Woodstock gets CNG fast fill station

by Truck News

WOODSTOCK, Ont. – Rural Green Energy has announced the opening of a compressed natural gas (CNG) commercial cardlock facility here.

“We are pleased to have the support of our local municipality Oxford County and a large number of Ontario fleet owners. We are committed to providing a cleaner, more sustainable, economical fuel option. We are fuelling change” said John Ysselstein Jr., president of Rural Green Energy.

The facility provides CNG fast fill and in Phase 2 of the project will add a blend of CNG and RNG (bio-methane from livestock waste). The facility was engineered, constructed and is maintained by Faromor CNG Corp.

“This is a timely and welcome development that provides our community with another energy choice to support our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” said Woodstock Mayor Trevor Birtch. “The City of Woodstock’s Municipal Energy Plan establishes a goal of reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 38% and 37% by 2031 from the 2013 baseline.  We look forward to the Phase 2 introduction of RNG for a more sustainable energy choice.”

The official grand opening will be held May 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the station, located at 594676 Oxford Road 59 South of Woodstock. Interested attendees are asked to RSVP to 800-960-4002 or by e-mail to info@ruralgreenenergy.ca.

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  • I’m being bombarded with articles about the “Sensational Nicola One Class 8 Truck.” How imminent is this thing? I’m seeing no articles refuting it. I’m greatly invested in NG for transportation because T. Boone Pickens said big rigs won’t work on batteries. Should I be scared? I am. Where are the CNG & LNG defenders against the far reaching claims of Tesla et; al?

  • The Nicola One Class 8 Truck is indeed an interesting concept and one day we will probably see driver-less rigs on the highway powered with hydrogen or combined hydrogen/electricity. Hydrogen benefits have been touted for generations as the panacea of an ideal mobile transport fuel, most environmentally friendly and readily available fuel source. We are getting closer but CNG/LNG offer more realizable benefits to the trucking industry for the next 20 years. For present day readers choosing CNG/RNG or blends of the same will permit you to participate in this energy transition saving substantial fuel & maintenance costs now, resulting in less environmental damage while the average owner/operator in the transportation industry watches this transition to hydrogen at a safer investment distance.
    Tim–The Fuel Guy