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Letters To The Editor (February 01, 2010)

Have you got a complaint, compliment, criticism or question?

Have you got a complaint, compliment, criticism or question?

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2 Comments » for Letters To The Editor (February 01, 2010)
  1. Dean Houliston says:

    Dear Mr.Smyrlis

    Wow where do i begin i must say in the 23 years i have been a long haul truck driver (18 as an owner-operator) your article on eobr’s is the most irresponsable journelism i have ever seen.You are like everyone else that “reports” on the trucking industry.Based on your article we are all a bunch of jet fueled morons that should and have to be watched by every government agency that has juristdition over us. I assume you are also one of so called reporters that think the 105 kph was a good idea?

    I am by no means a proponet trucks running a hundred mile an hour ethier but i do not believe in government running independent business either. This really is not a “big brother” issue but more of a innocent until proven guilty not you are all guilty until proven innocent. Yes there are a ton go foot to the floor and screw saftey at all costs but why would you lump all of us into this catergory? Think about it, do you have to explain to your boss and the government what you do every minute of everyday all year even while you are at home i think not. We as an industry have stood by and let every bureaucrat who thinks that they know about trucking jam every regulation they can think of down our throat while we stand by and let them. Contrary to what you may believe this is an invasion of privacy just because i drive a truck i have to explain that i stopped to use the bathroom do you do this?

    Studies have proven time and time again that truck drivers are safer and that truck related accidents are on the decline, yet you want to stuff another regulation down our throat at what point does it end? At what point do you think we should finally say enough is enough we dont need a person sitting in a office making up rules that look good on paper saying to themselves “glad we dont have to follow them”. I will honestly admit that i am not perfect nor am i above the law but i assume you sir go home every night but i run out of hours 1 hr from home and by an eobr i have to sit until the next day so i dont get a $400 fine? This eobr does not take into account construction, major city rush hour traffic, and sitting for hours on end in the event of a fatality accident. Where do the incidentals end? How do they plan to accomadate the unforseen.

    Thank goodness for groups like ooida that dont stand idiely by while we are not smart enough to stop being railroaded by those who “think” they know best. New hours of service, sleep apnea manditory testing at our cost, 105 limiters, this that and everyother b.s regulation and narrow minded veiws like yours from people who sit behind a desk and think they know best. This is why i cant get out of this industry fast enough. Think theres a driver stortage now sit back and watch, there is not a damn thing to entice a new driver as it is. If we are all smart i hope for the day we all agree to stand up throw our arms in the air and say you brillant people figure out how to move products from a to b because we have had it. In closing i would also like to say that government run and controlled industry is also i believe called communisim.

    Dean Houliston
    Emsdale Ontario

  2. Steven says:

    Well, that’s finally it.
    (Hard-headed as I am) I’ve had enough. Enough of being manipulated, lied to, cheated, scammed, and putting myself in harms way, for an industry that just does not care anymore. We all know the days of helping each other out, and sharing important information on the CB, and basically being accountable, are LONG gone. Every day, weather be damned, there’s another story of yet another commercial truck in yet another wreck, with yet another “Brampton man charged with careless driving.”
    (I’ll let you good folks decide what’s really going on there) Couple that with the speed limiter bs and the endless cell phone use while driving, and that’s the end of this man’s 32 year (accident-free I might add) career. One look at our prime minister (Not capitalized on purpose) in east india dressed to suit, shows me where this is headed. Have it, choke on it.

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