Shell Lube Express machine offers faster, cleaner oil changes

Shell Lubricants’ new Lube Express system has emerged from tests in Australia, promising a quicker way to complete oil changes. Technicians can even complete the work without getting their hands dirty, so there is no worry about spills or burns.

Engines that can take advantage of the system will simply need to be equipped with a new fitting and quick-connect coupling at the base of the oil filter.

The process begins by connecting hoses to the sump plug and inlet fitting. An oil sample bottle is inserted into the machine, and air is fed through the hose to the inlet side of the filter. Used oil is pulled out of the filter, oil gallery and recesses of the crankcase, out of the sump and into collection tanks. When the system says the engine is clean, the mechanic replaces the filter, and new lubricant is added.

The entire process takes less than 15 minutes.

The units will cost between $6,000 and $7,000, while the engine fittings will cost about $70 per unit.

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