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OTTAWA, Ont. –Canada’s largest for-hire trucking companies transported 5.6% fewer shipments weighing 1.9% less than the previous year in 2008, according to Statistic Canada’s latest Trucking Commodity Origin and Destination survey results.

The recently-released report provides a glimpse at the early impacts of the Canadian recession on freight volumes. In 2008, 85% of shipments made by for-hire fleets with annual revenues of $1.3 million or more stayed within Canada. There were 51.2 million domestic shipments which generated $20.7 billion in revenue. The average domestic shipment weighed 9,900 kgs with revenue averaging $403.

International shipments comprised just 15% of total for-hire shipments and generated one-third of the revenue.

The average weight was 9,544 kgs and average revenue was $1,150, StatsCan reports.

Long-distance shipments of 24 kilometres or more accounted for 72% of the total weight hauled and 91% of the revenue, the survey found.

The average weight for long-haul shipments was 8,645 kgs and average revenue was $566 while local shipments weighed an average of 15,517 kgs and generated an average of $270 in revenue.

The top commodities hauled in 2008 were gravel, miscellaneous goods and prepared food, which collectively represented about one-third of the total weight shipped. International shipments consisted mostly of transported goods, base metals and vehicles.

About one quarter of the total weight shipped originated in the metro areas of Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton. The complete survey is available from Statistics Canada by calling 866-500-8400 and asking for the Trucking Commodity Origin and Destination survey.

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