Calgary driving school charged with fraud

by James Menzies

CALGARY, Alta. – Calgary police have shut down a city driving school they say has issued hundreds of bogus Class 1 licences to drivers from across the country.

The charges against Delta Driving School were the result of an investigation dubbed “Operation Humbug” launched in July 2004. However, Det. Gord Robertson of the Calgary Police Service, told Truck News the investigation stemmed from intelligence gathered as far back as 2002. The trucking industry itself has been credited with providing valuable information which helped lead to the arrests.

“We got a ton of information,” said Det. Robertson.

The detective said it all started with analytical information generated from people within government who were directly involved in issuing Class 1 licences.

The investigation gained steam thanks to tips provided to Crime Stoppers and continued to snowball when confidential informants came forward. Graduates of the school also helped out with the investigation, along with a former employee of Delta Driving School. Police were able to confirm their suspicions and swoop in on the training facility after two undercover officers attended the school themselves, Det. Robertson said.

Charged with forgery of documents and breach of public office are: Delta head instructor, Jaswant Singh, and Dr. Gurdip Bhullar (accused of providing drivers with fake medical examinations). But the charges won’t end there, Det. Robertson said.

He said Alberta Registries investigators will be revoking the licence of at least one driver examiner. And as Truck News went to press, police expected to lay charges against the owner of the school, two business managers and possibly other driver examiners as well (all driver examiners in the province of Alberta are independent contractors).

“This will be a wide case net when it’s done,” the detective said.

The alleged scam worked this way: Delta advertised extensively in ethnic newspapers across Canada.

“Their method of operation was to advertise in ethnic newspapers – they were specifically drawing an East Indian and Middle Eastern type clientele,” Det. Robertson told Truck News.

Students then attended classes at Delta Driving School in Calgary, where they were allegedly fast-tracked through the licensing process. Along the way, Robertson suggests they were encouraged to cheat, and for written tests some were reportedly even given pencils with an answer key etched into the side.

In many cases medical examinations were completed without so much as a blood pressure test, said Det. Robertson. And the mandatory air brake training was all but non-existent, he added.

Students then forked over $1,500 to $2,500 in cash – above and beyond the costs normally associated with obtaining a Class 1 licence, according to the detective.

Most of the students were from outside Alberta, according to police.

“All of our information indicates the majority of the students came from out of the province – primarily B.C. and Ontario – and they were coming out here to swap their out-of-province Class 5 to an Alberta Class 5, upgrade it to a Class 1 in a short period of time and return to their province of origin to flip it back,” explained Det. Robertson.

A reciprocity agreement between the provinces allows drivers to convert their licence from one province to another with no questions asked. While you must have an Alberta address to obtain a driver’s licence in the province, people associated with Delta “own a number of residences in Calgary and (allegedly) provided fabricated lease agreements,” said the detective.

Hundreds of drivers may have obtained their licences in this manner, many of whom were employed by the same carriers, according to police. But oddly enough, many of these drivers may never have gotten behind the wheel and shifted their first gear.

“All the information we’ve gathered indicates the…majority of untrained and unskilled Class 1 drivers probably aren’t getting behind the wheel,” the detective said. “Our understanding is that there are at least two companies in the Lower Mainland (of B.C.) that are knowingly hiring Class 1 holders they know can’t drive to do log-splitting on the long hauls.”

He adds a valid Class 1 licence holder will typically drive the truck while three or four drivers who have obtained their licence illegitimately go along for the ride in the sleeper berth and fill out the logs in such a manner that suggests they’re sharing the driving duty.

“Take your choice,” Det. Robertson said. “What you have is one extremely fatigued driver that can drive, or someone behind the wheel that can’t. What’s worse?”

Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation has been involved in the investigation from the get-go, and has been actively tracking down individuals who obtained their Class 1 licence from the accused school.

“Our Special Investigations Unit initiated (the investigation) and the Calgary Police then joined in and assisted us,” said the department’s director of communications, Bart Johnson. Since the arrests were made, Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation has contacted drivers who obtained their licences through the alleged licensing mill and those drivers are now required to take a re-test.

“We’ve been able to determine who got training and who received their licences through Delta and as a result we’ve been able to track those people down both in this province and those who may have been from out of province to begin with and we’re calling for retests with those people,” Johnson told Truck News.

The re-tests are mandatory and if drivers don’t take the test within 15 days, their licence will be revoked, Johnson said. When Truck News went to press, only two of 26 drivers residing in Alberta had agreed to a re-test. One of the two failed.

The results weren’t so encouraging in B.C., where more than 100 drivers who went through Delta Driving School were re-tested in the days following the bust.

“All the drivers failed the re-test,” said Moira Wellwood, spokeswoman for the Insurance Corp. of B.C.

Although drivers who knowingly obtained their Class 1 licences through Delta illegally have committed a crime, Det. Robertson said it’s unlikely any of them will be charged.

“Although the student is likely knowingly perpetrating a fraud, we would have a difficult time gaining the evidence to meet the threshold for a criminal charge,” the detective said. “There’s an offence being committed there, but it’s pretty difficult to prove with the students.”

Alberta has been accused in the past of being too easy on prospective Class 1 licence holders. Until 2003, student drivers weren’t even required to couple and uncouple a trailer or perform a full pre-trip inspection during the driving test. But industry insiders were reluctant to lay blame for the alleged scam against the province and its procedures.

“What can you do?” asked Mayne Root, director of compliance and regulatory affairs with the Alberta Motor Transport Association. “Every time there’s a system in place, there’s someone out there trying to circumvent it. If we could have anything, I wish that they would hire more of the guys that deal with the driving schools. They are doing the best they can with what they have but I wish there were more guys out there.”

Emmet Callaghan, owner of CCA Truck Driving Training Ltd. in Calgary, was quick to point out similar charges have been laid against schools in other provinces as well.

“Obviously the system is working,” he said, noting that the charges Delta faces can be seen as encouraging. “As long as the government monitors the current system, this shouldn’t happen again. Part of their mandate is to monitor everyone.”

Callaghan just hopes the front page headlines splashed across the mainstream daily newspapers don’t send the wrong message to the public.

“There are lots of us out here working hard and doing a good job,” he pointed out.

And that’s a message that’s being stressed by police, go
vernment and industry figures alike.

While Det. Robertson said the investigation continues and several other Alberta training schools are currently under the microscope, he stressed the problem is not “widespread.”

That’s a point that’s re-iterated by provincial spokesman, Johnson.

“The government is pleased with the system we have now which has been in place for a dozen years and we have no plans to overhaul the system,” he said. “Any system – however it’s set up – can be abused and we’re not going to change the entire system because there’s alleged abuse. We need to find out where there’s abuse and do something about it and that’s what we’re doing. We’re satisfied the vast majority of driving schools and examiners are running above board.”

As this issue of Truck News went to press, Delta Driving School was closed for business and calls to the school went unanswered. The City of Calgary had just permanently revoked Delta’s business licence, although city officials said they expected Delta to appeal the decision.

Robertson, who briefed city officials about the investigation the night before talking to Truck News, said “I can tell you I’m quite confident they’ll be out of business permanently.”

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  • hi i have only been driving for about a year and even before i was driving i have never trusted truckers because of this reason i think the government should make all class 1 drivers drive in pairs at all times or in 3s

    • Where did you think the 3rd person is going to sit while in the truck? On the floor? Can you imagine what all your groceries and fuel and every other product would cost then. Use logic it has nothing to do with how many in the truck if a license is handed out.

    • Have you ever tried to sleep soundly in a rough, moving vehicle? For days at a time! Try it sometime, might not find it that easy. I was on the road for 20 year, 2.5 million miles accident free.

    • Maybe in an ideal world. But hiring 2-3 people would make products they haul not affordable for most people. Companies could not afford this. I have three brothers that are truckers and have nothing but respect for them. There are always bad apples, I suggest we all need to clean up our own driving habits before we claim truckers are not to be trusted. But in this case, the driving school owners and examiners need a jail sentence.

    • This article wasn’t meant to point out “all truck drivers are bad”, it was meant to inform the public on a racist trucking school that lacked integrity to follow Canadian laws (Direct article quote; “Their method of operation was to advertise in ethnic newspapers – they were specifically drawing an East Indian and Middle Eastern type clientele,” Det. Robertson told Truck News.” End quote.) . There are thousands of honest and hard-working truck drivers doing the best they can to provide for their families, or just to get by in this economy.

      On the one hand, if you want to see drivers working and not at the edge of fatigue then they should be paid an adequate salary instead of how many loads they can drive in a 16 hour period. But then you’re destroying the motivation to get as many loads through has possible to their delivery sites, which could cause a slow down in product delivery and trickle down to shortages of consumer products. So… pick your poison.

    • Why do you say that, I’m an old school driver and I would never drive with another driver again. I’m in one truck and when I go on days off the truck sits or is getting repairs done on it so it is ready for me when I come back. As you say I don’t trust other drivers behind the wheel!

    • You can’t judge all truck driving companies by this crap. i know a few legitimate companies that would not ever go low!!

    • Really!!! Taya truckers are the life blood of this country and because of one fraudulent company you now want every truck out there to have two drivers… Hope you like paying $10-15 a loaf of bread or the same for milk oh ya your vegs are going to double. Two drivers means double the wages dear use your head. Truck drivers are an honourable bunch and any self respecting driver is upset over companys like this being out there. We want them shut down as quickly as possible.

    • What a ridiculous comment. Shows how little you have learned with all your driving experience.

    • Drive in pairs?? Do you not realize how much more expensive it would be to haul anything??? Noo financially possible for or of companies

    • If you cant drive alone and follow the rules you shouldnt be behind the wheel of a truck

    • Driving in pairs won’t stop this . Also many drivers cannot sleep in a moving truck . I tried years ago and drove many times when I wasn’t fit

    • Team driving wont help if nobody in the truck can drive safely. I only hope the authorities will continue to bust all the bogus “schools” handing out licenses to people that have no buisness having them.

    • And who pays the extra cost to have everything you use,delivered..You won’t pay,, you didn’t pay when most drivers were competent,, so now you have poorly trained drivers doing the job

    • that is kind of hard since the trucks are designed only for two drivers – there are no seat belts for a third passenger. Team drivers are only requested for real long haul journeys as drivers are supposed to work in America 11 hours then 10 down, Canada 13 then 10 down but they are not always necessary if there is enough time to drive this way.. With the new e-log system drivers record their hours and unless they do as above (which shows multiple drivers is not always multiple REAL drivers!!), where one person does all the driving and the other sits in the back then it works fine. Hubbie has been a long haul drive for a number of years now, works within the law and has never had an accident. the laws must be carefully designed to protect other drivers on the road but also ensure that it is worthwhile working in this hard industry. Our country need goods delivered and it is important to ensure we have skilled drivers who work within the law.

    • Totally unnecessary. Those unqualified driver’s were in 3s or more. The vast majority of the truck drivers are just as trustworthy as you or anyone else. There are lots of car driver’s that are just as unsafe especially around trucks.

    • I like how you point the finger at all truckers. If anything people in their cars should be babysat as all you do is stare at your hood or your phone. With out trucks or truckers you wouldn’t have the things you take for granted on a daily basis. Think about that

      • Also 3’s there’s only 2 seats. Get your facts straight. You have lots to learn about driving and 1 year isint enough

    • You do not trust truckers, yet you claim to be one. Makes me wonder. Personally i spent 20 years behind the wheel, and i can tell from your comment, you will NEVER be a truck driver in my eyes. Thus you wolm have right to make any commeys upon the subject.

    • That would be because you do not know what in hell you are talking about , drove truck for most of 47 years of my working career , 905 OF THAT DRIVING WAS AS ASINGLE DRIVER ,and you drive for one year and you are the expert , WOW

    • Make the receiver responsibly , drivers are pushed by the load and time constraints by these big Corp like Walmart , you know if you are late for a Walmart Del they can fine you 5k

    • Come for a ride for a day with one of our guys and you might learn a thing or two before you say you don’t trust truckers. Much misinformation about what goes on, we’re not all crooked.

  • I hope this will not be a vendetta against East Indian and Middle Eastern type drivers

  • Took my training in 1995 from a honest school, however many of the schools were doing what delta is doing.
    While in school numerous people came in & asked for just the licence & how much. Even had one guy come back & showed us is brand new class one licence.

  • It’s about bloody time, truckers have suspected for years that this has been taking place.
    This scam should of been shut down years ago, how many lives may have been saved had officials got onto busting this back in 2004?

  • It is very much past time for this to be finally addressed. It has been going on for years! I am glad to see action finally being taken, although the owners of the “driving schools” will simply open up next week under a different name or numbered company. This must be closely monitored and serious time must be served if this is to be curbed!

  • I feel that it was a mistake to de-regulate Alberta Motor Vehicles , and I have had this conversation with many politicians . When the licensing was in control and issued by trained Driver Examiners with Alberta Government – there was no concern of Driving schools teaching and testing – and the potential for conflict of interest or fraud , because the Government Examiners did all the testing and licensing – I firmly believe we should bring back Alberta Motor Vehicles -to ensure that more skilled drivers are licensed to be on our roads ( in all classes of licensing)- it would be cost saving in so many ways- Insurance, Health care , etc .
    I hope that the Alberta Government will consider this and protect all Albertan’s from unskilled drivers being put onto our roads and the ongoing concern for potential fraudulent licenses being issued with private Driving Schools.
    In Past, when the Government issued Class 1 licenses – you rarely heard of accidents with these highly trained drivers – now accident’s are much more often – why is that and could we prevent this with Government testing and licensing?

  • That is a very uneducated comment
    Monitoring the school is one thing but having government testing independently makes more sense
    Need more accountability

  • Those are the folks who drive from Cochrane to where 11 meats 17, in the middle of the road and do not care if coming the other way.

  • The quality if truck drivers has so reached a low point..the amount of trucking accidents here just in the Yukon is huge. We need to crack down more .in not just jeeping below the speed but following rules of the road..a solid line means no passing..especially going around a bend up up hill. Like are they gone mad…dont tailgate..speed limits are posted..abide by them…but isnr it just typical as i read the beginning of this article…say no more..there will never be a good truck driver like the older truck more so will new country ever be anything like old country..

  • Government required full testing to a high standard. Anyone can see if a driver is qualified to drive a big truck. I took a 3 month course that cost 6K and had 6 weeks in school and 6 weeks of actual driving. Then a Manitoba government full driving test that was comprehesive and made sure I knew how to handle a big rig.

  • Makes it bad for those who work hard to operate trustworthy, honesty businesses. I hope the charges are going to be worse than a slap on the wrist.

  • Why not test all Students at a Government Facility like for the Pilots Licence and you won’t have this proplem anymore

  • How about a realistic test.
    Start in the tractor, hook up your load and go for a 8 hr city and highway exam. Make every school get gov’t accreditation every year.
    Licensing is a joke across all levels. Can you find the car, can you drive around the block, ok you passed.

  • Hi!! Has anyone noticed that this was dated April 1st, 2005? I’m even suspicious of the April 1st date!

  • I can’t understand how the students in this fraud can be dismissed as innocent, They knew what they were doing, what they were getting and what they were paying for. Secondly, for these instructors or owners to put people behind the wheel of a rig with next to “non-existent” air brake training or any other shortcut warrants, in my humble opinion, an attempted murder charge against society from these instructors. They knew by putting unproperly trained drivers behind the wheel of these moving torpedos they were putting other peoples lives at risk. I hope they are charged with attempted murder!!! I had a legit Ontario class A liscense for 15 years. I speak from knowing the potential for death and destruction if not properly trained on such machinery! before operation.

  • I been driving semi since i was 19 yrs old and for anyone out there who starts driving those rigs at a later age those rigs are no walk in the park…yes anyone can probally move them on a straight and level road but when it comes a time in a emergency situation lots of them dont have a clue what to do…
    What im saying is in a emergency situation its easy to separate the men and women drivers from the little ones

  • government can’t monitor all driving schools in Alberta because they dont have enough staff.the administration offers are loaded with lot of work which they can’t keep up and new schools keep on opening.there are more driving schools on alberta roads then taxis.testing is only a joke.a monopoly.all testing should be operated by government at one location.most instructors don’t know how to drive themselves and are educators.these is the result of fake licences..albertans wake up.lobby the government. because driving education should not be a money making lives on roads then losing them.

  • As a class 1 driver for almost 25 years of long haul I see drivers been trained on the road in northern Ontario all the time especially on weekend when they know they’re not as likely to get stopped,they drive slow unsure of corners,and winter weather it’s very scary out on the road these days!

  • I was offered this to get my class 1. Seriously I can’t even believe people would do this. My husband is a truck driver and the company he was working for offered this to me. Of corse I declined but it’s a no wonder semi trucks are killing more and more people everyday. To bad the GOOD truck drivers with get the crap end of the deal too

  • I agree with Taya. I was never afraid to drive on Hwy 401 in Toronto but now it is absolutely scary. They hog at least three lanes and driving bumper to bumper. Then when they pull out to pass the cut drivers off. Yet the car drivers are constantly being blamed for cutting truckers off

  • Laya you cannot tar all with the same brush I have relatives who are safe and conciensus drived. That would be saying all doctors should not be trusted or couocillors. how about you how safe are you as a driver do you cut big conveyances off like buses and trucks?

  • I was an examiner with MTO and drive test in Ontario. I saw interpreters give answers to applicants, someone selling addresses so that someone from Quebec that needed an Ontario address could get a G1 permit, the person selling the addresses then mails the Ontario license to Quebec giving them both provinces identification (meaning that it’s possible to claim welfare in both places. A car comes in into the exam center with quebec plates and five people in it and they all use the same car to do the road tests, others came in by bus from Montreal and use various cars from Quebec to do a road test or write the G1 test. This information was given to the local MPP who got back to me saying he asked the person in charge and was told all was above board, IT WAS NOT.

  • I really hope this starts a movement back to government drivers testing. I went through tests by men who took pride in their position and never had let anything like this slide.

  • Its not just trucks, in the fraser valley i have seen many timespeople barely able to control their car at 15 to 20 mph, how can they get a lic. When they have no clue what their doing or the rules of the road!

  • 99. 9 percent of drivers and schools are honest hard working people trying to make an honest living. Sounds like more than one driver was in some trucks not sure how that makes it safer. I have a 25 year career as a driver and trainer. Humans make Mistakes just not sure I understand why it took 14 years to investigate and shut this school down.

  • Obviously human life has very little value to Delta driving training. As well as where’s the ethics of the drivers who were fast tracked and encouraged to cheat ? IMO human life has little value compared to the drivers finacial gain, including tge drivers life. There have been numerous accidents this past year in BC all across our province. I know people who have been killed or have lost their quality of life due incidents or MVA’s with big rigs. This report is extremely disturban and I hope all the issued class 1 drivers who graduated from Delta are forced to re-test or lose their licenses. Shame on anyone who doesn’t value human lives, including their own. They are driving a weapon.

  • With the aggressive drivers I see behind the wheel of some of these big rigs, it makes one wonder where they get their licenses. Do these so called schools receive accreditation from a governing agency before handing out licences? If not, then maybe they should!

  • They should revoke every license this company has given and make them all take a drivers test. I’ve seen truckers on the road who had no business driving trucks. They were driving dangerously!

  • From the twin stick to the twin screw single stick to the automatic in trucks indicates the regression in operator abilities over the years !
    And then you see drivers with no backing up abilities with even a single trailer . WOW ! And you wonder why they try to go under bridges that are too low or blow stop thru stop signs ?- Well – I guess this is how some of them got a 1.

  • From what I have heard via the grapevine it is not just truckers ” buying ” their licences. It’s happening on a somewhat regular basis at some registries. This should be investigated at all registries and driver schools!!

  • Sorry to band all truckers together but think all truckers should be tested and prove they were tested by ligit testers also be randomly tested at any time.

  • So since 2002 the RCMP has knowingly let “unqualified drivers” loose on the roads.
    Sure would be interesting to see how many other people have been killed by “unqualified drivers” and hold the RCMP responsible for it.
    We should hold all drivers licence issuing persons responsible for letting any class they issue that are “unqualified drivers”

  • Sounds like there are a lot of government and other people that are not doing their job, and should have their asses kicked down the road.
    That’s MY life they’re putting at risk … they should all be immediately FIRED and where appropriate, given jail time.
    This is FAR MORE SERIOUS than they seem to think it is!!!

  • Taya. Us real truck drivers think that all vehicle drivers should spen a week with a trucker to see what it’s like to cut them off . And such . Lone truckers are not the problem . It’s trainers like these that are . Probably trained drivers is needed . As for smaller vehicle drivers . They should spend some time in a truck to see what it’s like before they should be allowed to drive .

  • there should never ever be more than 2 people per truck. A company can have good delivery schedules and drivers would be able to rest properly while traveling. with the electronic logs coming into use the scales should be mandated to be able to access and inspect driving times, speeds, and all safety aspects of the job. The practice by this school has been going on for years and years as well as more than 1 person using the same license. I started driving before we even had logs in Canada and times have changed with bigger, more powerful units on the roads but the mentality for enforcement seems to be the same. Hire some ex-drivers with good clean driving records and let them teach and prepare these new people not just about driving but what to expect and to be on the look-out for. Defensive driving is a MUST when you have that length and weight behind you so it makes you responsible for that family that can’t see as well as you what’s coming towards you or the black ice conditions. Random re-tests should be done more often or when drivers have so many violations.

  • Hi
    I was a certified class 1 instructor for a very respected Driving School in ontario
    I regret that i gave this up as i saw for myself these micky mouse driving schools do this kind of thing
    Let me explain they just drive round the test route all day use the drive test property to practise reversing do not go out on the hwy or anywhere of test route all for $500 then pass test what a joke
    And our students pay for course at $7.500 which driver would you choose

  • Yeah. “They” are out of business until they register their business under a new name, and then they’re in business again. Until they get caught again…and then they register a new business under a new name . . . . . etc.

  • wow, if you think running around in trucks two or three at a time makes sense you’re out of you mind. Been driving for 40+ years and never drove team and never had issues have the safety awards to prove it. If you can’t legitimately drive on your own or operate safely by yourself in a solo situation you shouldn’t be driving team or otherwise period. Driving truck requires experience, diligence, focus, and an awareness of surroundings and the self-confidence to achieve the necessary goals and responsibility involved. If you have no idea about size, height, weight, mass, speed, weather and road conditions and are not able to adapt to them then you shouldn’t be out there period. If you can’t set brakes, slide axles, adjust fifth wheels, check oil, fluids, tires, wheels, lights, valves, drain air tanks, look for stress cracks, damage, load securement, seals, or do paperwork and logbooks as required or go through a minimum level one inspection without failing… stay home. The problem is, if you’re not prepared to accept the full responsibility of the event that an accident happened and you were involved and the unit you were driving was not fit to be there for any reason or you were not fit for service because of something you had control over… you ARE it and then the focus is on you. You will be responsible. Still wanna be a truck driver? Or are you in it just for the money???

  • Also Government shouldn’t allow commercial licence for visitors and International Students..!

  • In 1971 I had a class one drivers license in Saskatchewan and went to Calgary to drive truck. It was at the time the laws were changing from Province to province in such in Alberta I had to go with a semi for my test. Had to go into a drive range where there was a island to back around and of course reconnecting th air lines/electrical. Then go out on street for drivers test. I flunked the backing up with trailers around island as I found out afterwards the trailer was too long that my boss to be borrowed from his company. Next test I didn’t yield right away to pedestrians and one more try and that wasn’t successful. To read and hear how so many are getting licenses so easily is bizarre.

  • I have been banging the drum about this for 18-20 yrs. had offers of licenses for potential drivers..$500 in Calgary. I declined , who wants someone not in the least qualified driving down the road with $ 160,000. worth of rolling stock, and have this happen. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. They’re saying hundreds, i’m suggesting thousands. Most with one thing in common…

  • I would think that if all potential drivers are forewarned that this is a fraudulent offense, and they do it knowingly and intentionally, then a very stiff penalty should discourage them and thereby, putting the illegal schools out of business.

  • I managed truck drivers records for a while and I can say the system has been tightened up a great deal over the last few years. I’ve sat with the inspectors going over our drivers log books and it is very hard to cheat and if they do it’s their livelihood the driver is gambling with. The inspectors know the drivers and they are checked regularly. The system is working.

  • Not wide spread, more than 100 in BC alone failed, that’s over a hundred dangerous drivers on the roads of BC were risking every bodies lives and that is not wide spread, how many others are there in total, just a thousand or so across the country maybe or more. Makes you feel safe on the highway when you see a tractor trailer doesn’t it?

  • I have had a class. A. License for60 years and have about 5000000 miles behind me accedent free. I am still in extant health and the. M. T. O. Want to take it away. W. H. Y

  • This doesn’t surprise me at all. Ontario roads are full of these drivers. What is going to be done to stop this from continuing to happen?

  • In a truck there should only be 1 or 2 NOT an army of them. These new Canadians give truckers a very bad rep. When I learned to drive my trainer had over 35 years of driving experience. I went to school to get my full class 1

  • 4 semis in a row in the fast lane of Hwy 1 at night in the pouring rain. One was tailgating us and we had to move over or risked getting hit. These drivers should have never gotten their licences.

  • I hope they get more then a slap on the wrist. They should have assests ceased and never allowed to do business again. People’s life’s are at risk!
    Disgusting beyond words. I’m sure it’s not just the trucking industry!

  • It’s about time some of these drivers are checked out also I believe that the driver that has his seat right down on the floor cannot see properly they should be sitting upright
    I could go on and on but it sounds like you finally see what’s happening out there I have had my class one for about 55 years and I see so much wrong doing on the highways it saddens me that the truckers are getting a bad reputation There are far too many accidents happening for no reason because of lack off experience

  • The doctor should have his medical license revoked. Fraud is fraud no matter how you look at it. The drivers who obtained their licenses should also be fined. Given the fact they knew it wasn’t legit. But what’s to stop them from opening another driving school, the same as when their trucking companies get shut down. It’s a disgrace to the trucking industry and for those of us who worked hard to get where we are today.

  • A 1/4 of the truckers I meet on the road should not be driving. I have seen some texting, some crossing the yellow line numerous times, pulling out in front of cars that had to break immediately including me. One was driving right down the middle of the road on a double lane highway. Just some really bad driving!