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Further complaints about Customs

Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in concern of the article printed on page 14 of the March 2006 issue of Truck News – “Vulnerable Windsor Truck Crossing Faces Criticism.” As a truck driver, I cross the Ambassador Bridge every day doing an LTL run from Brampton to Detroit. It’s been almost three years that I’ve been doing this run. When going to the U.S. we are checked thoroughly and our IDs are checked regularly, but when coming to Canada we are not even checked or asked for ID. I do not blame truckers when they don’t go to the warehouse because 80 per cent of Customs officers on the booth take the paperwork and say “You’re all set.”

Some of the Customs officers do not even say anything – they open the window and take the paperwork and close the window, so what do you think a driver should do ?

Regarding doing secondary inspections on trucks, it’s been almost five years I’ve been crossing the border but never seen their X-ray truck (Inspection Truck) in the warehouse. At the U.S. crossing if we have to go for secondary we are escorted to the X-ray machine and then to the docks.

Sit in my truck beside me and you will know the truth.

Sam Gera

Brampton, Ont.

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