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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – After more than 186,000 miles and a year of tough road service under the Australian elements, engine teardowns to assess the mettle of Shell Rotella T have been completed.

“Engine component after engine component has shown little or no wear,” says Dan Arcy, transport products marketing manager for Shell Lubricants.

“We are proud of the results, especially when you consider the heat and the dust in the operating environment, and the high levels of soot and acid that resulted from the massive amount of fuel burned.”

The field test was conducted with three types of tractor and multi-tractor combinations – fuel, cattle and mining trucks. The road trains were a maximum of 174 feet in length and weighed as much as 198 tons.

Test results show that the injector rocker arm assembly, the valve deck, front gear cover, gears and oil pan all had minimal sludge buildup.

The cylinder liner crosshatch pattern was well preserved, wear on the injector rocker arm was minimal indicating excellent lubrication performance.

Piston pins were absent of scratches.

Cams, lobes and journals of the camshaft demonstrated normal polishing with all contact areas free of ridges, scratches or distresses.

The piston crown had minimal bowl and crown deposits, while ring grooves and ring belt areas were free of carbon deposits.

“Having tackled the severe conditions in the Australian Outback, we’re confident that Rotella T will perform admirably anywhere in the world,” says Arcy.

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