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Bendix warns its identity being used to commit mail fraud

ELYRIA, Ohio -- If you’ve received a suspicious letter and cheque from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Sy...

ELYRIA, Ohio — If you’ve received a suspicious letter and cheque from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems or Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake, you may not want to cash it.


Bendix is warning customers that its identity is being used to perpetrate a business financing scam. Scammers are sending people in the US letters and fake cheques and telling them they’ve received a significant sum of money in accordance with recent business financing requests, Bendix reports.


 “We want our employees, customers, and consumers to know that this mailing is fraudulent,” said D. Russell Hood, Bendix vice-president and general counsel. “Bendix is in no way responsible for, or associated with, this unsavory activity. Although these documents may appear to be authentic, it is important for the public to know that both the letter and the cheque are fake.”


It appears the scam may be limited to the US, but anyone receiving the fraudulent letter and cheque is asked to report it to Bendix and the local authorities. Bendix advises: Do not call the numbers provided in the letter; do not attempt to cash the fraudulent checks; alert your local authorities that you have received the fraudulent mailing.


And if available, send copies of the fraudulent documents to Bendix for use in the investigation. Documents can be sent to the Bendix Legal Department, c/o Bendix Commercial Vehicles Systems LLC, 901 Cleveland St., Elyria, OH  44035.


“The old adage rings true: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Now, more than ever, consumers need to be vigilant to ensure they do not become duped by this type of unscrupulous activity,” Hood added. “We’re grateful that a savvy consumer brought this matter to our attention, giving us the opportunity to issue a warning about this scam. It is unfortunate that our company identities are being used in this manner, and we hope consumers will question and research this scam before falling victim to it.”

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