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Day & Ross invests in driving simulator

HARTLAND, N.B. — Day & Ross Transportation Group announced today that it has invested in a mobile driving simulator to help further support the development of their professional driving team.

The Day & Ross Simulator supports driver evaluation, basic and advanced training under various road, traffic and weather conditions.

“The simulator allows our company to put new and experienced drivers through pre-programmed simulations for both testing, onboarding and advanced training,” said Bill Doherty, CEO. “This driving simulator is the next step in our safety journey as we target zero accidents, and is just one of the ways we are working towards having the most professional driving team in the industry.”

Simulations include training to effectively avoid head-on collisions, pedestrians, heavy vehicle traffic, and even animals entering the roadway. The recording of simulator scenarios allows for review, evaluation, and driver coaching. The simulator can also develop driving skills that systematically improve fuel efficiency and help reduce environmental impact.

“This simulator will play a key role in the safe onboarding of new drivers for Day & Ross as we continue to partner with driver training schools and work with immigration programs to attract ‘New Canadian’ drivers,” said Mark Osborne, vice-president, human resources.

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  1. Robert Allard says:

    Simulator is a great tool for to get an idea on how it would be on the road but it is still something that could be used for checking movement reaction to different situation.
    If this simulator would make you feel the real thing like snow storm on Highway 11 in Northern Ontario with chill to minus 30 c snow accumulation on the unit vision being restricted and a bit of open area with Black ice how would anyone react??
    No panic and drive on manual gear selecting no jake on and slow down to weather condition. With more to do to be safe.
    Done it many time and managed to keep myself safe with no virtual simulation.

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