Montreal port warns of delays as strike ends

by Today's Trucking

The Port of Montreal warned clients of delays and said resuming full operations will take many days as the Senate passed legislation to force 1,150 striking dockworkers to head back on the job.

Bill C-29 was adopted by the Senate Friday night, a day after the bill was approved in the House of Commons.

The Port of Montreal said there are nearly 20,000 containers on its territory due to the strike. (Photo: Port of Montreal)

Each of the port’s terminals opened Sunday at 7 a.m. In a statement, the Port of Montreal said there are nearly 20,000 containers on its territory due to this week’s strike.

“The return to a regular flow of goods will require several days of work by port workers and those involved in the logistics chain,” the statement reads. 

“Clients waiting to either import or export merchandise should expect delays in the coming weeks.”

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), with which the Montreal port workers are affiliated, described the passing of Bill C-29 as “embarrassing” for all Canadians and unconstitutional because it prevents its members from striking. 

In a statement, CUPE said it would challenge the law in court.

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  • I see why they are upset, but if they were allowed to strike they would have the upper hand as no competition. It is not like a competing port is just down the street. There are three ports in the east, Montreal far the biggest, St. John, and Halifax. It is impossible for the other two to handle the extra freight caused by Montreal striking. We cannot have a port strike cripple Canada’s economy. I believe they should get a better than average wage but not be able to strike. Their Union Contract is available on line, google it and decide for yourself if they are getting a fair wage.

  • Of course they get a fair salary, but unions always want more % of paycheques and more power to run such monopolies… if it wasn’t a monopoly the unions wouldn’t have the power or time to invest in their “workers”.