55-ton Talbert trailer excels with low-clearance and dead loads

by Today's Trucking

Talbert Manufacturing’s 5553TA traveling axle trailer features a planetary winch and a redesigned piggy-back cylinder offering over 25% more power to move axles in adverse conditions.

The 55-ton unit excels when moving low-clearance and dead loads, making it ideal for towing and recover operations, the company says.

The 5553TA traveling axle trailer. (Photo: Talbert Mfg.)

The loaded deck height measures in at 36 inches, and there’s a six-degree load angle.

Rather than using worm gear winches, the 5553TA comes with a 20,000-lb. planetary winch that uses a direct drive system and can almost double the loading speed as a result. The winch itself is controlled with a six-function wireless remote that can be used to adjust the axles, winch and deck height from anywhere around the trailer – even behind the wheel of inoperable vehicles or the machinery being loaded.

The remote itself is recharged through a USB port, and features a range of well over 200 feet.

The 55-ton, 53-foot trailer is rated at 100,000 lb. distributed and 80,000 lb. concentrated in 10 feet. It’s made with one-piece, four-inch I-beam crossmembers on nine-inch centers, and can accommodate loads including large tour buses, shipping containers, skid steers, mini-excavators and other smaller equipment.

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