Trucking regulations surrounding cannabis are still being worked out: Blair

TORONTO, Ont. – Canadians still hoping they’ll be able to legally smoke a joint to celebrate the country’s July 1 birthday will be disappointed, says MP Bill Blair. The former top cop for Toronto turned federal member of parliament was in Toronto Thursday night to talk cannabis legalization. Co-hosting a town hall with MP Arif Virani, Blair addressed concerns from residents about the upcoming changes to drug laws, including those about impaired driving and use by those in safety sensitive positions.

More long-haul infrastructure needed to reduce carbon emissions: CTA

OTTAWA, ON – The Canadian Trucking Alliance says infrastructure and fuel technology has not kept pace with the trucking industry’s desire to reduce its carbon footprint. Submitting its comments on the upcoming federal Clean Fuel Standard regulation to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the group said the increasing environmental policies would have to address some of the implementation and infrastructure challenges faced by long-haul fleets, which consume the bulk of the fuel used by trucks.