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Clarifying some points about Boomerang

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I’ve just finished reviewing the latest edition of Truck News, and found your article entitled ‘Playing cops and robbers in Montreal’ of particular interest, since vehicle tracking and recovery is the primary mission of our Montreal-based company.

Boomerang Tracking, Canada’s most successful stolen asset recovery firm, was mentioned in the article but we didn’t have the opportunity to respond to the comments made in the piece.

We wanted to clarify a few facts in order to more realistically represent the different options available to your readers.

Boomerang Tracking has been protecting a wide variety of mobile assets in Canada for over 10 years, and has had the opportunity to witness first hand thieves’ methods and habits in the field. We agree that thieves are constantly finding new ways to circumvent security systems and that’s why Boomerang is constantly updating and modernizing our technology, with new products and services, to stay ahead as the proven vehicle recovery expert.

On the occasion that thieves have attempted to disable the Boomerang unit, our experienced tracking teams have been ready with a back-up system that still allows us to track the unit in these rare instances and still recover the vehicle.

Boomerang devices are designed uniquely as stolen asset recovery devices.

Many other systems, using a variety of different technologies, offer stolen asset recovery only as an additional feature.

For instance, GPS systems are convenient for navigation or fleet management uses or as an emergency response system, but not as a means of stolen asset recovery.

Boomerang has successfully tracked and recovered over 5,050 assets since its inception, including trucks, trailers and heavy equipment, often within a few hours – representing a value of over $250 million.

I trust that this information is helpful and allows for a more accurate representation of the systems available to your readers in countering the ever-present problem of theft. More information for you and your readers can be found at

Craig Armstrong

General manager

Boomerang Tracking Inc.

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