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COMPETITION WATCH: Reliable Food Supplies subscribes to Cube Route’s Visibility service

TORONTO, Ont. -- Reliable Food Supplies has adopted Cube Route's Visibility service to help it track its deliveries...

TORONTO, Ont. — Reliable Food Supplies has adopted Cube Route’s Visibility service to help it track its deliveries.

The subscription-based service allows dispatchers to track shipments in real-time.

“Before Cube Route, reports on any exceptions, changes or problems in the daily delivery schedule would only be available to us the following day. As a result, the majority of issues remained unresolved,” said Tony Priaulx, I.T. manager with Reliable Foods. “Cube Route provides an affordable and effective way for us to stay on top of our delivery operations. Our dispatchers simply log in to the Web-based service at any time of the day to see the status of all deliveries in real time. Best of all, we got the results we were looking for without any financial risk as there were no upfront costs to implement the service.”

Cube Route says its system is ideal because it involves no financial risk since it is subscription-based and doesn’t require a large up-front investment.

“Companies like Reliable Foods are realizing the tremendous benefits that can be achieved through visibility into their delivery operations,” said Jeff Murphy, vice-president of operations at Cube Route. “Reliable Foods can optimize its costs across the organization while improving its customer service.”

After testing the system, Reliable Foods has since decided to roll the program out through its entire fleet.

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