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Delphi Showcases Latest Technology at Mid-America

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Delphi Corp. displayed its latest technology for commercial vehicles at the Mid-America Trucking Show held in Louisville, Ky.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Delphi Corp. displayed its latest technology for commercial vehicles at the Mid-America Trucking Show held in Louisville, Ky.

Delphi products on display at the show included:

Vehicle-based satellite entertainment systems: Delphi is developing an antenna system that tracks a geo-stationary satellite from a moving vehicle allowing passengers to receive satellite television without a traditional satellite dish being attached to the top of the vehicle. The antenna is compact and can be integrated into the roof of the vehicle, without affecting the styling, headroom, safety or aerodynamics of a truck. It is fully steerable in both horizontal plane and elevation to consistently track a satellite as the vehicle changes direction and attitude.

Satellite-ready heavy duty radios: Delphi’s satellite radios offer satellite-provided digital-quality radio programming coast to coast and are compatible with both XM Satellite Radio or Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts. The radios can withstand the harsh environment of a commercial vehicle. They meet the J1455 reliability standard.

Freedom AGM heavy duty battery: Delphi’s Freedom AGM battery has a lifetime of up to twice that of traditional batteries, said company officials. The battery is vibration resistant, corrosion protected, high-temperature suited and backed by a 36-month warranty.

Delphi’s absorbent glass mat (AGM) absorbs any free liquid into the glass mat creating a leak-proof, spill-proof battery.

Forewarn side alert and back-up aid: Delphi aims to eliminate a truck driver’s blind spots with its family of Forewarn products. Both Side Alert and Back-Up Aid help alert a driver to obstacles next to or behind a vehicle.

Side Alert uses radar or infrared sensors to detect a vehicle in an adjacent lane during a lane change. If there is a vehicle in the lane and the driver uses their turn signal to indicate a lane change an audible or visual warning will be issued. The system is operable in virtually all weather conditions and light levels.

Back-Up Aid helps drivers detect pedestrians, obstacles and other vehicles located behind their truck. The system also helps with tight parking situations.

Using a 17 GHz radar sensor, Back-Up Aid helps detect obstacles up to 16.4 feet behind the vehicle. If an object is detected, an audible warning will be issued.

The ruggedly designed system is automatically enabled when the vehicle is in reverse and is effective in both faster backing conditions and slower parking speeds.

Diesel test equipment: Delphi supplies a range of equipment to help evaluate all types of diesel fuel systems. Testing equipment includes fuel pump calibration, common rail/electronic unit injection (EUI), engineering/production and hydraulic electronic unit injection test stands along with two-stage injector tester and smoke meters.

The equipment is supported by Delphi service personnel who offer on-site training.

Engine Management Systems: Delphi designs and supplies complete engine management systems for commercial vehicles. The systems, which help lower emissions and improve fuel economy, include both injection units and electronics and help deliver immediate responsiveness for drivers.

The E3 is Delphi’s newest diesel injector. It is the world’s first electronic unit injector to provide variable injection rates. This improves combustion and helps increase performance and balance between fuel economy and reduced emission, the company claims. The system also allows multiple injections giving engineers the opportunity to introduce pilot, close-coupled pilot, main split and late post injections in addition to the main injection event.

The new “smart” injector uses two electronically activated high-performance valves to allow precise shaping of injection events, leading to improved fuel economy, increased performance and substantially reduced emissions compared with today’s current production EUI, the company claims. The electronically activated valves are fully programmable and are controlled by the ECU.

Delphi’s electronic unit injector technology is suitable for diesel engines between 9L and 16L.

Other Delphi technologies highlighted at Mid-America included:

The FleetOutlook system, a Web-based end-to-end fleet management and security system that helps provide fleet operators real-time management of their overall operations. With hardware by Delphi, wireless delivery applications by our subsidiary, MobileAria, and marketing, sales and distribution by PanaPacific, FleetOutlook offers fleet operators improved asset utilization, reduced costs, enhanced vehicle security and improved communications. It also gives fleet operators the ability to meet regulatory requirements, receive real-time diagnostics, and monitor vehicle locations.

And because the in-dash onboard computer provided by Delphi is integrated with the AM/FM stereo, a data message can be sent from dispatch and then heard over the stereo speakers. This feature helps keep driver’s eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel.

The Dossier Onboard – an automated fleet maintenance-management program from Arsenault. The way it works is that Fleet Outlook helps detect maintenance issues and the Dossier Onboard product automates the reporting and recording of the maintenance issues. If there is a major problem, the system alerts the driver through the truck’s speakers. Additionally, information about the problem and the vehicle can be automatically sent to the fleet manager’s pager or cell phone.

If it is a minor problem it is recorded as a “work pending issue” in Dossier’s automated daily reminder feature for future attention. Later, the fleet owner can convert the information into an open repair order with all the important information already pre-entered.

This maintenance management feature can help save time and lower costs for the fleet owner.

Delphi’s Drowsy Driver product uses optical sensing to determine a driver’s level of drowsiness. Using a single camera integrated in the center of the instrument panel or console area, Drowsy Driver will average the driver’s blink rate and gaze over time. As a driver gets drowsy, eye closures increase and last longer. Using sophisticated algorithms, the system can detect if the driver is getting drowsy. If a drowsy driver is detected, an alert will be given in the form of a blast of fresh air or audible warning. The system can even alert a call center that can phone the driver and suggest a stop at the next rest area.

Concert Class: Delphi will build systems privately labeled for Peterbilt as “Concert Class,” engineered specifically to optimize sound quality within the interiors of Peterbilt vehicles. The systems were previously only available with Peterbilt’s Model 379 and Model 387 with premium interiors. Peterbilt will now offer the systems on a wide range of conventional heavy-duty trucks, including the Model 387 and Model 379 family.

Peterbilt has also selected Delphi’s remote keyless entry system to help secure their trucks. Delphi remote keyless entry is now available on all Model 387 trucks and will soon be available for the Model 379 family as well. Both the audio systems and keyless entry were seen several of the vehicles on display in Peterbilt’s Mid-America booth

Sirius satellite receiver systems were built specifically for the truck market. Officials announced Penske Leasing Fleet has signed a deal with Delphi and Sirius for 10,000 satellite radio and antenna systems for Penske Class 8 trucks. Delphi will supply the radios with base CD or cassette employing the J1850 data bus. The alphanumeric VF or LCD display provides additional information, including channel, type of music, and the name of the song and artist. Sirius, meanwhile, will provide drivers with the latest news, talk, weather, entertainment and sports programming for 22 major markets across the United States on 10 stations. Sirius also broadcasts NFL, NHL and MBA games throughout the year.

Delphi officials at Mid-America also announced the company made a record $3.2 billion in new commercial v
ehicle business bookings during 2003.

Revenue from the new business will be earned over an average of five years, with details of the bookings to be kept confidential at the customers’ request.

“We are accelerating our commercial vehicle growth, particularly in Europe and Asia-Pacific,” said Brad Maggart, global director of Delphi Commercial Vehicle Systems. “Our two-pronged strategy of leveraging automotive technologies and developing products specifically for the commercial vehicle market allowed us to almost triple our 2002 booking total of $1.1 billion. Last year’s results clearly show that our customers are seeing the value of Delphi’s technologies, global engineering capabilities and extensive manufacturing presence.”

Much of the new business is with Delphi’s engine management systems, along with audio, safety, climate control and electrical/electronic distribution systems, according to Maggart. While every major region saw a business increase during the year, a majority of the growth came from Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Delphi is investing in commercial vehicle growth in Europe by creating a new Customer Technology Centre in Wuppertal, Germany. The new center will enable Delphi to continue to develop highly integrated solutions for the commercial vehicle segment. This facility will also be one of Delphi’s centers of expertise for commercial vehicle electrical/electronic distribution systems, safety, entertainment and mobile communications.

Delphi is also growing its business in Asia. Last October, Delphi announced it was awarded a contract in Japan by Nissan Diesel Motor Co. to supply diesel engine management systems for heavy-duty truck applications. The system will include Delphi’s new diesel E3 Electronic Unit Injector along with the Electronic Control Unit and engine management software.

“Delphi will use its technical expertise and industry knowledge to continue to help address the global concerns of the commercial vehicle customer including increased fuel economy and safety and decreased emissions and operating costs,” Maggart said.

The company sees an industry focus on mobile productivity along with advanced safety and powertrain systems as growth factors for additional Delphi business this year, Maggart said.

Delphi has seen a steady increase in its commercial vehicle business in the last several years. During 2002, the company booked $1.1 billion new business, up from $900 million in 2001.

Sales for the commercial vehicle business in 2003 were $898 million, up 28.3 per cent year-over-year. For more information, visit Delphi at

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