Tomorrow, Ontario Changes Rules of The Road

TORONTO - Tougher penalties for certain driving violations plus increased driver and vehicle license fees in Ontario all take effect on Tuesday, Sept. 1, and the Toronto Trucking Association wants all truckers to know about it. The organization has issued a bulletin outlining tougher penalties for distracted driving, new rules protecting bicyclists and measures to ensure the safety of tow truck drivers. The province has also changed rules surrounding children riding school buses. Penalties for distracted driving will include an increased set fine of $490 and three demerit points upon conviction. Novice drivers will receive a minimum 30-day suspension for the first conviction and longer suspensions for subsequent convictions.

MTO Reminds Trucking to Use New Parkway

TORONTO -- The Ontario Minister of Transportation is reminding trucking company dispatchers and others the new Herb Gray Parkway in Windsor which connects from Hwy. 401 has been open for more than two weeks and Hwy. 3 is closed heading to the bridge crossing, according to the Ontario Trucking Association. MTO says many truck drivers still appear unaware the new expressway is accessible and instead they continue to head down Hwy. 3, then they try to find their way around the closure by winding around residential streets, much to the annoyance of residents. It also urges travelers and carriers to be patient with some growing pains as the entire project moves toward full completion. The partial opening of Hwy. 401 allows for traffic to be shifted from Hwy. 3 to Hwy 401 so that construction works can be completed on Hwy. 3. During this stage of construction, travelers will experience short-term ramp and road closures along with other construction works.