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Cat on-highway truck batteries offer higher ratings

PEORIA, Ill. -- The Caterpillar line of maintenance-free premium high output (PHO) batteries are now available with...

PEORIA, Ill. — The Caterpillar line of maintenance-free premium high output (PHO) batteries are now available with increased cold cranking amp (CCA) capabilities for a variety of on-highway applications.

The increased ratings at 0˚ F (-18˚ C) are 710, 825 and 1000 CCA.

The 1000 CCA starting battery is recommended for over-the-road applications where the number of daily starts are infrequent and battery cycling/key-off accessory use is limited. The 1000 CCA Starting Battery is ideal for day cabs with 2, 3 or 4 battery systems and extreme cold climates.

Due to its design, the 825 CCA starting and deep cycle battery is a dual-purpose battery and has the high CCA’s recommended for most day cab applications while providing customers with additional protection against light duty cycling/key-off accessory usage.

The 710 CCA deep cycle and starting battery has one of the industry’s highest CCA ratings. It is recommended for sleeper and reefer trucks, transit and school buses, and RV applications. This premium deep cycle battery can be used to convert from a 3+1 to a 4+0 (2840 CCA) system that will provide longer battery life in applications with long periods of truck idling and key-off usage of in-cab accessories or Inverters.

Cat premium high output batteries are designed to perform in the harshest environments and offer reliable starting power and long life in all climates and applications. Cat PHO truck batteries are available in Battery Council International (BCI) Group size 31 and incorporate stud terminals.

Cat PHO batteries are designed to Caterpillar specifications, which includes a 100-hour vibration endurance test – a requirement five times longer than the industry standard. These batteries are maintenance free and feature calcium lead alloy on both the positive and negative plates for minimal water loss. The plates are secured to the robust container bottom and locked at the top of the element for maximum vibration resistance. Cat PHO batteries are also available in BCI 4D and 8D Group sizes for truck bus or RV use. These maintenance-free batteries also have industry-leading CCA and reserve capacity ratings.

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