MTA claims big advocacy win with removal of US data from provincial carriers

by Truck West

WINNIPEG, Man. – The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) is touting the removal of US inspection, violation and accident data from provincial carrier profiles in the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Permits (CVSP) carrier profile system as a big advocacy win for the association.

Commencing Dec. 1, the Motor Carrier Division of the CVSP began authorizing the removal of all US data from inspections, convictions and accidents from Manitoba carrier profiles.

The MTA advocated for the removal of all US data because the association believes if a provincial carrier obtained a violation in the US, and that violation was added to a US carrier profile, it could trigger a facility audit. It would then be unfair for the same violation to be used a second time on a Manitoba carrier profile, as it could again trigger an additional provincial facility audit.

The MTA said this case of ‘double jeopardy’ was unwarranted, and that Manitoba carriers should be treated the same by Canadian jurisdictions as US carriers are treated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which does not use Canadian data to rate the performance of its carriers.

The MTA has been requesting the removal of US data from Manitoba carrier profiles since the US chose not to implement the 2008 Canada/US Memorandum of Understanding on Safety Rating Reciprocity.

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  • Too bad other don’t see the common sense to the Manitoba decision. The double jeopardy aspect is correct and that is why the US doesn’t use Canadian profile information!

  • Just like the Canadian trucking attitude. Make all the bad drivers and bad companies disappear on paper. Sad to think that the such a highly skilled trade had been reduced to a typical three ring circus. It is simple, you don’t violate, you have nothing to worry about