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Dash cams and ghost cars on Trucker Radio News & Talk

Professional driver Harry Rudolfs appears on Trucker Radio News & Talk this week, discussing the sensitive issue of when it’s appropriate to “drop the dime” on a fellow driver and report him or her to their carrier.

He speaks of those rare times when he’s felt it was necessary to do so – including one time when his call led to an unexpected result. He also talks about dash cams and how one would’ve come in handy during a recent collision he suffered with a ‘ghost car.’

Truck News editor James Menzies gives a recap of the Mid-America Trucking Show, and talks about the continuing evolution of collision mitigation systems, including a new one that ‘drops the dime’ on speeding drivers.

Pro driver Guy Broderick discusses the best and worst of shippers.

Jennifer Fox from the Ontario Trucking Association appears on the show to provide details of an upcoming Border Crossing Symposium hosted by the organization.

And Tim Denis weighs in with a list of upcoming events and another dufus driver story – this time involving a bikini. You can listen to the show at A new feature allows you to download segments for later listening.


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