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Yes, it is about the money

Dear Editor:

Re: The seven elephants in the driver shortage room, December Truck News

‘People don’t leave because of pay?’ Huh? Of course people not only leave reputable companies such as Kriska, but they also leave the trucking industry, because of low pay.

Would any government employee be expected to wait around the office for no pay because the computer was down? Of course not! Why are drivers expected to do this and provide two hours of unpaid waiting time?

Today’s rates of 44 cents per mile are too low. Ten years ago I was making 50 cents a mile. The transportation division of our company was terminated and taken over by a for-hire trucking company. Not only did we get a cut in pay, we didn’t get a raise this year.

And trucking company executives still wonder why they can’t get enough properly trained drivers.

I have road-tested newly-trained drivers. Most of them were so poorly trained you wouldn’t want them driving locally, let alone to Chicago solo.

All of them were shocked by how much work it was – loading, unloading, paperwork, Customs – again, all free unpaid labour. Yes, it is about the money. The sooner the North American trucking industry pays by the hour, the better all will be. Bill Cameron, Mark Lee and Al Goodhall are a breath of fresh air, free from the constraints of political correctness.

Everyone has delays at their job, no matter what kind of career they chose. But if they are paid by the hour, then they are still making money.

Ron Bergsma

Grimsby, Ontario

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