated. Canadians everywhere need to keep themselves informed regarding th protection of their rights and freedoms. Every Canadian bears responsibility in the protection of our democratic mechanisms. What is certain is that this Prime Minister is driving a runaway train loaded with illicit political power– without anyone to slow the roll in the opposition parties. Shame on you Mr. Trudeau, and even more so on you Mr. O’toole.

    • Hey doc. fyi:

      In Canada, section 83.01 of the Criminal Code[1] defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause” with the intention of intimidating the public “…with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act.”

  • Funny thing about this you slander a person who is making a movement hapend that is going against Trudeau hmmm well now are you in Trudeaus back pocket

  • A very responsible article. I support truckers although I have concerns about this mode of distributing goods because of environmental issues and a convoy of empty trucks crossing the country reinforces my belief that some truckers are NOT mindful of the climate crises besetting us.

    Thanks for sharing some background.

    • This guy needs to go to the grocery store to see the MT shelves. He is very obviously not in his proper mind if he thinks trucks are not very essential to the supply chain. I wonder who he voted for?? Let me guess. Do the initials JT sound familiar.

  • I have just scanned a lot of the other comments and I am appalled. Such ignorance. The requirement to be vaccinated is from the BOTH the US AND Canadian govts. The US is NOT letting unvaccinated into their country. And if those afraid of the vaccine, don’t want to be vaccinated that this their right but is my right not to be put at risk by them. And they are the ones costing us a fortune in hospital costs as they fill the ICUs and emergency rooms.

    People are not able to get their cancer treatments and are dying because of this foolishness.

    Most of the critics are Trudeau haters — I am not a fan — but fail to realize that a lot of the anti-vax protest is funded by the American Oil Sheik Koch who is a libertarian and roping hard working people into support his libertarian ideology so that he can continue to make a fortune off our backs.

  • I sure hope that someone is going to hold the organizer to task and ensure the 3 million is spent according to how the page outlines. GoFundMe does not distribute the funds directly, it would be the pages organizer, in this case Lich. Read the rules of “GoFundMe”, the organizer can make any claim they want within comments of the page, it doesn’t mean it will actually happen. I believe that all the writer of this article is suggesting is there is a risk that this money could just disappear and not make its way to the deserving drivers as it suggests. Here is how the program works “We see people use GoFundMe to raise money for THEMSELVES, friends and family, or even complete strangers in random acts of kindness. Of course the most important part, how do you have access to the funds “Once your GoFundMe starts receiving online donations, you can easily request a withdrawal at any time. Withdrawing money does not affect the progress meter displayed on your fundraiser. Simply click ‘Withdraw’ while logged into your account and follow the instructions. You can withdraw your balance directly to YOUR bank account. Bank transfers take 2-5 business days to arrive.” People need to wake up, the pages organizer has full control of the money not GoFundMe. She can distribute the money as she see’s fit. That includes putting all or a large portion of it into her own pocket without any legal repercussions. I sure hope that she is above board and doesn’t walk away with 3 million dollars and a smile…

    • Steve, funny you don’t trust the organizer before anything has happened but you trust the government. Countless times they give your tax dollars away to friends and family and they are unaccountable but you keep giving them your money.

  • I think the country has had enough of your type; the candy-ass acceptance of being fed a steady diet of bullshit and having the bill for that feed ration put on our grand-children’s credit card. Either join the convoy or get run over.

  • This story sound like a lot of fabricated BS if you ask me. Way to spin it. Are you on the parliament payroll as well? SMH

  • Hey James. I don’t understand why you’d write that truckers are “rightfully upset about a vaccine mandate.” I have yet to see a single fact-based argument given why truckers, or anyone else, for that matter, think that refusing to be vaccinated is more important than protecting their own health, that of their family, friends and complete strangers. And when truckers say that they “are being sidelined,” well, the truth is that they are sidelining themselves. Vaccines have been with us for ages, and many of us, whether we know it or not, can thank one or more of the many vaccinations we all (or most of us) received as babies and youngsters for being alive and healthy today. Take your medicine, boys and girls, and keep on trucking’. And please, as this mob of unvaccinated people work their way across Canada, I hope it doesn’t become a mobile superspreader machine.

  • You”re not getting the big picture! UNITY, FREEDOM, HUMAN RIGHTS.. Everything else isnt worth mentioning. I know nothing about Miss Lich, was she incarcerated for the crimes you accuse her of?

  • She’s got her hands on almost $4m dollars now to this hatemonger surfing through her personal bank account. She’s a scam artist and a fraud trying to make a name and a few bucks ($4m) over a pointless protest that won’t even affect US law which would make any change by Canada pointless. The RCMP, GoFundMe, and the CRA need to get on that cash flow as she’s claiming it’s a « charity ».

    • You surely do not know the real info. The money does not go to the individual, that have to set up to where the money goes. Stop saying nonsense and learn what it is all about before you shoot your mouth off

      • I believe you do not understand how the GoFundMe program works… Here is some light reading directly from the programs terms and conditions… It clearly states they do not have any control over the funds or where they go, that is up to the Organizer! Maybe the organizer has good intentions and the money will go where it should, or maybe the organizer had good intention in the beginning, but now that the money has grown significantly (life changing really) they run. Only time will tell. But I will say the organizer is holding onto over 3 million dollars of money that they have obtained legally and can do with as they please. What would you do with 3 million cash….
        “Donors: All Donations are at your own risk. When you make a Donation through the Platform, it is your responsibility to understand how your money will be used. GoFundMe is not responsible for any offers, promises, rewards or Promotions (defined below) made or offered by Users or Fundraisers; such conduct violates these Terms of Service. We do not and cannot verify the information that Users or Fundraisers supply, nor do we represent or guarantee that the Donations will be used in accordance with any fundraising purpose prescribed by a User or Fundraiser or in accordance with applicable laws.”
        “GoFundMe has no control over the conduct of, or any information provided by, a User and hereby disclaims all liability in this regard to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. We do not guarantee that a Fundraiser will obtain a certain amount of Donations or any Donations at all. We do not endorse any Fundraiser, User, or cause and we make no guarantee, express or implied, that any information provided through the Services is accurate. We expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for the outcome or success of any Fundraiser. You, as a Donor, must make the final determination as to the value and appropriateness of contributing to any User or Fundraiser.”

  • I wonder if this may have all looked very different if your association had supported the minority group of people who are against the vaccines in this industry. Instead of condemning others for doing it for us.
    The protest was the only option left because nobody Is listening. It is only going to get worse, way worse!

  • I did not appreciate your article against Tamara Lich.
    Are you a fiction writer ?
    I do not believe that you are giving all the real information.

    I support the truckers and I support their funds.
    Start giving the truth.
    The truth will set you free.
    You seem to be a good liar…stop your lies and report the truth

  • So out of touch. Quit being a sheep and open your eyes and mind to what is really happening in this country. You may want to live in a communist country, many of us don’t.

  • Do you have any suggestions on how to fix things Mr. Menzies? Will talk repair the wrongs? I don’t think so, because people speaking out with opinions other than the so called experts are censored. Your caption above this comment page says (we won’t publish your data). You can publish my data. I have nothing to hide. In the mean time please take me off your e-mail list. This magazine no longer appeals to me. Dan Leslie, Leslie Truck Lines. Thanks.

  • James – you’re obviously hobnobbing with leaders of OTA and CTA. Neither of those organizations made any progress using diplomatic means over the last two year. As far as I’m concerned they’ve been bitten by a Liberal snake! Step out of the way and we’ll take care of it. This is what responsible democratic citizens do when their government becomes authoritarian and tyrannical.

    I think its absolutely criminal anybody is forced to take a drug they don’t want, and much more so truck drivers! When this whole thing started 2 years ago truck drivers were ones who kept the shelves stocked with food, medicines, clothing and personal hygiene products when we all needed it most. While everybody hid away truck drivers went into overdrive. Truckers sacrificed their own exposure to what we were being told was a killer virus. Apparently now they are a public danger!

    Reprehensible – deplorable – despicable – shameful.

  • Spoken like a laurantian elite…Learn why the west has been po’ed at ottawa since the 30s at least. Then maybe..just maybe u can understand why people are frustrated.

    Lastly if you are ‘actually’ in the trucking industry, you KNOW how the ‘rules’ have mandated truckers to a robot stage…
    perhaps veiw the anger from these two points…at a 30000 ft level..and maybe just maybe u will climb off ur judgemental platform and appreciate what others are attempting to correct whats wrong with the entire system.

  • Your way off the mark here. This protest is going to be like no other before. It is definitely time for all truckers to take a stand & not back down. I have parked my truck until these issues are resolved. Look at the UK. They have all of a sudden dropped the vaccine & mask mandates. We (cross border truckers) kept the economy going for 2 years without these mandates. The pandemic is weakening & yet they insist on mandating vaccines now! We are not dealing with the public & are not a threat. We are essential workers. The country will find out in short order how important we are to the supply chain. The protests at the Emerson border were a strong indicator of what is to come. We are sick & tired of being dumped on by governments! The time for action is now.

  • This is more about freedom than disrupting traffic .Canadians have the right to choose whether they want to be vaccinated or not and we also have the right to deny wearing a mask or going where we want . People are sick and tired of government telling us what we can and can’t do ! I’m not anti-vax ,I’m against forced vaccinations!
    Do you recieve any funding from government for your magazine? If you do ,I don’t trust your opinion either. Something has to be done to end this tyranny and the truckers are the only ones willing to start a huge protest in this country. I hope we all go hungry for awhile if this is what it takes to make this government listen.

  • Did you listen to her and the truckers. The truckers federation is lining their pockets with money and don’t care about the truckers also there is lawyers involved to make sure all funds go to the truckers and not her maybe do a bit more research sir

  • James, I have read your articles for several years, and they normally reflect good research and an opinion that is either neutral or beneficial to the industry. This was not one of those articles. First, people have to stop tip toeing around this mandate issue, you are either for it or against it. Stop sidestepping the issue by referring to the clumsy government roll out. If you want to be a voice that the industry respects, take a firm stand (even if it’s an unpopular one). Second, how about instead of doing a hit piece on the organizer, you provide us with some real alternatives out of this mess that don’t involve medical coercion or the Canadian supply chain losing thousands of drivers…got anything?

  • This is an extremely disappointing article, that reveals a lack of empathy with the industry. Our supply chain is critical to every Canadian daily life. As an industry, we were short-qualified people before any mandate. Now that shortage has been exasperated by said mandate. The protest is not anti-vaccine it is anti-mandates. This protest may not change the mandate but it is a beacon of hope to many people as they feel unheard and ignored by their government.

    The solidarity that is being shown amongst the general population from coast-to-coast is not lost on the government and the media. This is why the headlines have shifted and are putting a negative spin on this convoy and the funding for it. People are expressing their views and they are no longer willing to be the silent majority.

  • I have always been on the side of truckers, especially when it come to drivers versus big corporate trucking, and of course the mindless mandates from government, but after reading some of the comments here, drivers have already lost. Name calling, insults and assuming they know the political views of the writer, James Menzies makes it clear that there is no plan, other than to make a lot of noise and piss people off, and within a day or two after the convoy, all will be forgotten…just like previous convoys. There are better ways to grab the attention of our uninformed, uneducated Prime Minister. You need to get the undivided attention of the people we voted for. They are OUR servants. It’s not the other way around.

    • I think there is a lot of support for the truckers. Communities will be angry when shelves are empty due to the vaccine mandates. Liberal MP’s need support in their communities and the trucker protest makes it clear that the government is responsible for destroying our economy. Trudeau may not respond, but many in the Liberal caucus will.

    • Stan, you mention that there are better ways to grab the government’s attention. I’m going to assume you don’t mean by violent means or by a trucker strike (since those actions are attention grabbing, but they only affect the general public who is not against us). So…what are your better ways out of this? We’re all ears.

  • Everybody that’s working in the trucking industry to make this work do not protest all go home and stay home for two weeks do not move any equipment whatsoever do not go to Ottawa just go home and the lady in Alberta that started the go fund me page for the trucking protest be careful because that money just may disappear for her own use protests will not get you anywhere they never do you need to shut the country down by going home and staying home park all equipment.

  • What a joke!! How about the billions and billions and all the damage from Big Pharma! Hmmm no talk of that I see. Thank God someone is standing up for all of us! I don’t see you doing it or JT or DF.

  • What a shameful piece of journalism. The shame and blame game is enough. People all over Canada are a part of something much larger and the coming to together in unity is what Canadians are about. This is more than just the trucking industry.

  • The trucker protest is not just about truckers concerns re vaccines. It is sbout protesting the destruction of democracy and also our economy. Your concerns about Lich pale in comparison. Everyone who cares about the future of the country needs to support the trucker protest.

  • Telling the protesting truckers to get off the road, sit down and shut up while the experts solve this problem has led to exactly what Trudeau wanted, a divided and angry truckers, unable to supply what is needed for all Canadians on a daily basis. Trudeau will continue to talk and do nothing to help either Canadians or the trucking industry, because he just doesn’t care about anything or anyone except himself . And don’t be fooled by Trudeau trying to show how pure and righteous he is by saying he is doing these things to defeat a virus. He doesn’t and never will care about anything but power and his own twisted perverted vanity and how to get more of both. Remember, Trudeau is the center, nexus of four major problems, all started by him and his corrupt Liberal party; ruined economy, dividing and angering all Canadians, changing our guaranteed rights and freedoms into nothing but government granted privileges’, and now using a virus to impose deceitfully communism upon all Canadians.
    The best way to bring down a dictator such as Trudeau, is to deny him the very power he craves and uses on powerless Canadians. The more citizens and other truckers show support for those willing to be part of a major protest against needless mandates and restrictions, that have never slowed, reduced or defeated a virus with 99% survival rate, the sooner Trudeau will be forced to resign and then these nation destroying mandates and policies will be removed.

  • I support truckers, Why because I know what their efforts provide us. I drove trucks as a young man in Alberta. I know what it is to lie under a cabover with a torch to heat an engine in minus 35 degrees to get her started. I know what it is to fall off of the top of a load trying to snipe a chain and boomer. I know the long hours driving and what it feels like to have a fellow trucker friend put their rig in a ditch and end their life. Truckers are not elitists. Most I know are good people trying to provide for their families and in my experience would always help a stranded or injured motorist. They have kept us fed and clothed over these last two years without complaining. Now bureaucrats wishing to promote their own legacies are essentially attacking them after all they have done. The port of Vancouver wanting to eliminate trucks greater than 10 years of age only serves to emphasize the poor timing of such decisions. Perhaps a Laudable goal, but right now serves as an oppressive decision. Conscientious politicians should realize that the front liners who have sacrificed so much over these past two years, should not be rewarded with a kick to the groin and a slap in the face. Instead wise politicians should place an emphasis on helping these dedicated front liners by making their jobs less difficult, bureaucratic and profitable. Just give them the opportunity to work with minimal encumbrance and they will as they always have. I will choose to bang a pot for them.

  • When I first began training for my Ontario class AZ twenty-one (21) years ago, I was informed my many experienced truckers that one of the most frustrating aspects of the trucking world was how good truckers are at shooting themselves in their own foot. I’ve come to recognize how truce it was then and still evident today how, to be blunt, “STUPID” and or ignorant so many in our industry are! I was told a joke many years ago that typifies so many people, operating trucks are on both sides of the Canadian-US border. Quote: ” If you were to put two truckers in a motel room with two prostitutes, the truckers are more likely to screw each other”. A reference to the practice of undercutting each other to get a load, even if you don’t make a profit. I find it so frustrating that so many truckers don’t have a good working knowledge of how our transportation industry or the political process works.

  • I won’t weigh in on the debate of why there are some truckers doing this. However, I would be very careful when donating to a cause.
    It is better when it is done through a bank to the truckers than a Go Fund Me page.

    This organizer ha da previous Go Fund Me for Wexit. Money goes directly into her account and Go Fund Me requires no accountability. Now over $3,000,000?

    I know of tragic situations where people have set up these funds for someone and kept all the $ for themselves. Please don’t be gullible. Find a more legitimate way to support them if you wish to.

  • James Menzies,
    You must be from the East. It’s obvious that you are also trying to divide this county. If this is your line of thinking, then I would suggest you are the Radical group.

    In closing James, please cancel my subscription. I don’t care to support your radical way of thinking.

  • Where is injustice in getting vaccinated?
    Did these truckers not get any shots in their youth?
    We as a society are much healthier because of them.
    And who gives the the right to block roadways for majority of us who do prefer science over some hearsay.

    • Chris L. incase you didn’t know there are vaccinated and non-vaccinated truckers driving across this land so they can be heard. Nothing that has happen to date has got the attention of the PMO so maybe this is what is needed. Science has also proven that once your body builds up antibodies from getting Covid, then that is by far more protection than any vaccine can provide.

  • Delete you webpage!
    Shame on you!!
    But shame played no part did it?
    All that Trudeau money did !
    Cowards….or worse!!

  • You may hold a CDL James, but you don’t know the first thing about real Trucking,
    You’re a Pencil Pusher and if you check ….. You’ll find you’re still wet behind the ears Sonny Boy! ……. a matter of fact, James …… You don’t have what it takes to even sweep out the carpet in a Man’s Truck!

  • Too bad we support the Truckers. Mandatory vaccines are a breach of the Nurnberg code if you remember World war 2.
    You and Trudeau are putting Canadians against Canadians and that is wrong.
    Ps I am vaccinated.

  • Your an idiot… you attack those that want to help bring the tyranny to a halt.. Justin Trudeau is a Traitor. Same as all you in the media that support him.. none of you tell the truth. All you do is repete their narrative. You are all cowards and we all hope that this snowballs ands runs over you all… #Letfreedomreign

  • Sounds like you need to get behind the wheel, grab a few gears and join the movement, James you have been overwhelmed by the negative effects on your brain, you should get truckin with the fumes of change because your a problem not a solution, 10-4 big James!

  • Todays Trucking and Trucknewsdotcom : Proven Paid government lackys and schills. This “editorial” proves it without a doubt!

  • I gotta say, truckers really became bitches over the last bit. It’s not that hard to go get a vaccine, you gotta piss in a cup if you drive south of the 49th but you won’t get a shot that could save your life. Pull freight or go pull your pud boys.

  • This trucker convoy of unity across Canada and some from the states is NOT terrorism !!! My goodness they are rolling for our freedom of choice which is our right as Canadians…. Shame on anyone who is holding the monies in the go fund me for the truckers….. has Trudeau bought them out as well as all the news media lies ? Remember this … who ever you bow down too in compromise WILL own you at the top !! I ask you to step up in truth and release the fund to our truckers

  • The empty shelves right now are a foreshadow of whats to come once to mandates don’t get removed. The truckers and everyone on their side are standing up for the rights, health and safety of every Canadian. It would be stupid and self destruction if Trudeau doesn’t lift the mandate now. Maybe its not about your health after all? Since when did empty shelves save anyone??

  • So if I have this straight and don’t yell at me or get in a huff. Does the 900,000 go directly into her bank account. Hopefully, she is trust worthy.

  • Just a couple of thoughts. With the reputation that drug companies have and all the lawsuits sitting in court right now, this could turn out really bad for people desperate to save to save their lives, from the flu. These are the protocols experts have been trying to put in place since before the first covid end off the world. Its all they have. There is nothing else they can do. There are no miracle cures. If the drugs are the only way to survive crowd didnt use threats and intimidation to try and force people into something they are not comfortable with, we wouldnt be doing this. Fearmongering just shows how weak the story is. I believe this is variant 5 at this time. How long before we get to 6 trying to find one that actually ends the world.

  • The person who wrote this isn’t about freedom and definitely isn’t a trucker. If you don’t stand with us, shut up. They can’t force us to get a booster jab every 3 months to do things we should be aloud to. It doesn’t even protect as advertised. Just delete this article otherwise just lost 99% of its users

  • I don’t know Lich and your attempt to smear her didn’t work, it turned out to be a pretty good resume.
    I wouild hire her, she has spunk, you know get up and do something that some/most people wouldn’t have the courage to do but many would like to do.

    By the way, I support the TRUCKERS, and I do not support a vaccine mandate!

  • CANADIAN truck drivers cannot drive in the United States unless they are vaccinated. So crossing the border into Canada from the U.S. would mean they are vaccinated. So they would not have to go through testing/isolation. If they are driving within Canada, they do not have to be vaccinated.
    So what is the problem?

  • You might wanna rethink that article.
    Over 4 million and the positive reaction from all true freedom fighting Canadians says so !

  • Well James , it appears you just shot yourself in the foot . Maybe stop trying to discredit good people trying to help other good people fight for our rights and freedoms .
    Atleast thousands of people will see you for exactly what you are .
    This whole situation has helped to see the scum .

  • I was looking for information when I came to your article, but found it was only a personal grudge against some woman named Tamara Lich? You talk about the threat against our prime minister, but what about the prime minister calling everyone connected to this convoy, domestic terrorists ? He is separating Canada! He himself is a racist, black face, cultural ignorance, ahhh ummm ahhh ummm water bottle box kinda thing. If you are going to continue to be a journalist, put your own view points aside. Tell the truth, from both sides! Do better.

  • Why do you say “your money” such if its public funds? The people that gave the money know exactly what they want to fund. And you are interfering in private transaction

  • As misguided as James may be, I can still respect an opinion I know or believe to be misguided. James clearly misses the point that my Rights don’t end where his fears begin. No worries James, thousands of truckers and hundreds of thousands of everyday Canadians (if not million in a normally silent majority) have your back too.

  • Hey buddy, what are u doing to stop the tyranny? Why are u trying to slander this woman while u sit idly by and allow your country to be destroyed? The only one spreading propaganda here is you! Spread love, not divide.

  • So what do you think now Mr.Menzies,70 km convoy and growing going to Ottawa,but do you slam Quebec eveytime they talk separation.This is about freedom and not just for the trucking industry,foe everyone.but hey let’s just vilify those that want better for our part of the country,like voting,any election is over as soon as Ontario and Quebec vote,the west can vote 100% against what every those two provinces vote for and we still will loose.
    This convoy is to stop this government from becoming a dictatorship.These mandates are just that,a dictatorship,27,000 people in Canada,have died from this,so they say,and more have died in a year and a half from overdose. 75% vaccinated was the magic number for back to normal,that number has changed many times

  • Hello James,

    Your attack on the Convoy for Freedom is based upon speculation only. You give no evidence of any wrong doing in use of money that has been raised through gofundme, yet speculate on possibility that it could happen. You also attack Tamara Lich on her past political affiliations. Have you not considered that there is no official opposition party in Canada, both provincially and federally which is supporting the rights of Canadians in the midst of many unlawful acts of governments. Tamara seems to be one of the few high profile politically active people who has taken initiative to preserve rights and the rule of law. Why do you consider that taking action to preserve democracy, rights, freedoms, and lawful order as radical? Why have you failed to criticize the Prime Minister and Premiers for their radical trampling of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Charter? Indeed the PM spewed out hate speech against non vaccinated people, calling them racists and and misogynists. What have such attributes to do with lawful rights and freedoms? Indeed many who appose vaccine mandates are of varied race, and many are women. In the official opposition vacuum that exists federally and provincially, the Truckers have become the unofficial opposition.

    The facts that matter re that all Canadians have the right to make their own health and medical decisions. The “vaccines” are known to have many serious short term risks. Their long term risks are unknown. They have not passed normal testing over an extended time period. This means that they are experimental. By the international laws in the Helsinki Declaration and Nuremberg Code, people are protected from forced or coerced medical experiments.

    Please consider all the facts instead of posting only one biased side of a matter.

    Note that I am not a Trucker, but I am a professional in the transportation industry, having been in marine transportation for many years, and I am feeling the effects of the mandates and restrictions. I know exactly what Truckers are suffering. And they support all Canadians in this fight for basic rights and freedoms.

    It is interesting that your speculation that the protest will fizzle has proven wrong. It is growing as more by the day join the thousands of commercial trucks and private vehicles in their roll toward Ottawa. This situation is unlike any trucker protest of the past. It is supported by huge numbers of Canadians, and Truckers are much more strongly motivated than for protests of the past.

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    Team member
    Raised $525 from 11 donations

    Just been recently added. Is it to direct the prying eyes and questions from the initial organizer of this go fund me

  • People expect there donations to go to the truckers expenses in the rally , go fund me needs to give them there money. It about goverment overreach into our lives.

    Thank you to vaccinated truckers and their families.
    Here is the real issue for truckers and everyone.
    This Ontario ‘cartoon’ shows the real protest that is required across our country.
    Heart, cancer and many other very very sick patients have NO CHOICE but to wait.
    ❤️I wish the truckers were standing up for their rights? rather than through their actions continue to let them suffer & die, many needlessly. This has been and continues to be so extremely sad. there has been so much unnecessary suffering in the hospitals / ICUs.

    • You’re clueless. big pharma doesn’t want you healthy or to give you a cure
      They are only feeding you the carrot to follow their lie they tell.
      There will never be cures as there no money in healing people

      Wake up. Once and for all.

      And fyi.
      This freedom movement is about freedom. Not vaccines or the u vaccinating.
      It’s showing unity that the government and all involved by financial gain has tried to divide us to make us fight each other instead of THEM.



  • your reporting is disgusting! you have based your lies on nothing. you have nothing to back up the bile you spew in regards to Lich. you imply that the GoFundMe money will go straight into her bank account, yet you mention NOTHING of the fact that FROM THE BEGINNING accountants came on board voluntarily to oversee the funds, truckers must hand in receipts to prove their expenses and they must register with the group so they can be vetted. Its appalling that this is called journalism.

  • What a hatchet job this article is! As per the author’s own link, two years ago some unidentified yahoos are alleged (without any evidence, such as a screenshot or something) to have posted some so-called death threats on a website.
    Which today is somehow Tamara Lich’s fault in this writer’s mind and grounds for criticizing a grass-roots movement. He must be infernally desperate to criticize if he serves up this weak, unsupported and illogical attack.

  • Pretty much wrong on all accounts. COVID regulations are being abandoned. Gerald Butts is being raked over the coals. GoFund me now has over 2 million bucks for the truckers and the convoys are a rolling to Ottawa.

    Thanks for the dive by smears though. About 20% of the people eligible for vaccines have refused to participate. Seems that truckers are of the same notion.

  • It’s funny that you mention that she is part of a separatist group or party and she can not collect donations based on that model, but here in Canada we have a federal group called Bloc Québécois who’s sole platform when conceived was the separation from Canada and I’m sure that there were no donations held back from them. But this is ok?

  • Apparently your company is one of the media outlets to receive a media bailout from the Liberal government. Would you be so kind as to let your readers know how much your company received and/or may still be receiving from this fund. Thank you for your disclosure and your time.

  • I think you should write some form of a retraction. I, as an accountant was deeply concerned initially but have viewed the procedures they are taking for distributing fuel AND FOOD. Though I cannot guarantee absolute purity in every penny, my initial observations is that the majority will go to the support of those registered. There are over 38,000 registered participants. They are way more organized and efficient than I have seen most government organizations disburse funds (which, admittedly is a very low bar). They have their own QR code and tracking mechanism. I would say their handling of funds is 10+x better than the vaccine rollout from our single payer health care system… it was pitiful! Other countries are not even honoring our “vax passports” because of our government mismanagement. It’s time for Canada to go the way of Britain and EU abandon it all… Omicron has won!. Its an endemic no longer a pandemic.

  • I think if you actually did your research and realized the support from the people it isn’t going to give our industry a bad name. We’ve needed this for some time. If you think this country is fine obviously your not paying your share. Between the carbon tax and the mandates that are taking away our rights as Canadians and our livelihood it’s sickening to think people are still that blind and don’t get the reality of the whole situation. As for the go fund me it was said whatever was left would be given to the Veterans. If you remember Trudeau said they were asking for more than he could give! What a Joke, he has no problem sending money everywhere for things even he can’t explain!!

  • James you are part of the liberal Covid monies fund handed out to put forth their message, you don’t stand for anything until you receive something first, professional bought lip services, a oral form of prostitution, you have a CDL, you can drive the government narrative right off the cliff, the old crash and burn, a great song, sing it with us.

  • We need a wake up call in Canada. Hopefully this is just the beginning. Never did I dream it might come from common sense truck driver. Free to believe and I don’t need Justin to tell me whether or not it’s Trudeau. Thank God these men are not cowering at home in fear. They have been in the front lines not sitting in a fox hole like so many elites during Covid!

    • Canadian politics are effectively under a single party system with the NDP and official CPC opposition backing and rubber stamping government policy and legislation. The Liberal government is a minority government, and should be quite easy for the opposition to hold to account. But we have no seen this. The opposition is a complete failure. In the absence of effective opposition in parliament, the truckers have had to become the unofficial opposition.

      In his attempt to divide the country, PM Trudeau has succeeded in uniting the people against himself.

  • Why Truckers Need there Vaccinations Because People that support the Non-Vaccine mandate are stupid and following Donald Duck chickens a—–e for a mouth on the man bc he is disappointing a disgusted out right fool of a human being he cheated n his wife and even better he’s getting away with tax evasion and you know what I hope to you all that don’t get the vaccine DO NOT COME TO THR HOSPITAL BAGGING FOR HELP when made your dirty bed you can lay in it you filthy animals

    Sincerely: Kero Hadden

  • I think that vaccination clinics should be set up for the truckers at the border crossings for both Canadian and U.S. truck drivers and the drivers would be wise to get the shots.

    The drivers that are protesting to Ottawa should be given their shots at a clinic in Ottawa ( at the parliament bldgs) before they go home so they don’t waste any more time.

    If they have time to drive and protest , then they have time to get their shots and then they can keep working!!!
    CLINICS at border crossings? Simple !!! Should have thought about it sooner. They did it out West at the U.S. border didn’t they?

    • Al,
      Please get your head out of the sand. The facts are that governments and employers have trampled the rights of Canadians. Suggestion of vaccine clinics at border points and in Ottawa is irrelevant. Under the Charter and Bill of Rights, nobody can be forced or coerced into accepting such interference against their body. When their freedom to work and travel is infringed, it becomes as if the rights do not exist. Even for those willing to surrender their rights, you do not even consider time constraints on vaccines. Will truckers wait weeks at the border for vaccines to take effect? You do not even consider the dangers of vax clinics on the road. If a driver has a sudden adverse reaction while driving, you do not think of the serious injury and damage could result.

      Vaccines are becoming more irrelevant by the day, as more and more vaccinated people are being diagnosed with COVID. Vaccines are really a red herring that is being propped up by governments and their ignorant supporters.

      Your suggestion shows the total loss of rationality that has characterized the reactions to COVID. This is not a pandemic of a virus, but rather a pandemic of irrationality.

    • Al McDowell, This is about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that our Military fought for. Never in the history has a vaccines been mandated. Yes in the beginning this pandemic was real but now the governments have high jacked this so they can spend our money like it’s free to spend. For example the “WE Charity”. The media (like this article) has only reported one side. Elected officials have taken trips abroad, dined out and even gathered in meetings without masks or vaccines but for the average Canadian ……. don’t you dare or you will be fined!!! So don’t you suggest that The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is thrown out the window. Maybe you should read it sometime….. I did!!!!
      Finally Canadians standing united and saying “NO MORE” just like our military……

  • Shut the duck up you POS
    The country is finally uniting
    Your the only ones who try to keep us divided and try discredit the whole purpose To unite an fight for our freedoms
    Your the only activists against unity an peace

  • I am not affiliated with the Truckers but I see them as Very Brave people to stand up for every person’s right to decide what is best for them and their family. Just like it says in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms….Huge Thanks go out to the Truckers whose Integrity and Resolve reach farther than driving food and necessities in for the masses. They see the Big Picture and are willing to sacrifice time, money, effort and job For the People! You know, what our politicians are suppose to be doing. When the people see the Truckers drive in they will be filled with joy to see so many men and women risking so much to stand up for Everyones’ Freedom!!! You are all Heros!!

  • Whatever happens, I will blame only one person and that’s Justin Trudeau. Vaccine mandates set a very dangerous precedent in taking away basic human rights. And he calls the unvaccinated racists and mysoginists. Calls the truckers terrorists! I am fully vaccinated but I find this kind of language coming from our Prime Minister deeply offensive. Disgusted with this government!

  • how much payola are you getting from Trudeau’s media fund. someone should investigate you! this article was nothing more than left wing Trudeau propaganda.

  • Did you seriously write this yourself? Who are you trying to convince that you are NOT on the government media payroll? By this writup it clearly shows that you are bought. You should be a real journalist and actually talk to people associated with the convoy before spouting government propaganda. Watch the videos of them traveling through towns. The support shown by the crowds is exactly opposite of this rhetoric that you are attempting to portray here. SHAME ON YOU! Do better. You know you can.

  • Well after reading your input I’m glad I don’t subscribe seems to me your pretty narrow minded.
    It will be interesting to see how this play’s out for you !!!!!
    Not hard to see who you’re financial backing is !!!!

  • You have all this info on Lich but refused to acknowledge there’s a lawyer & accountant overseeing everything to do with the funds.. keep trying to push your b.s propaganda! Support FREEDOM OF CHOICE FOR CANADIANS

    • Media commentators who only give one side of an issue reveal themselves as biased and untrustworthy. They have failed at their duty to provide objective information, and have relegated themselves into irrelevance. Their reports only prop up one side of a discussion and encourage those who know nothing of critical thought. Will James Menzies and Truck News be honest and disclose if they have received any government money and release the terms and conditions of acceptance? If James speculates on the possibility of financial impropriety of an organization, he should be prepared to disclose any possible financial compromise of his own institution.

  • How the public perceives your industry???? L. O. L.

    Its this convoy for freedom 2022 thats making GLOBAL history by standing up for democracy. God bless them. As a Quebecer born in western Canada I can tell you that nothing but positive will come from these Canadians. It’s beyond Truckers. Its all Canadians. Québec has neverbeen so united woth Canada. What on earth are you concerned about.

    • James’ commentary reads like a prepared statement from a Trudeau goon. Instead of pedaling biased opinion, why does he not support the life blood of his industry, the truckers? Why does he not realize that their livelihood has been taken through unjust violation of their rights by their government and employer? It seems that Truck News cares nothing of Truckers. They only support trucking companies who have chosen to support tyranny imposed by the state .

  • James – I hope you get paid enough for a bunch of hypocritical garbage you wrote here. Otherwise, you are not only greedy but also stupid.

    I am one of the patriots who contributed the money to the men who have enough balls to save their country. Respect the people.

  • I don’t think it’s just about the truckers and I do wish the leader weren’t Tamara Lich, but it’s all Canadians have to put a stop to the madness. I don’t know about you, but it just doesn’t seem right to me that government can shut down businesses, that people can lose their jobs over a vaccine, that children can suffer in their learning and socialization, that travel can be interrupted, still now, and with little indication that these constraints will be lifted any time soon.

    • Spoken by Americans in the past, but very much applicable to the present situation in Canada:
      “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” – H.L. Mencken

      “Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.”
      – John F. Kennedy, April 27, 1961 at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, “The President & the Press”

  • Maverick party isn’t separatist, they just want an equal voice for the prairies because all our laws and prime ministers are picked by two provinces. Ontario and Quebec. Sorry we have different views but we are not being treated with respect by our government. But then again who wouldn’t want to separate from a government that controls the media and the story. You’re just a puppet like the rest, do you even know what your opinion is?

  • Brutal journalism- spreading fear and painting a one sided, dark picture of a woman who’s now leading a convoy 50000 trucks to Ottawa & over 4 mil “in her hands” your lack of patriotism and faith in Canada, this convoy & that lady, is why this article doesn’t prove any points- JT needs out- simple fact. I’m sure he’s had many threats- occupational hazard? Maybe write about the facts of now- people change, live of truckers? We all love truckers! The heart of Canada don’t you know?

  • I have my own equipment for the last 20 years.treadu think he king boss over every one life.what he says eveyone has obey him.
    Myself i have not had that vacine and have no intentions of getting i see it it unsafe.another thing i have been running the us as of end december i pulled my equipment out of the us.i will not commit my self to treadu rules.
    Dave fleming

    • Thanks Dave for having courage to stand up for your rights. In so doing you support your countrymen. Many other have suffered loss of their job or business., so we are united in your stance. We do not need opinionated journalism like this article to further attack us.

      • The real hero’s in Canada are not the truckers but rather the ones who oppose this are,, are the big bad truckers afraid of a little needle to help the rest of us who have?? Rights?? No one has the right to harm or kill their other countrymen. Get a set of balls boys!!

  • How about truckers stop believing crazy conspiracies about Covid, grow a pair and get vaccinated? I’ve got three shots, people in seniors homes have four (helping reduce deaths at old age homes) and we’re all doing fine.
    If you don’t want to vaccinate then get another job, or stay at home (that is your right) but if you want to have a job where you travel, meet people, come into contact with goods you need to get vaccinated. It’s like being a surgeon, you need to wash hands, wear a mask get vaccinated (Covid, polio, etc.). What’s the problem, these truckers and their far right allies fear it will kill them or brainwash them or part of a replacement initiative to eliminate them? The facts don’t back this up.
    Time for truckers who oppose vaccination to grow the hell up and accept societal norms and facts. This is embarrassing.

    • Ruddin, where is the basis for your rant against the vaccine free? Are you so far out of date that you have not heard that vast numbers of vaccinated people have been diagnosed with COVID? You make a red herring argument. What benefit have the injected, and society derived from this assault on their body and violation of their rights? What sense is there to your claim that you and others are fine after taking your jabs? It has only been weeks or months since you have agreed to be guinea pigs for this irrational grand medical experiments. It could take years for adverse effects to show, so your short term observations are meaningless and unscientific. One must wait to see if a new drug will kill or maim. It could take minutes, it could take years.

      Your disparaging remarks do nothing but reveal your hate against your countrymen. Our rights and freedoms are guaranteed according the the Charter. They apply to all, so all are equal under its authority. Lashing out against those who refuse to surrender their rights and freedom is only an attempt to support tyranny. It seems that those who have surrendered to the tyranny of the jab are the cowards, and those who have confidence in their own immune system are truly the fearless.

      Since when has it been a “societal norm”to participate in a mass medical experiment, and surrender one’s rights and freedoms? It seems that those who have caved in to government and media pressure are the cowards, and those who boldly assert their rights are the true heroes.

  • This is why I don’t watch the news. It’s easier to report half truths and slander than to get the facts. If you really want to know what this is about ask the organization directly. Or show up at a meeting place..
    We are not terrorists this is a peaceful demonstration. How come two years ago we were essential but now we’re terrorists?? Wait until you run out of toilet paper. Remember the great toilet paper shortage of 2019 . Now that was a pandemic.
    This isn’t about vaxxed or unvaxed. This about the restaurant, bar, hotel,owner who is loosing everything because they can’t open. How about the factory, miners. Resort workers who couldn’t work. The people of Quebec that had curfews. The people of New Brunswick who were refused entry in the grocery store. Now think about what I said. Who is the real terrorists group

    • “The true terrorists of our world do not meet at the docks at midnight, or scream “Allahu Akbar” before some violent action. The true terrorists of our world wear 5000 dollar suits and work in the highest positions of finance, government and business.”
      ~ Peter Joseph, “Zeitgeist: Addendum”. Documentary, History, War, 2008.

    • In Canada, section 83.01 of the Criminal Code[1] defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause” with the intention of intimidating the public “…with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act.”

  • “If these protests do materialize (many fizzle out when it’s actually time to roll)…”

    Looks like you got this protest dead wrong there bud. Fundraising is over 5.5 million, there are thousands of people lining the streets in support of it and the line of trucks has broken the Guinness record for longest convoy.

    Canadians are fed up with the mandates. We’re done. Time to open up the country and get back to a free life again.

  • This article come across as someone who does not see the tyranny that is occurring around the world. Actually it sounds like you have already been bought There is a reason why wexit was created. (I am not for or against ). A government that was not working for the people has been very noticeable over the past 6 years The people are rising

  • Thank you for this reasonable perspective. My father was a proud trucker and would have been heartbroken to see his friends taking part in this grift. This is not about freedom.

    • Kelly dear,
      If people have lost their job or their business just for asserting their charter rights and freedoms, then how can this protest not be about freedom? Where is the reasonable perspective? The author carefully presented a one sided view in support of government tyranny.

  • I think this has become mob mentality on wheels. I’m not sure if all this is part of the Coivid-19 reality that people are scared, frustrated, angry and feeling powerless. They believe they are doing the right thing because their neighbour is doing it. They are not looking at what’s really happening because they are reading watching malware in action. This will not end well for All of us.

    • The real mob is sitting in parliament. provincial legislatures, and pharma board rooms. The “malware” is in the mainstream media which the Trudeau government has bought off with generous financial grants. True news is found only in small independent media. When our rights and freedoms are trampled by government, we do not need our neighbors to tell us that it is wrong. The sensible ones will simply agree that it is unjust. Patriots will band together to demand a solution. And that is what this convoy is all about. It is patriotic people who still value justice speaking together in a loud voice after governments have ignored individual small voices.

      If the government will heed the demands of the protesters, and if saboteurs are not planted in the crowd, this will go very well, and the injustices committed by governments over COVID will end. If the government remains adamant, and saboteurs act violently, it could be catastrophic.

  • We’ll Sir. It may have started out with a bunch of trucks rallying against the cross border mandates but it is much bigger than that now. People are fed up with loss of freedom and many many are fed up with our government in general. Look at the amount of support for this convoy. At a time when the general public had a general distain for trucks and truck drivers they are now becoming their heroes. Semi-retired. 50 years OTR and fully vaccinated

  • Mr Menzies, you are not any different from communist propagandists. Clearly you don’t want to see the reason why anybody is frustrated with prime minister of this country and his team, clearly you accept the idea of government knowing better what is good for each person living in this country. I am sorry for you!

  • Mr Menzies, Todays Trucking as well as the owner of the publication (NewCom) should be more open, and disclose that they are subsidized by the Liberals…
    Never bite the hand that feeds you is the motto here.

    • Mr Menzies, your remarks i love to hear. Why should truckers get their demands, when we all got our shots,, what makes these humans think they are better than anyone else?? Big bad truckers are afraid of a needle that may help stop them from getting covid and maybe they won’t infect anyone else. Seems pretty simple to me.

  • You guys have driving tests, vehicle inspections , load inspections, restrictions on how long you can haul your loads, work crappy hours, and probably don’t eat too good .
    So I don’t get it.Why would you drive across Canada because you won’t get a vaccination ,which for the most part works, for a disease that is killing people world wide particularly us old bastards.?
    So where does the freedom come into this.You are already heavily governed by professional regulations.This is just another one.You roll up your sleeve ,take the shot, and go back to work like the rest of us have had to do.

    • D.R., You are missing the point. You make a red herring argument by attempting the associate the right of a person to make their own medical decisions with existing rules, laws, and working conditions of the trucking industry. These matters not related. Many of the things that your refer to are procedural matters that have nothing to do with one’s bodily integrity, and when one is off the job, they have no residual effect. But COVID injections have residual effects that are irreversible. When a worker goes home or resigns, the injections cannot be removed and their effects cannot be reversed. You are behind on the latest COVID trends and statistics. Vast numbers of injected people have been testing positive for COVID. Statistics that show this can easily be found for Canadian provinces, and many countries. Consider that only injected people are allowed to travel internationally, and omicron quickly spread worldwide. This reveals that injected people contracted and spread it. Hospitals have been short staffed because their injected staff have contracted COVID.

      All this proves that the “vaccination” effort as a huge failure. It also presents an additional risk of exposing recipients to adverse reactions and long term side effects.

      Logically, there is no reason to inject people with an ineffective concoction. Canadians are protected from such assault by the security of the person clause in the Charter.

      Instead of attempting to push personal bias on others, you would do well to check authoritative sources. The Charter already referred to can easily be found.

      It is affirmed in the “Canadian National Report on Immunization 1996” written by Division of Immunization, Bureau of infectious Diseases, Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, Health Protection Branch, Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0L2

      “Unlike some countries, immunization is not mandatory in Canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution. Only three provinces have legislation or regulations under their health protection acts to require proof of immunization for school entrance. Ontario and New Brunswick require proof of diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella immunization. In Manitoba, only measles vaccination is covered. It must be emphasized that in these three provinces, exceptions are permitted for medical, religious grounds and reasons of conscience; legislation and regulations must not be interpreted to imply compulsory immunization. ”

      Here we see that immunization has only been legislated by some provinces as a condition for public school entrance. And that exceptions are permitted for medical religious, and conscientious reasons. This establishes only a very narrow purpose for legislated immunization requirements, and that the requirement is not absolute.

      Furthermore since many recipients of anti COVID injections have tested positive for the disease, these are not immunizations at all, so do not fit the definition of the word. They do not even fit the long established definition of the word “vaccination”, as mNRA concoctions contain no weakened or dead virus or bacteria. The fall entirely outside the scope of any laws regarding immunizations and vaccinations.

      • Why do so many of you insist on giving the impression that the government is forcing vaccinations on anybody? Certain areas of employment have required vaccinations for over a year now. The alternative choice is to change employment, which at the moment, is plentiful. Nobody is securing you to a table against your will and vaccinating you. Cross border truck drivers are regularly exposed to conditions outside the cab (solitary as the job may be, you leave the cab eventually) in a country where this pandemic is running rampant. Over a million infected and over 1000 deaths per DAY the last stat I heard. If that’s the result you want here, keep fighting for no masks and no restrictions, like they have in the US. Two other points: trucks actually travel within Canadian borders; you’re not being doomed to unemployment. Second, the US is staunchly enforcing a ‘no vax. no entry’ policy. You’re fighting to be allowed non quarantined entry back into a country which you are not allowed to leave anyway! For over thirty years, I’ve watched truck protests across the country, and every one accomplished the same outcome: no change. Where does the ‘no mandate’ fight end? Get rid of no-smoking policies in public settings? Declare seat belt laws unconstitutional? Laws are put in place for protection of the people. If you believe Trudeau is incompetent, as I do, lobby hard for his removal next time at the polls. If you think clogging the capitol (where he won’t even be), will accomplish this, I have a fine piece of ocean front property in Calgary for sale you might like.

        • Of course they’re screwed up….because they came from legit, verifiable news sources, unlike the fantasies this tinfoil-hat crowd is spouting.

  • When I was a student a truck protest was held at the Windsor boarder crossing in 1990.

    What is the difference between then and now?

    It seems that the CTA does not speak for many.

  • It is right and appropriate to express skepticism of Lich for the reason that she received a large amount of money that she is obligated to use as the donor’s instruct and not as she wants.
    However, attacking her for her beliefs in western separatism, or for comments made by someone that you vaguely associate with her is ignorant slander.
    What embarrassing trash.

  • Lord knows we did a heroic job through this plague and we do have legitimate gripes. Maybe we should focus on them. We also have to accept facts and then justify them or deal with them. We are being led by a person from outside our industry whom we know has collected a lot of money on our behalf. We are waving Canadian flags but we know she is an avowed separatist. Let’s control our own agenda and finances.

  • The truckers involved in the convoy are our HEROES!!! They have given the MAJORITY of Canadians HOPE that the government’s tyranny will end. They are being backed by millions of Canadians who are tired of the government and the media lying to Canadians about the pandemic.
    WE are not a small fringe group we are HUGE! But people like you continue to lie and lie and lie…I DARE you, James Menzies, to tell the truth: Gofundme has collected over 7 million dollars for these heroes, hundreds of thousands have joined the convoy…the truckers are not doing this for themselves — they are doing it for ALL CANADIANS!


  • Well James, it seems that you eye in on the money more than the cause….
    Oh, by the way… it didn’t “fizzle out” as you predicted. What fizzled out is respect for folks like you that are in the industry and speak against their own people. You don’t know enough to even speak on this issue… shame on you

  • Back in the old country I had a family member once who may have one time thought about harming someone in the government…I think. As a good citizen I reported them to the GDR and they promptly fixed the problem: no more people, no more problem. Then I came here and the same thing happened. My uncle Franz said the premier was a “a***ole” so I reported him but for some reason the RCMP were not interested! I need to go back to the old country now since it is much closer to what it used to be 45 years ago.

  • Hey James, just curious how much it is the liberals pay your outfit per year ? Just so you report what they dictate! You left some pretty big bus tires marks on the industry you supposedly represent, but instead, for the sake of future funding from your liberal gift account, which by the way is our hard earned tax dollar being gifted to your lazy liberal media outlet! I suggest you grow some bud!

  • I’m not a trucker but I cannot understand why these Canadian truckers are fighting so hard to give their jobs to American truckers? Should the govt cave in ,reverse its decision and roll back vaccination requirements to enter Canada, unvaccinated Canadian truckers still will not be able to enter the US. But with no vaccine mandates to enter Canada, unvaccinated American truckers will be picking up the slack created by unvaccinated Canadian truckers that can’t hail cross boarder? Am I wrong?

    • Of course Canadian truckers can only work toward solving the injustice in their own country. Be assured that American truckers will do the same in their own country. Restoring freedoms, rights, and justice is accomplished one country and one battle at a time by the citizenry of each country.

  • Billions of dollars have left the country, and you are blindly talking about accountability. This country is losing it’s freedom. Our forefathers fought for our freedom and paid with their own lives.
    Shame on you!

  • I don’t totally agree on mandates, but since I lost 14 friends and relatives through Covid, some of tgem before vaccines were available, but most after vaccine was available, but the refused the vaccine. One of my cousins who was like brother to me, and who I begged to get vaccinated, caught the virus at about the same time I did, that was around Dec 5, 2021. I have underlying health issues, he didn’t. I was fully vaccinated, and although I had a bad cough for a few days, and lost my sense of smell for a week, I came out strong. My cousin died on December 26. I could share many more stories from my personal experience regarding the 14 friends and relatives I lost, but would that make a difference ? I don’t think so. I would just hope people would see the great benefit of getting vaccinated, that is how we will end this pandemic, but it only thst. That is how we will be able to save lives, not because of Covid, but because Covid patients are filling the much needed beds in the ICU’s.

  • While nobody likes inconvenience, the truckers are the only ones who dared to speak loudly about the frustration majority of Canadians feel and speak privately of.

    Smear campaign against the organizers is just a diversion tactic from the core issue: dissatisfaction with the prolonger lockdowns, mandates, etc.
    This government brought the nation to its knees – double digit galoping inflation, shortages, negative GDP, businesses going out of business, and the largest deficit in Canada’s history.

    When Indian farmers protested, Trudeau was applauding and criticizing hard-nosed approach of Indian government.
    When Canadian truckers proest, Trudeau implies they are scum of the earth and sends twitts about olympics from his hiding hole.
    These 10% (or more) of unvaccinated people are 4 million people Trudeau disparages and calls “fringe” with “unacceptable views”, rasists and mysoginists.
    I am vaccinated woman, but I hold “unacceptable views” and I must be rasist and hate women because I donated to the truckers and would love to join the crowd in Ottawa if I could.

  • That sounds to me like your trying to spread propaganda to discredit the truckers. The freedom rights they are standing up for will gladly be funded by many freedom fighting persons or entity’s. Why are you posting this crap

  • Far right separatist/insurrectionists are using Canadian truckers the same way they use American gun owners to fight their battles. It isn’t about guns or trucks. They are both just convenient means to their rebellion. Not a peep about fair wages, safer working conditions or benefits for truckers. Instead, a ludicrous demand to drop all public health protocols and for the federal government to surrender power to a rag-tag group of non-truckers who look like they just stepped out of a B movie.

  • In hindsight this hit shoddy peice seems rather pathetic. It is 10 million now, and donors have plainly shown that they have no time for your slanderous innuendo. Make sure you tell all your truck driving brothers and sisters about it. I pity you. Keep on smearing Tamara and see where that gets you. Shame on you. I can tell that you are a sycophant to the CTA and it’s president, professional lobbyist Stephen Leskowski, enjoyng all the inside deals you can weasel out of the Liberal government. You disgust me. The only reason I believe you are not in support is due to your affiliation with the CTA, not because you think that Tamara will steal the money to start up another heavy metal band. You sir are an enemy to freedom and will always wear the yellow stain. Just watch the FB live stream from Tamara and the real scene in Ottawa and all the support flowing in from around the world. Not fake news.

    • Tamara Lich, and B.J. Dichter. WHO ARE THEY REALLY? Speaking to a cheering crowd at a People’s Party of Canada convention in 2019, B.J. Dichter warned listeners about the dangers of “political Islamists,” and said the Liberal Party is “infested with Islamists.” Deluded, ugly, paranoid talk, isn’t it. That’s who they are, spreaders of disinformation. There is a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $9 million for the trucker convoy. That fundraiser has two names on it: Tamara Lich, and B.J. Dichter. The money has been suspended. Now why would that be? THESE TWO NUT CASES are leading this mess. They are alt right wing lunatics. Their toxic message is contagious. Anyone who buys into it is doing a disservice to our country.

  • The freedom convoy movement needs to set up a new or different funding method. Use someone else other than the obviously slanted and leftist-controlled go-fund-me.

    The truckers and their blockades need to be supported. It’s the only way that ordinary Canadians have to hold our politicians accountable and FORCE them to answer questions and explain their reasoning (or lack thereof) for why they are keeping us in a virtual prison over this incredibly NON-DEADLY scamdemic.

    Their case and death numbers were always faulty if not outright frauds, and the vaccines that they are now forcing on us have NO ABILITY TO STOP PEOPLE FROM GETTING INFECTED AND SPREADING COVID.

    I believe in the effectiveness of actual, real vaccines. When are we going to wake up to the fact that gov’t agencies have to change their definition of “vaccine” to make these injections fit into their new definition?

    The crime of the century, for which our political leaders (more like cowards) have to answer for, is why they supressed early out-patient treatment for the CCP (Chinese Comunist Party) virus – aka covid 19. Why do our precious leaders still have no answers for where this virus came from?

    Where is the press? Journalism died a long time ago. The press in Canada today is nothing more than an arm of the gov’t, doing their damage control and printing their propaganda, while being kept on financial life support through gov’t funding.

  • Cathy Sheldrick – Ottawa resident. I hate every western trucker and will for the rest of my life. Peaceful protest, are you kidding me? You have no right to make that statement. Try living in the core of Ottawa with incessant trucks honking. Try being yelled at for no other reason other than living in Ottawa by angry protesters. I had the utmost respect for truckers prior to this, but no longer. Something needs to be done to protest city residents from being terrorized by large trucks blocking their right to access, and using their trucks as a form of torture.

    • Yup, we’re all fine and good UNTIL a little inconvenience pops up in our lives… then all of our ‘convictions’ go out the window. I guess the ‘pandemic’ has been a breeze for you, maybe even a welcome thing?

      I have a few relatives down in your area that think like you… well, I USED to have a few relatives… that was THEIR choice, as well. My response? “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” Not to worry, your sentiments are pretty much the same out west… we don’t have a very high regard for Easterners, out west, either.

  • Perhaps some of you need to actually read our country’s Charter of Rights and Freedom and also the numerous cases that have been heard before the Supreme Court of Canada regarding limitations to individual rights and freedoms. If you have the time to make comments online then you have a computer and know how to use it to locate our Charter.

    But let me help you with this. Section 1 states:

    “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

    The rights and freedoms included in the Charter, although guaranteed, are not absolute. Educate yourself before being led down the rabbit hole of covidiocy.

  • Can we get an update and a real one where the guy writing it actual does some hard research instead of platitudes and seemingly uneducated personal opinions. I’m not so sure I support this convoy pending it’s real reason could be tied to the mess of “elites” who started plandemic and for very alternative reasons that could potentially be a worse fate. For example, the reason Walmart Canada purchased the largest fleet of which trucks and precisely how in the world is the PM who pushed these passport mandates us now stating that the teuckers are right meanwhile working a worse scenario behind the scenes. I shouldn’t have to read this lame excuse of an article and know sufficiently more than the person who wrote the article looking like a soft wet noodle without a real spine. And it’s a trucking news site for crying out loud! Grow a pair and do some deep diving! Write something beside marshmallow fluff that is just taking up space for no reason but to say he wrote “something” on it!

  • Are the trucker’s Vehicle Insurance Policies in effect if the vehicles are being used as disruptive weapons; such as currently in Ottawa and other Canadian locations?
    What if these vehicles are torched by victimized citizens, or for injuries to the public by these vehicular weapons?

  • The vast majority of truckers are law abiding citizens. Their ability to earn a living (like many Canadians in other walks of life) has been been seriously harmed by questionable government laws. It is unfair to tarnish them due to the actions of a few. Truckers have a right to peaceful protest. Millions of Canadians support them.

    What is the threat that unvaxed truckers pose to Canada? Prove it and let’s see the data. How does this threat compare to so many other unavoidable threats that we all face day to day. No one should be forced to take an unproven (long term effects)”vaccine” especially when its “effectiveness” fades dramatically in as little as 6 months, as studies have clearly shown.

    We need facts to guide us NOT arrogant politicians who demonize those who object. That is not leadership.

  • This is about fascism. This isn’t about anything other than agitators from the USA/Canada who are trying to divide the country, trying to turn people against each other and against their government. We have seen the carnage in Ottawa spread to the rest of the country. We have see can from US agitators cross into our country.
    Ms. Lich is a parasite. The GoFundMe money for this has ceased because of the clear irregularities but there is another USA based ‘christian’ org willing to step up and potentially defy international laws concerning charitable donations questionable causes, like terrorist groups. If anyone wants to investigate the organizers of this event, on both sides of the border, please share your findings. Just ONE person, One proud boys member, ONE guy from the terrorist list in the USA or elsewhere, the money will dry up. IT IS A VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW TO FUND TERRORIST GROUPS. The truckers and the folks supporting the Ms. Lich are doing irreparable harm to their country without any deeper lever of understanding as to what’s really going on.

    • You have no idea what you’re on about. And you believe that dictatorial measures to control the movements and actions of citizens without any clear proof for those being enacted, ISN’T fascist? And xenophobic character assassination without proof is akin to that which has enabled the circumstances bringing us all here.

      YOUR government can take responsibility for any negative influences entering or developing within this country. Had you a TENTH of my knowledge of the esoteric natures of governments, you’d never have commented thus. Sounds to me like you’re thinking of yourself and your own profit… neither of which will be served by doing NOTHING! Even if they’re deceived, they are at least doing SOMETHING, as opposed to their detractors!

  • This is a really good perspective here, very honest. I think trucking companies, like Manitoulin Transport here where I live, need to get really vocal about this issue.

  • Well, in my encounters with some of the protesters, I’ve come across a few that could be considered radical, in that their leanings are definitely toward the type of tactics you’d encounter on a picket line. For this reason, I oppose anything to do with unions, trucking or otherwise, as they are all socialist-leaning ( I was nice and didn’t say Marxist) and have never received any benefit, myself, from being a member of any one of them. The convoy, itself, is benign, in my view. There will always be some to screw up a cause, no matter how great or small.

    I’m a company driver who took exception to some remarks levelling guilt upon those (vaxxed or not) that didn’t come down to Ottawa, suggesting that their motives and tactics clearly mirrored unionist ones. Many of those drivers ARE vaxxed, which lends credence to your assertion that there are other motives at play, here. I suggested that they not become too radical as there are those (like myself) that have campaigned against this scamdemic since the very get-go and did not have to wait till now to try and do something and I certainly didn’t get vaxxed out of any regard for personal convenience… like most of those undoubtedly did! I cast some doubt as to their motives not being out of any concern for their country and it’s economy so much as their own convenience, such as ease of crossing the border, eating inside and keeping their jobs.

    In other words, I was in this before it became popular to be in it. This is not a new thing for me, but, that’s another story! Nevertheless, I believe that there are many that think this is a good thing and I can’t really feel sorry for the politicians and the citizens that feel put out over it all! They, like the ‘experts’ that call themselves doctors can always hide behind their portfolios and let their underlings take the flack. Now, my question to you, dear writer, is what are your motives? Are you concerned about a so-called ‘virus’ and ‘pandemic’ and/or the welfare of the country or are you concerned with this somehow affecting your pocketbook, as I feel many down there, do?

  • The truckers represent, intended or not, everyone against these elite mandates. And I for one, stand with them.

  • How are the people involved in this protest able to make an income? They must have given up a lot to leave their jobs for this fight.

  • I am so tired of these people who have come to Ottawa to force their views in a democracy, not just peacefully protest.
    When I drive in the highways in the coming months, I will wonder about every truck and truck driver I see in future travels.
    I find their actions to be the most polarizing in this society, during this awful time of the Covid-19 pandemic… lots of suffering on all continents.
    This “protest” has just added to the burden.

    • Let me guess, you were ok with occupy wall street, the occupation of Seattle, and all the BLM BS that happened in the last two years?

  • It’s time to publicly list the trucking companies involved in the protests so that Canadians can choose whether to give them their business in the future, or not.

  • I likewise don’t support the convoy or border blockades. One thing I think that has added to these drivers’ state of mind is what they endured at the start of the pandemic, ie., no restaurants or toilets. Again, I don’t support these blockades in any way, shape of form. I do think some kind of loud official recognition of the sacrifices drivers have made over the course of the pandemic would go a long way.

  • I found this article because I was really curious as to how they would have distributed this large some of cash had it not been stopped by GoFundMe. Just as I suspected. No accountability. One person would be walking away with almost 10 million dollars. It’s not my line of work, but I can’t think of any logical way to fairly and evenly distribute the money even if someone were so inclined. This is why I do not give money to such things.

  • They keep speaking of freedom while stealing the freedoms of others. Freedom of earning a living, freedom to walk out of your own front door & feel safe. In the case of Coutts, the entire town is being held hostage. Freedom is for everyone. Maybe they need to think of that.

  • It is carma that all the US funds sent into this protest will inturn bite the US industry and economy in the ass!! A real smart move.

  • I sincerely hope that every business and every individual involved in supporting these protesters gets to personally feel the full economic impact of their actions. These people are anything but heroes; I personally consider them to be domestic terrorists and I wonder why they are still at large.

  • I am not impressed with this movment to hijack the country. I am all for pulling all permits of all ofenders. Never permitted to ever drive any thing again. Our government should be able seaze all moneys raised to pay the cost to taxpayers because of what the protesters have cost Canada. I have worked my 30 plus years and have retired once only to have to return to work due to the load caused by inflation and suporting others due to shutdowns due to covid. I did not retire after all these years ,only to see my countrys capital city hijacked by protesters pretending to be marters and taking women and children as maskots ??? And all the money donated , most of it from out side of the country??? This is not right.

  • One of the sad things about truck driving is the abuse they take from those who (supposedly) are on their side. Truckers are on the road away from home for as long as 2 weeks at a time, sometimes longer. They are paid, for the most part, only when they are driving. They are at the mercy of enforcement of all kinds. If a customs agent, police officer, or any other of a number of enforcement officers is in a bad mood it’s all too easy to find something to detain or even fine a driver for. The same goes for border crossings either way up or down. To top it off, they are often at the mercy of people who know very little about trucking in general and have little or no experience in that field. Truckers are the lifeblood for a whole lot of industry in north america and around the world. Yes there are bad apples bu may I suggest there are just as many bad apples in enforcement and in the media, maybe more.

  • You are not us And are not you. I drive a truck and you do very little for me. Walked around Truck World after reading your My Struggle manifest. Sorry TW is a truck stop on I 80. Last time I read your shit. Don’t have the reach you have. CB that’s how we talk to each other. Lots of how could he know anything about us. Clown have trouble driving a truck with those big shoes on!

  • I thank the police that have a very tough job working in these conditions. Thank you.
    Thanks to you James for your honest reporting .

  • I am not a trucker but I do own one. If not for feeding cows I would have gone to Ottawa to support the protesters. Everyone seems to be missing the point. I get the boarder crossings I don’t support that but in Ottawa it was more about the federal government. This is about your freedom to choose and not be stigmatized by your choice. Trudeau wants more power and look what’s happening now!! Any bit of power the government gains means you and I have less! We really need to see the big picture here. The media is very liberal left and don’t present all the facts! How big does a protest need to be before people’s issues are noticed?

  • I think it is very important to identify that people like Lich have their own agendas, which have nothing to do with truckers. Truckers would do well to stay clear of her.

  • just read most of the comments and can’t believe how most of you think the government and our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are public enemy # 1. Here’s the thing, he is the elected official whether you like it or not, and it’s not up to some group of individuals to overthrow the government. Sorry that is criminal and deserves jail time. If they serve jail time they will really cry out for FREEDOM.

  • How does it make any sense to try to make a point about the impact on you by further crushing other people in industries who are equally affected and suffering. And somehow putting public safety at risk should help as well?? Is it because the people you put at risk are unknown to you?? How do you look yourselves in the mirror?? Your job as a citizen is to be part of the solution. Not to cause even more anguish. When you do that, your point gets rightfully buried.