PeopleNet says its Tablet in-cab/portable computing system now provides secure, fleet-managed wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access and web browsing, adding a new option to cell and satellite communications and another way for fleets to communicate with their drivers. PeopleNet says its proxy server ensures that all devices and stored data are secure, and that data sent to the driver is scanned for potential viruses.

The newly added Wi-Fi capability can enable drivers to access their fleet’s corporate site as well as key parts of company intranets such as payroll systems and training applications. Fleets determine whether Internet access is provided solely through company Wi-Fi networks or via public hot-spot access.  Fleets also determine which sites beyond the company’s are pre-approved for driver access.

Wi-Fi connectivity combined with Tablet’s portability offers drivers the opportunity to connect to a wireless network from virtually anywhere, including the comfort of a hotel room, inside a truck stop, or any hot spot where there may be a stronger, faster, more reliable Internet connection away from the vehicle. Tablet’s open platform incorporates the most current Windows 7-based technology.

From the list of all available networks, the driver highlights and selects the preferred network, which can be added to stored credentials. To connect to the network, the driver presses ‘Connect’. Once connected, a menu of Internet options is available to open up a web browser.

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