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Enforcement Efforts Have Gone Too Far

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

James, I really enjoyed your latest editorial in Truck News and I would say you have hit the nail right on the head.

I run a truck stop in the Sarnia area and I used to be a driver as well. We are hearing the same thing out there about the OPP.

A friend of mine was stopped for no apparent reason and received a log book violation.

That is all the OPP could find and did not give a reason for stopping him.

One other comment, the drivers have no problem with the cell phone issue but they have a major problem with the CB ban.

The majority are saying they won’t be calling in to the OPP about suspected drunk drivers or accidents or anything else that could put them at risk of a fine for using their cell phones or CBs.

I don’t like where this Ontario government is going, it seems like they hate all the trucks and are going to make the drivers’ lives pure hell.

Mandatory testing at age 65, smoking in the cab of their own vehicles, hours-of-service, OPP, MTO and so on is enough to get a driver to find a new career.

I drove from 1976 until 2004 and would not go back to it unless I was starving to death.

Name withheld Via e-mail

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