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Bring on the mandatory speed limiters

Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

(Re. “OTA wants mandatory speed limiters for trucks”)

I welcome this idea so much. I am currently a truck driver for UPS and I stick to my inside lane as much as I can. I only pull left to pass. I would love to see mandatory speed limiters happen. Let’s do this folks, and while we are at it let’s put limiters on the four-wheelers too – especially these high performance cars with drivers that are just as bad as the bad truck drivers.

Let’s force the manufacturers to comply with these laws and install them on all vehicles. And then force all passenger vehicles to have annual safety inspections (like the commercial vehicles), so that any tampering with the speed controls would result in a heavy fine with points. And then why don’t we enforce the point system as well?

Too many bad drivers get off with a slap on the wrist. I think it’s a privilege to hold a driving permit – not a right! n

“Blake” Via e-mail

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