B.C. to enforce ELD mandate Jan. 1

The list of provinces ready to apply a federal ELD mandate continues to expand, with British Columbia joining jurisdictions that will enforce the rules as of Jan. 1.

While this means most provinces will enforce the rules that apply to federally regulated carriers, Quebec and the Northwest Territories have not committed to the deadline.

The news from the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) was distributed today in an update by he Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC).

Isaac ELD
(Photo: Isaac Instruments)

Newfoundland, meanwhile, has confirmed it will not enforce the rule on provincially regulated carriers on Jan. 1.

Transport Canada now identifies 58 certified devices that can be used to meet the mandate.

While the mandate became effective in June, enforcement was delayed because of challenges such as a limited number of certified devices.

“To confirm if a device you are currently using is compliant, you must verify the device name, model # as well as the software version. The last part is very important,” PMTC adds in the bulletin. “Very few devices currently in use have updated their software and therefore are not currently compliant. Ensure to verify this, and if not updated, reach out to your supplier to find out when it will be updated and how this may change the operation of the system.”

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  • The Province of BC has a lot of catching up to do !!
    I feel it is Pre Mature for BC to Mandate the ELD Logs
    Trying to Find a Safe Place to Stop is Difficult and if You Do Not Stop
    when Your time is Up You are in Violation
    We Must Be Allowed to Find a Safe Place to Pull Off and Stop
    this is Called Safe Harborage
    As a Driver, I find there are Very Few to No Facilities for
    Drivers to Use.
    Trying to stop and find a meal is really really difficult here in BC
    There are not a lot of places that are Truck Friendly.
    As a Driver, I find that there are so many pullouts that are substandard
    and not safe to Use.
    When I started driving over 40 Years ago You were looked up too
    Today people look down on Us Drivers
    There are So So Many Municipalities, Cities and Towns that have taken steps to
    stop trucks from stopping.
    So Please Some One Tell Me Where a Driver can Safely Pull Off Catch 40 Winks of Sleep
    and Get a Meal

    I Try to get involved in Truck Safety as Much as I can, but so Many Politicians and Wanna Be’s
    tell Me it does not Matter What I have to say because I do not have a University degree.
    In the Past, I pushed a Ride along program, I tried to get as Many People to get in the
    Passenger seat to see what goes on out on the Highway
    We need to Go Back to What I Call – The 3 R’s Education 101 a Defensive Driving Module for all Drivers

  • I agree with George Serhan . Truckers should be allowed to carry on till they get to some place Safe for them to pull of road for a rest break. Also, there are not many places geared for the big rigs can stop for a hot meal and a good rest before hitting the road again. I am not a trucker, but have driven enough to know what have to put up with. That includes all the idiots who do not respect trucks or truckers.

    If All possible stay out of they way.
    That being said, there are truckers out there that should not be behind the wheel of an eighteen wheeler.

    • Stop when you are in a place and have time left.. but I see idiots drive till they rum out of time on the hyway with no where to pull over .. come on ..

  • I’m in forced retirement now,but was using elds running into the US.it was pretty simple in the US,there was always a truck stop or a rest area to use,but in bc it is worse than a bad joke.truck stops are far and few ,and what there is are not big enough,as far as rest stops go,they don’t exist in bc.before the politicians and the dot and police think it’s a good idea to go after truckers,they might want to address these problems

  • This article is misleading,

    Bc is mandating the federal ELD rollout on Jan,1st. Yes this is true, but only for carriers that travel inter-provincially. Carriers that operate inside of BC are not required as of yet. Get your facts straight!!

  • This is good in theory but not in reality. This is an effort to force sell more electronic products with an intentional effort to find drivers in violation of regulations. This is simply buracratic do nothing middle men injecting themselves into an industry they know very little about to control it and create a pay check for themselves driving up costs for everyone. This is self serving evil posturing as a greater good.

    • Electronic Log Device( ELD ) that keeps the record of your Hours of operation. It will be connected to the Truck ECM.

  • what needed in the trucking industry is less regulation and better pay and improvement in infrastructure.no to eld come on drivers we just let governments push this down our throats we do or say nothing time to park and don’t move until our points are taken into consideration..balls drivers

    • I disagree with you. With this jobs can’t make you drive all day. And I don’t get the part about having to stop. Sign in do vehicle inspection and switch to off duty when your day is done. Once your signed in and on duty you don’t need to touch the thing again. Unless your stopped and on break.

  • Rest stops in Canada are few and far between and most have no services and room for only a few rigs. Before enforcing more regs the provinces need to provide the means for drivers to comply.

  • Make no mistake: ELDs have NOT been proven to improve safety. See US statistics. This is big brother over-reach. For those of you who think logs promote safety, then lets see you advocate for HOS for ALL automobiles. Worked a late shift at the factory? Guess you are sleeping in your car, you are unfit to drive. I’ll wait while you organize your petitions……

  • I haven’t driven in BC but alot in Ontario. Both provinces are impossible to find a place to park and grab a bite. It might work if there was only a truck or 2 on the road. This way a trucker might find a place to park. I drove more in Saskatchewan and Manitoba were its easier at times to park. I think the government should maybe get the rest stops setup first than it’ll be easier for truckers to comply to the rules. I think drivers will be forced to park along busy hiways on the shoulders to be legal but with idiots behind the wheel in little vehicles will plow into the parked trucks. Create the parking spots first than enforce the rules

  • Well first of all elds are not set up properly. They are designed for long haul drivers only, things like enroute inspection,deferrals and spilt sleeper booth, flagging etc are not in the programming.eld eliminate alot of the allowable ways to log .it will hurt the industry and had been a reason many good drivers have left the industry. It does nothing to combat the real issue such as shipper/recovers making drivers wait for free hours on end to load or unload. Or forced dispatch. Managers and dispatcher can change logs anytime without repercussions to get a driver to run longer. Alot more needs to be to bring elds up to par with log book rules.