Canada-wide anti-mandate demonstrations kick off with slow-moving convoys

by Ron Stang

A morning snowstorm didn’t detract from the enthusiasm of a convoy of more than 300 vehicles traveling into Windsor Jan. 23, part of Canada-wide trucking demonstrations against Canada’s vaccine mandate for truckers.

The trucks were outfitted with Canadian flags and banners with slogans such as ‘No Jabs For Jobs’ and ‘Stop All Mandates,’ with many cabs sporting hand-written slogans such as ‘Trudeau You Work For Us’ and ‘My Freedom Doesn’t End Where Your Fear Begins.’

It’s all part of a campaign that kicked off over the weekend with local convoys now carrying out daily protests, culminating later this week with caravans converging from across Canada on Parliament Hill.

Known by names like Freedom Convoy 2022, Convoy to End Mandates and Lockdown Ottawa, the organizers vow that “thousands of trucks and vehicles will be surrounding Parliament and blocking all access to Ottawa,” demanding an end to the newly implemented vaccine mandate for cross-border drivers and an end to Covid restrictions generally.

At the Windsor rally there was no question as to who protesters saw as the main culprit: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The federal government mandated the fully vaxxed requirement Jan. 15. The United States followed with its own vax requirement which started Jan. 22.

Many participants verbally singled out Canada’s leader for condemnation.

“I believe in our freedom and the freedom of our children and Trudeau’s taken that away from us,” said owner-operator Peter Unger of Leamington, Ont.

Picture of protesting truckers
(Photo: Ron Stang)

Dave Chiarotti, not a trucker but “a citizen supporting the truck drivers to save this country before it actually falls apart,” said the main problem is the prime minister and “all the BS he’s shoved up our butts – it’s ridiculous – people have got to stand up, this is tyranny.”

The convoy rolled out of the Petro-Pass truck stop in Comber and traveled to the Ambassador Bridge plaza linking Windsor and Detroit 50 km away. They traveled along Hwy. 401, which had been hit with heavy snow, as groups of people waved and held signs atop overpasses.

Once in Windsor, the convoy traveled along Huron Church Rd., a six-lane thoroughfare, taking up two lanes of traffic. Truck horns blared and small groups of pedestrians waved from the sidewalks. The plan was to keep one lane free to allow cross-border traffic. The convoy turned on Wyandotte St., and then looped back along Huron Church, in a several kilometer circular formation that lasted throughout the afternoon.

Ben Peters, owner of ADT Transportation and the protest coordinator, said the plan is to have similar demonstrations early this week and then head to Ottawa Thursday.

At one point protest vehicles were taking up three lanes, which annoyed Peters. He attributed it to late joiners. “And they just decided to take it in their own hands and they’re just blocking and it’s in both directions,” he said.

Peters, who is not vaxxed, said it’s “not right for the government to force it on us as it should be a free choice.” He said each driver should make their own decision. He said some customers have told him truckers should get the vaccine “and I’m like, I’m not,” he said. “If they choose to do it then good, if not then I guess that means that my business is done.”

Another driver told he wasn’t vaxed for health reasons.

Rick Nicholls of Windsor, driving for an owner-operator, is staying on the Canadian side of the border for now. “I’m a cancer patient and I’ve already been told that there’s a chemical in the vaccine that could attack the area where my cancer was,” he said.

(Photo: Ron Stang)

Meanwhile in Sarnia, a caravan traveling 10 kms attracted truckers and supporters along Hwy. 402 into downtown Sarnia, turning off before the Blue Water Bridge.

Brigitte Belton of Wallaceburg, Ont., an organizer, was helping coordinate the protest even though she was still enroute in the U.S., expecting to cross back home Sunday night. She said police reports were that “it was very good, everyone was well behaved.”

Belton, who owns her own truck, driving for a major carrier, said one of the reasons she got involved was because of the hassles she’s had returning to Canada. This included Customs demanding personal contact information for Covid tracing when that is on her FAST card and demanding she wear a mask when she, as a “victim of violence,” said wearing one would cause trauma. “Everything is very heavy handed,” she said.

Meanwhile, in Manitoba, organizers were preparing for a convoy that is to kick off Monday.

“Organizers have been on the phone all day getting everything ready,” Dale Enns said.

He said so far more than 250 people were participating, “way more than I ever thought it was going to be.” An independent operator, Enns said he’s not against vaccines but hasn’t found time to get one. “I don’t have time to make appointments. Every time I go to a walk in (clinic) they don’t have time or I have to stand in long lineups,” he said.

He said the mandates will harm the economy. “You go into a grocery store, there’s nothing there, and now they want to limit truck drivers even more? They want to slow down the supply chain even more?” did not receive a response from Saskatchewan convoy organizers.

In Alberta, organizer Cathy Murrell said convoys were meeting up from across the province. There was a slow roll along Calgary’s ring road from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and the same for “many other” cities and towns, she said. “It’s growing by hothead minute.”

Murrell added, “We are hearing numbers like 38,000. Not sure if that’s from B.C. and Alberta or more provinces … all converging on Ottawa.”

Independent groups of truckers are leading the protests.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the national organization representing the industry, issued a statement Jan. 22 saying it “does not support and strongly disapproves of any protests on public roadways, highways, and bridges. CTA believes such actions – especially those that interfere with public safety – are not how disagreements with government policies should be expressed.”

The CTA also maintains government mandates won’t change as both countries now require vaccinations.

“The only way to cross the border, in a commercial truck or any other vehicle, is to get vaccinated,” president Stephen Laskowski said.

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  • ~ Murrell added, “We are hearing numbers like 38,000. Not sure if that’s from B.C. and Alberta or more provinces … all converging on Ottawa.”
    Actually that figure likely comes from a YouTube video (gone viral) where LEE a trucker describes 38,000 truckers saying no to the vaxx. Translating into 76,000 loads NOT delivered (both ways) cuz this particular group will be denied border passage.

  • This had to happen I and others have tried to work with the gov and got nowhere. I a small protest at queens Park or Ottawa would have done nothing. I fully support these truck drivers and all the owners ops a trucking companies that are helping out. A big thanks to federated Co op and other places helping would fuel and other repairs. Also to the people provided the food and support.

  • It’s so ridiculous. You guys travel alone and are less than any other person on this planet to get covid. So proud of y’all for fighting for our Charter of Rights and Freedom. Safe drive and stay safe.

    They impose electronic Logs NO ONE DOES NOTHING THERE FOR SAFETY

    • We did try but just talked. Look at the O T A and did they help or hurt the driver. Now in a C BC article ( press release) they say they represent the drivers
      This protest is about a lot more one third of the drivers have 2 or more shots. I have 3 shots because of health issues for over 6 months.

    • Couldn’t agree more with Mario.
      Some would say, “Well its better late then never” but in all honesty the result of this protest will be lack luster and not have any change on the governments position. I think that if its intention is to bring attention to the fact that a segment of society is tired of the lockdowns and mandates then fine, but expecting change seems pretty far fetched at the moment. Also, regardless of whether they were able to get the current government to turn over cross-border vax mandates its irrelevant given the Biden administration is holding steadfast to their mandate. So, in short its an uphill climb that will likely not go anywhere. I hope they succeed in whatever outcome they are trying to achieve but keep your expectations low. Parliament is also adjourned until January 31st so showing up earlier will have ZERO impact to parliamentarians.

  • If mandates won’t change or be lifted i giess the answer is quite simple. Youre livelihood os crossing the border, then get the shot or remain in Canada with your business if thats possible or face the consequences of your choice and actions.
    No one firced you ro choose not to have the vaccine.
    Life is about choices, if this freedom issue is affecting your choice then dont complain about the consequences of your choice.
    Plain n simple!!

    • That is what the O T A and the ont giv tells me and the disabled that do not do drugs or drink alcohol and have health when they loose a leg and have to get around by wheelchair.

    • So the consequences when you go shop for a car, grocery , and anything that you need on daily bases , and can get it because a trucker could not get to you i guess you will not complain and i hope you do not complain when you have to pay double for something you used to get dirt cheap. It is people like you that really grind my gears . Get this the trucker is the life line of your existence. so live with tat consequence .

    • First of all a vaccine prevents you from getting disease this is a flu shot to lesson the effects of virus and no one should force anyone to take a product into there body by shot or pill

  • Hi five for all truckers ,they have to make a living too ,I hope the convoys will put a stop to all this covid BS.

    • Most truckers are busy making a living right now, delivering goods. Most people are annoyed with this Albertan separatist red neck protest taking a bunch of truckers for a ride. The fact that you’re caught up in your social media rabit hole does not change the fact that most Canadians are against this discgraceful show of ignorance.

      • Most Canadians are against this? I don’t agree. Over $4Million in support and the human support along the highways? Looks like a large number of Canadians are totally behind this movement even though it inconveniences them.

      • Well said…these truckers are only a drop in the bucket of the big picture..everything is still being delivered to the stores with no problems…so get vacinnated and stop whinning, if you want to work..plain and simple

  • I can understand the hours and available home time that it is tough to get and keep a vaccine appointment.
    So why can’t the government install vaccination sites right at the border crossing to nip it in the bud so to speak. Only for those that have commented on their inability to get a vaccine. Ontario did it for teachers and students in Toronto.

  • The CTA is an arm of the lying liberal government! Did any trucker vote for the executive committee of the CTA! NO! So they can shove their advice and opinions where the sun don’t shine! And Trudeau is a traitor!

  • I’m not a trucker yet but but I have my Class B CDL and drove commercial vehicles and a Class A CDL permit to learn how to drive truck this year still. I live on the US side of the border and I’m in support of the freed convoy as truckers are the back bone of this county and the mandates these governments put in is just stupid. They want to try to control us. A vaccine should be our choice and not forced upon us. Both governments are making it a pandemic when it should not be one. Do we ever shut down for the flu no so why do we have all these mandates that are not necessary? I hope truck drivers down here in the US start a convoy or just shut down completely and see how everyone gets by without truckers to deliver food, gas, clothes, supplies.

    • Most people are waking up to the fact that this is about much more than a so-called pandemic and realize that these globalists like trudeau have very sinister plans. These plans do not include freedom and everyday Canadians are getting on board with the freedom convoy. WE cannot lose bodily autonomy and it is a hill we are prepared to die on.

    • So everyone starbes and people start dying from lack of medical supplies thats the answer lol shit is ridiculous and whats even more ridiculous is that people think that a hand full outta what 37 million people people is gonna change much all its gonna lead to is people getting arrested

  • Some advice for The Truck News, you had better start being honest and report the truth because there are many other ways for us to get information about our industry . I see here you are downplaying the movement and leading people to believe it is a small fraction who are protesting just like all the rest of the so-called Media this will not be good for you moving forward. Get on the right side of history or become history. No mention about the go fund me that has raised over 3 million dollars(in one week) in support from everyday Canadians ,that number should tell you something if you know how to extrapolate statistics. I’ll check back to see if my comment is allowed ,if not I will be actively working against your publication from now on. If you want to remain relevant moving forward then get on the side of FREEDOM! Oh and one more thing, CTA has made themselves our enemy by allying with the globalist pricks ruining this Country.

  • I find it suspicious that your article includes not a single comment from a trucker or trucking company boss who thinks that getting COVID vaccinations is safe, and a pretty sweet way to stay out of the hospital or morgue, and behave as a responsible member of society. Being fully vaccinated is a great feeling, knowing that I won’t die of the COVID, won’t infect others and maybe kill them, and that I am contributing to ending this pandemic.

    • I guess, it is very comforting for you to think that.

      Except it’s NOT the truth:
      – you can still contract and die of COVID being double-triple vaccinated
      – you can still infect others: who do you think brought omicron to Canada? – that’s right, double vaccinated people

      You’re contributing NOTHING to end the pandemic, while you’re contributing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to enable governments to establish tyranny and do away with even the bodily autonomy of their citizens.

      “. Being fully vaccinated is a great feeling,”
      This is the problem with this society. People like you, who are chasing “the good feeling” instead of critical thinking and actually looking at the facts, not eating what’s being spoonfed to you by the state media.

      Your good feeling is not about protecting others, no matter how hard you insist, it is about “me-me-me”, YOU want to feel good, YOU want to feel safe and others should do to themselves what YOU want them to do.

      • Yes!! …….that’s well said!!

        Truckers may have started this protest but we all join our Canadian Truckers and support their cause. No Mandates for Any Canadian. No overstepping our Freedom of Rights.
        We are growing in staggering numbers, and will stay the course, not give up or grow weak….
        They say this protest will do nothing but give Truckers a few minutes to vent…I hope ALL the Truckers across the country STOP delivering loads. That might speak a little louder. Let the stores go empty. Let business shut down for a little. DONT shop in WALMART OR ANY BIG BOX STORES. Tough it out Canada. We need ALL our Freedom back and Trudeau needs to go.

      • Yes! If someone wants to get vaccinated – go ahead. If you want to wear a mask – go ahead.
        This convoy is about Freedom. The freedom to chose what goes into your body. The freedom to decide your own risk/benefit ratio is for things like wearing masks. Your health is your own responsibility.

  • Mr. Nicolls in the story above, in my opinion, has a legitimate medical exemption. I hope you beat your cancer, that this is epidemic is over soon so you and those like you again have unfettered access to treatment. It’s for people like him (as well as myself) I’m vaccinated 3 times and wear an N95 mask.
    What I keep asking is what do these people perceive happening? They all get to Ottawa and Trudeau gets on the phone to Biden and says hey we have a small percentage of our truck drivers up here that aren’t happy about having to get the vaccine to cross the border and Joe will just say okay Justin let’s just scrap all that then. Complete fantasy. You’re going to block off Ottawa, okay what do you think the government does after placating you for a short time. Give in? Bring in a bunch of cops that tell you leave or go to jail and start impounding trucks of arrestees? You can bet they are already making plans.
    I have agreed with your complaints on many issues in the past, never agreed with these tactics though because they are never going to work. If this wasn’t an airborne disease that is so easily transmitted I’d be fine with people not getting vaccinated but your not getting vaccinated takes away the freedom of those around you who can’t get vaccinated for multiple reasons. Even those of us who are vaccinated can become ill but it has been proven that we are most likely to have far better outcomes than those who are not vaccinated. That is why it is not just a personal choice issue we are responsible to each other to do our part to protect the whole population. Why you can’t understand that by not getting vaccinated we allow this virus to spread and replicate, it changes itself to avoid being wiped out and then we get another variant. A worse one? A weaker one? No one knows until it arrives.
    I hope none of you go home and unknowingly give it to a small child (Utah has more babies than people over 65 in hospital for it) or an older person you care about.
    I know one thing it may make you feel like you’ve done something important with all this let’s go to Ottawa stuff but it isn’t going to change anything about these rules they’ve instituted, the USA sure don’t care you’re in Ottawa, Ontario. At some point you will either get vaccinated or find something to do that doesn’t involve crossing the border. In mean time some of the rates may well go up to what they should be for a short time but you won’t be getting them.

    • Everyone thinks this convoy is just about vaccines. It isnt. It is about freedom of ALL choice. As far as that goes, i will add i am for vaccine and i am triple vaccinated, a part of the population that is at risk. I still support what they are doing as long as they keep it peacefully done. We all have a right to protest for anything in this country as long as done in a respectful manor

    • FYI my friends and family are all vaccinated and dec 26th i caught covid guess what i lived and doing fine . I will not force people to not vaccinate but stop forcing the miracle cure down our throats for the better of society . It is the government tell us what to do when we got our vaccines has kids i got one shot not 2 shots and booster and booster . Its the vaccinated that are spreading it because they think they are protected . Wake up and smell the lie mandate after mandate there taking our choices away bit by bit. So who are the uneducated.

  • Thanks CTA for your support. We all know you’re about big companies and this is you hoping to get rid of those pesky independents that make the big companies look so inefficient…which, for the most part, THEY ARE!!!!

  • Let me be clear before someone says I don’t know what I am talking about. I have been trucking all my life and I am still in the industry. I really don’t know why all the truckers are upset about. If you want to cross the border you must follow the rules. The rules are simple you must be vaccinated. If not then you must provide the 72 hrs test and/or quarantine. The same rules applies to all Canadian or American. I don’t believe the transport industry is any different than the rest of Canada. The government is not forcing you to be vaccinated but then you can’t cross the border. I have an elderly parent living in a home and cannot visit unless I’m vaccinated. I do what I can to keep them safe. Safe Travel to All.

    • The vaccines do not prevent you from Spreading Covid and/or Variants. The Vaccine cannot save you from catching any virus either. Many in the hospital are double vax’d. The media has carefully marketed FEAR. Sadly people’s perception on all these mandates is based out of that FEAR. I’m sorry you are a victim of the government’s tactics to pressure you into getting vax’d but please do some research if you are concerned about your elderly parents. They can still contract the virus and so can you.
      There are supplements that can donfar more to save you or your family from serious illness. Example Vitamin D AND Vitamin C…5000 units of each daily. ZINC and NAC will do wonders as well. Cheers 🙂

      • Supplements are unreliable & untested. Too much of certain vitamins can put you in hospital! Listen to science not YouTube. The vaccines prevent you from getting seriously ill, and possibly dying. No one said they were a cure. The people in ICU and on vents are unvaccinated. Most of the others in hospital are there for other reasons & the Prov Gov know this but won’t give us the real numbers.

    • You are all selfish. Get the shot. We all need to do we can move on. I have to and I work in healthcare. I’m going to be stuck looking after all of you who just plain don’t like being told what to do. It’s not about you ! It’s about everyone. Stop playing the me game. Start playing the we game

  • i am in poor health i believe every should get the JAB . the sooner we can contain this problem , the sooner we can get on with this problem solution. i also believe that nobody without a Vax should be allowed to enter a hospital

    • You’re in poor health because of your poor life choices. Stop punishing the rest of us because you are feeble.

    • I’m sorry you are very uninformed. The vaccine CANNOT prevent you from SPREADING or CONTRACTING the virus. Please do some research and have an open mind. I’m sorry you are ill but many healthy people have died because they took the jab.
      Please look up David E Martin PHD. Google him and listen to him. Keep an open mind.
      As for your health, look into supplements. I am a senior, have compromised lungs and am not vax’d…I have yet to have even a cold!
      The right supplements WORK. The vaccine does NOT.
      This Mandate is Not about health…it is about control

  • We love and depend on truckers for virtually everything. I, and most people I know, have donated to the Freedom Convoy, and we all support the convoy. It’s amazing to see truckers standing up for our freedom. Mandates – which the politicians and health officials keep getting caught breaking (partying it up like Boris Johnson) – have really hurt small business, families and children especially. Enough is enough! We love and support our truckers. Real Men! Real Women! Thank You!

  • Too many red flags about the Freedom fighters to support them in anyway, no matter what I otherwise think of the issues at hand. I’ve yet to meet anyone that does here in Quebec. Let this be a lesson for any protest movement not to veer into extremism if they want the support of the people.

  • The Government don’t listen. I live along Highway 11 and have ran heavy wrecker. We have complaints over highway conditions for yrs. Nothing done. I hope the hell all the truck’s in the convoy make a difference. The industry is the back bone to north america. This will absolutely pound the door’s of Ottawa and either they make changes or we as driver’s will force change by bringing the economy to it’s damn knees. Roll on Hammer down. Wheels up driver’s. Be safe.

  • IDK. It seems like anti-vaxxers are impinging on MY freedoms and my family’s freedoms by NOT getting vaxxed. They may not care that THEY get sick, but they handle MY goods, interact with people in MY area, who can spread it to me and my family. And I do not believe the claims that somehow medical needs are ignored. That sounds like a load of lies. Anyway, I wouldn’t hold a pistol with 999 empty chambers but 1 is loaded and just aim it at everyone I come across – it goes off? That’s murder. Every time you get sick – whether you know it or not – and you walk amongst me and my community? You are probably killing someone. Please, just get vaxxed.

  • Saw a video of 4 of these imbeciles talking about driving the trucks through parliament,in attempt to copy the American imbeciles that attack the capital building,yup great bunch of memes

  • Iam glad that some of you trucker are all going to Ottawa On. I do not like protests they will not do anything.Iam out here trucking delivering food for the public an making more money because there,s more loads now because you driver are not working lol

  • I used to be a long hauler and I am behind all the drivers 100 percent. We are supposed to be a free country it really doesn’t seem like that for the past yr because of our government. Good for all of you truckers for taking a stand.

  • Looks to me like the two at the head of the fund raising and yapping about this have nothing to do with trucking. When you hear some of the nonsense coming out of this crowd and their reported comments on zello this is a lot of the right of the right wing wing nuts like in the U.S. with a dab of Qanon thrown in. These people are yapping about a lot more than vaccines and crossing the border. They claim they aren’t anti-vax yet this is what the choose to do. Go Fund Me wisely froze the donations, we’ll see how that turns out.
    Look the these people up they are all about politics and possibly conspiracy theories. This is not all they are trying to raise money for but this is appears to be their most successfull foray. I’d advise much caution hold on to your money unless you support wexit. I said along time ago that BS wouldn’t stop at the 49th parallel.

    How about some journalists look into who is really driving this foolishness and what it’s actually about.

  • CTA is responsible for most of the so called SAFTY rules that now endanger the lives of all those on the road. Elogs have proven it, more accidents as drivers forced to work when not ready and not drive when they are. Bringing up laws that the infrastructure isnt there for and then ticketing them. Keeping wages down so drivers can barely make it anymore. A person can make more pumping gas than driving and are away from family for a week to 2 months away. When i started trucking i was making 31 cents a mile when i left industry 10 years ago was at 34 cents so in 25 years it goes up 3 cents. Then they wonder why it is getting harder to retain drivers once they get there experience.

  • Imagine this scene. The tribesmen are sick and tired of working to provide for the Chief Sit-On-His-Tail and the ruling class. They want to renegotiate allocation of resources and their working conditions. They have decided to sit and wait outside Sit-On-His-Tail’s camp for an opportunity to talk with him.

    50,000 horses/carts, plus close to half a million tribesmen parked outside the Chief’s camp. They plan on being civil and peaceful demonstrators, so it’s hard to find a pretext to disperse them by force. They seem well-funded and have food stocked-up to last a while. In the mean time, transport of goods have grounded to a halt because the carts are blocking roads to your campsite.

    If you were Sit-On-His-Tail, what would you think? Would you consider at making some concessions?

  • Never have I been more proud of a group of true Canadians ! The rest of Canada (Sheeple) better wake up and get behind this movement. Your freedom is going to be next ! Our government & PM is corrupt and needs to be removed from power. Vax or non-vax is truly not the issue people, it’s your rights and freedoms being stripped while a dictator takes away what our forefathers died for !
    Thank you Truck drivers, I wish you nothing but a safe and successful trip !
    Our family is 100% BEHIND YOU!

  • Most truckers are busy making a living right now, delivering goods. Most people are annoyed with this Albertan separatist red neck protest taking a bunch of truckers for a ride. For those of you caught up in the rhetoric, the fact that you’re caught up in your social media rabbit hole does not change the fact that most Canadians are against this discgraceful show of ignorance.

  • truckers roll for freedom from the vaxx crap but they should be against the incredible high taxes or the numerous amount of small taxes we pay for every thing the drivers bring us, we pay hst , carbon, gas food, income tax, the cost of license plates, the fuel alone for a truck has gone up considerably. I don’t but meat unless it have been marked down till it s about to be expired, fresh fruit when only in season. If the politician were for the people they wouldn’t be getting rich off the backs of the Canadian worker, Give the politician pay cuts, all of them retired prime minister on down to the last politician in line and that saving right there would enable them to raise the pension of Canadians, who worked all there lives nad cant have a livable wage. Please don’t get me started on the perks they get. lets no stop fighting her for Canada.

  • your gerald butts inspired article the murky matter of protest
    is it for me you dont represent most drivers or canadians just a liberal paid mouth piece part of the nwo it will go in the garbage from now on
    and i will spread that word.

  • Truck news:
    I believe the Convoy of Trucks couldn’t be accepted by Canada as surround parliament and blocking the traffic are completely force and coerce!

    There is huge safety problems for the convoy trucks as some of trucks their insurance already expired,and I don’t believe any of insurance company the policy will cover any of accidents and incidents during the convoys,which is a terrible issues coming forward peoples resident in Ottawa!

    Also lots of drivers will be violation driving as need follow up the convoy, hopefully do not make troubles on the road!

    Convoys of trucks is illegal and violation,Canada government should do something to protect the Canadian!

    I am a truck driver,I don’t think the un vaccinated drivers are such important,the government could advise the retired truck drivers come back to support Canada,the un vaccinated drivers are nothing for Canada,as all of supermarket need healthy and safety delivery.

    Hopefully nobody could force and coerce Canada government!

    Best Regards!
    Truck driver:Zhuo,Raymond Chen

  • Yes it’s always the people who don’t see all the illness in the hospitals and the exceptionally hard job it is for nurses and doctors to take care of all the Covid-ill people. It’s time to think of others now people- don’t be so selfish. I got vaccinated to keep others safe. I also wear a seat belt because it’s mandated and it could, and most likely would, save my life. I haven’t gotten all fired up because it was made law and ‘no one tells me what to do’.

    Good Luck people – but if you get Covid – please don’t take up space in our ICUs – we barely have room.

  • I’m no longer in the trucking industry because it is such an embarrassment now, but I really find it amusing that truckers can stick together for something stupid, and a battle they are never going to win, but they can’t stick together to get rates up so that you can actually make some money in the trucking industry.

    They should take all that withheld Go Fund Me money and provide truckers an education. Give them some business and finance courses. Would do them some good. LOL

  • Ben Peters and ADT Trucking need not worry about getting jabbed to get work. I and my business associates in logistics, trucking will never ever give him any business. He and the scum with him desecrated monuments to our service members. The only saving grace is that these brainless asshats will hopefully die out quickly. As Darwin would note, some people are or should be to stupid to procreate and will die out out quickly. That is the fervent hope of many many people I know and talk to both in the transportation business and many other walks of life.

  • You have NEVER needed to be vaccinated to enter the U.S. from Canada. No quarantine either. If you got this simple fact wrong what else have you got wrong? The CTA is betraying their members. Even if they disagree with the civil disobedience they should have supported their members and sought to engage in a dialog with the PM to resolve IN THE FIRST 48 HOURS. What were you waiting for, Stephen Laskowski? You should resign now… you obviously have no idea what your members want, as your nose and probably your ears are deeply embedded up Trudeau’s behind.