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Prestone debuts new Command products at HDAW

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – At the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week, Prestone had its latest products on display at the annual product expo.

The company debuted its latest products, including the laboratory analysis testing kit, test strips, refractometer and Heavy Duty Nitrite Free Extended Life Organic Acid Technology (OAT) Antifreeze/Coolant.

The testing kit provides a report on the level of molybdate, nitrite, chloride, sulfates and corrosion products in your coolants, as well as the boiling and freezing point. The test strips help take the guessing game out of cooling system analysis by helping to maintain the levels of supplemental coolant additives. The refractometer helps determine the concentration for Ethylenel Glycol-based coolants. Prestone_Yellow-NitriteFree

“Now, [with these products] the fleet managers can really assess much better what they have in their fleets and what they have in their radiators so they can start doing work that is going to save them some money,” said Colin Dilley, vice-president of technology.

At its booth, Prestone was also showing off its newest coolant.

“We are excited to be introducing the Prestone Command Nitrite Free Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant to the heavy duty market,” said Mike Henning, Prestone Marketing Manager, Heavy Duty. “This nitrite free technology, and the addition of Prestone Command test kits, test strips and coolant additives continue to broaden our line of heavy duty antifreeze/coolant products.”

The new coolant offers complete liner pitting and corrosion protection and is compatible with any heavy duty engine. It is available in both concentrate and prediluted 50/50. It was developed after Prestone worked for years with fleets across the country to help them address the common problems its drivers run into on the road.

“What we found in most of truck they have a mix of different coolants going on and the reason for that is, they may have had the original factory fill then the tractor is on the road, then coolant gets low, driver doesn’t know what coolant was in there so they dump in the nearest thing in hand and they end of with a mix of coolants and that becomes harder to maintain,” said Dilley.

Dilley claims with its colour -coded coolants and additives, it, “gives these fleet managers a worry free experience. We want them to not worry amount anything they are doing.”

The coolant is available now in Canada, but the test strips and kits are set to be launched mid-2015.



Sonia Straface

Sonia Straface

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