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Canada’s spot market records strong January

TORONTO, Ont. – TransCore Link Logistics’ Canadian spot market recorded a robust start to 2019, improving upon a noticeable decline in freight market activity in the last quarter of 2018.

The return of available workers, post-holidays, was a contributor to the increased capacity and load availability in January.

The end to the United States’ government shutdown may have served as another factor in the increased cross-border freight activity. Weekly load postings in January increased 10% following the end of the shutdown compared to the week prior, and an increased number of available border agents may have allowed additional cross-border freight to be moved more quickly and efficiently.

Month-over-month, January’s load volumes were up 31%, but down 43% year-over-year from January 2018’s historical high.

Intra-Canada loads accounted for 27% of the total volumes and were down 21% year-over-year. Cross-border load postings represented 71% of the data submitted by Loadlink users. Cross-border activity made up a greater majority of load movement on Loadlink, most likely due to the end of the U.S. government shutdown.

Loads leaving Canada to the U.S. decreased 58% year-over-year, but increased eight percent month-over-month. Loads entering Canada decreased 42% year-over-year, but increased 58% month-over-month. Overall, cross-border load postings on Loadlink increased 40% from December. This would have accounted for 87% of the total load volume increase in January.

Equipment performance

January boasted another month of strong equipment performance. January’s equipment postings increased 18% higher month-over-month,  and 72% higher when compared to January 2018.

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  1. Noble1 says:

    Canada’s economy practically grinds to a halt — and nobody saw it coming ……………

    Nobody saw it coming ??? LOL ! I did and told you BEFORE the fact ! BOOYAH !

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