P.E.I. imposes Covid tests, curbs on truckers

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The new restrictions imposed on truck drivers traveling to Prince Edward Island will slow down the supply chain, the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA) warned.

Jean-Marc Picard, executive director, APTA, said the provincial government is adding an extra layer of things to do for truckers who sometimes travel through three provinces in a day.

Confederation Bridge
The Confederation Bridge links P.E.I. to the mainland. Everyone 8 years and older will tested at the points of entry, regardless of immunization status and time outside of the province. (Photo: iStock)

Non-resident truckers must get tested on entry regardless of vaccination status, APTA told its members in a bulletin. If they are not fully vaccinated, they are required to work isolate when in P.E.I. and if fully vaccinated, they are not required to isolate.

Drivers who reside on the island are also required to get tested upon entry. If an island driver makes two or more trips off island in a week, they only need to get tested once every five days.

The APTA says drivers who make regular trips to P.E.I. – at least twice weekly, for example – will only be required to be tested every five days.

Those who don’t make regular trips to the island will be asked to be tested upon entry. If they have an approval letter from Justice and Public Safety, they will be directed to follow the guidance in that letter, for example, requirement to work isolate.

The province’s website says from Thursday, everyone 8 years and older will tested at the points of entry, regardless of immunization status and time outside of the province. People must be fully vaccinated to be eligible for a PEI Pass, which allows returning islanders and visitors who meet appropriate criteria to be exempt from self-isolation when entering the province.

All people arriving in P.E.I. who are not fully vaccinated, including those who are partially vaccinated, will need to self-isolate for eight days (subject to a test on day 8) and complete a self-isolation declaration.

The province’s website also highlights that “due to increased testing at the points of entry, travel delays, especially in Borden-Carlton, are to be expected.”

APTA’s Picard says vaccinated or not, it does not seem to matter to the P.E.I. government, which is “mind boggling.”

“The more rules or steps put in place, it impacts the drivers’ day, impacts supply chain and operations of companies,” he said.

“Some companies have a lot trucks going in and out of P.E.I. in a day, so that’s unfortunate,” Picard added.

He said when New Brunswick imposed conditions on travelers a couple of weeks ago, the APTA held discussions with the provincial government and exemptions were made for truckers. Regarding P.E.I., Picard said, “I’m already talking to the deputy minister, and it didn’t seem to change anything.”

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Leo Barros is the associate editor of Today’s Trucking. He has been a journalist for more than two decades, holds a CDL and has worked as a longhaul truck driver. Reach him at leo@newcom.ca

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  • Well princess Rhode Island no you have to go and get your own stuff because I’m not going there anymore thank you for saving me money

  • Clearly it is time to stop trucking in and out of the province of PEI.

    Until onerous unfounded regulations and restrictions randomly imposed on the trucking industry and population in general by out of control politicians begin to have an impact on their constituents and their own daily lives they will continue to abuse our industry at random.

    Politicians total lack of understanding of the fact that ALL INDUSTRIES with the possible exception of dog groomers and hair dressers are absolutely essential for any period of time beyond 7 days. The shortages we are currently experiencing are living proof that blanket lock downs are not a long term option without having a huge detrimental effect on our supply chains thus crippling our very lively hoods as well as our economy in general.

    Stand up and put an end to it, withdraw services and refuse to participate.

  • So glad to be out of Trucking…too many hoops to jump. Maybe when the food shelves are empty, the ( & its only a maybe) the gestapo will get their head out of their butt & stop inflicting hardships on a virus which is so bad you need a test to know whether you’ve had/have it, & which “usually” clears up in 15 days (like a flu) & despite 2 shots , you can still carry/spread & die from – – if your mostly over 80 yrs old that is.

  • Perhaps PEI should be the ones to come to NB / NS to get their supplies then and they need to be tested and restrained

    Might see things in a whole different light then…their supplies can be warehoused at Borden NB & Caribou NS for them to arrange pu – that way no trucker will enter their province period

  • So if fully vaccinated can get covid and pass it on why do they get a free pass. Nothing to do with health, all to do with control

  • P.E.I government is a bunch of hypocrites. When everybody was in lockdown truckers kept food and medical supply going to P.E.I. Now you are going to use ridiculous laws against the people that saved your sorry butts for the last 18 months. P.S. did you not hear that there is a shortage of truckers (those are the people who move cargo for everybody. And again those of you in the government that are still at home WAKE UP. This is one heck of a way to say Thank to Drivers

    • Who is going to pay for the testing and the drivers time. Poor treatment of drivers is pushing them to do other things.

  • Complete government overreach ,probably illegal to some degree,I guess the educational department has not taught pei government to take a look at Europe and see that this virus is just the flu.I hope the people of PEI are smart enough to see no supply chain coming onto island ..rise up people or this will never stop

  • PEI government have smart people there . This “Vaccine ” is a bogus . More dangerous are the vaccinated ones as the y can spread and get infected with the virus as well as the non vaccinated ones. At least You know the unvaccinated you must take the distancing . But the vaccinated are more dangerous as you think the y are safe which is not truth.

  • I for one will boycott PEI. I haul food products, and will not subject myself to this type of government control contrary to the Canadian constitution which does not restrict freedom of movement in my own country. The sooner people find out they’re being played the better we can get back to regular living again.