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Bison Transport Honours Armed Forces With Trailer Tributes

WINNIPEG, Man. - Bison Transport has converted two of its trailers into rolling billboards that show appreciation for the Canadian Armed Forces. The trailers, designed by Direct Focus with vinyl graph...

WINNIPEG, Man. –Bison Transport has converted two of its trailers into rolling billboards that show appreciation for the Canadian Armed Forces. The trailers, designed by Direct Focus with vinyl graphics applied by Turbo Images, were put into service in Bison’s domestic lanes in November, Rob Penner, vice-president of operations tells Truck News.

He said the idea stemmed from a growing interest among the company’s workforce to give back to the men and women serving in Canada’s military.

“I and other members of our executive team were approached almost daily by someone -both driving and non driving staff -asking how we could become more involved and provide recognition, thanks and support for our Canadian Forces at home and abroad?” Penner explains. ” We have over 1,600 employees and many of us have family, friends and/or neighbours in the military and many of our employees are also military veterans…We decided that since we are in front of the public every day, pulling 53-ft. mobile billboards, trailer wraps would really stand out and our support would provide reminders to thousands of people along the way.”

So far, the eye-catching trailers have been a hit. Running primarily in Bison’s prairie LCV operations, the trailers have resulted in many calls from the public and perhaps more importantly, from members of Canada’s Armed Forces.

“The response from the general public has been extremely positive, but the feedback we take the most satisfaction from has come directly from members of the Armed Forces,” Penner says. “From the top leadership through the rank and file, you would be amazed how many positive comments and words of thanks and appreciation that have come from the very people we are trying to honour. It means the project itself was a great success and we will do more of this moving forward.”

Mostly it’s the drivers who receive feedback while on the road, which has instilled a lot of pride and has resulted in many requests from drivers wanting to pull the trailers on deliveries to their hometowns. Penner said the company is attempting to accommodate those requests.

“As you can imagine, this will take a lot of coordination but we are working hard to figure out a way to accommodate these requests,” Penner says. Bison plans to continue running the trailers in its day-to-day operations and will also display them at trade shows and events.

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3 Comments » for Bison Transport Honours Armed Forces With Trailer Tributes
  1. Gavin Packwood says:

    In reading your article on bison transports tribute for the armed forces.It made me glad too see that a company would go to the length and do this.I myself have been touched by this becuase of a friend who’s husband to be is a service man and is currently deployed again.I would like too say thanks to the men and ladies that serve.With out their sacerfice we the people would not have our freedoms that we enjoy everyday. ooida member Gavin Packwood

  2. Christina White says:

    AAWW Gavin Thank you and Thank you Bison! xox I’m from MB. and yes my man is in Afgn. right now and that truck brings me so much joy and pride! Thank you for remembering those who are away from home and their loved ones doing their part for our country proud and showing them that you are there 100 percent in spirt and pride! God Bless and Thank you

    Canadian Proud Army Wife

    Mrs. Master Cpl. D. Turcotte

  3. Wayne McGill says:

    I am impressed . This is very classy . I have a son who flys Hercs and is working on his fifth or sixth tour . I do recall that ,even though their logo is an elephant , one of the transport squadrons did have a bison as their logo . Thanks for the thoughts .

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