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DriverCheck celebrates 20 years

KITCHENER, Ont. – DriverCheck turned two whole decades this summer and to celebrate it treated its clients, staff and associates to a celebration at its Kitchener location.

The event was one for the books, according to organizers who claimed that there were approximately 200 visitors in attendance. The day saw a food truck serving up pulled pork, poutine and burgers, prizes including a 55-inch flat screen TV, Blue Jays tickets and more.IMG_2885

“Today is all about thanking all of our staff and our clients that helped us get to where we are today,” explained Dr. Chris Page, DriverCheck’s president and founder. “Because really it’s our staff and our clients that really helped us get to where we are and we have gone from one trucking company – J&R Hall at the beginning – to now 6,000 companies that we do drug and alcohol testing for.”

Today, DriverCheck does a lot more than just drug and alcohol testing. It offers a variety of workplace medical testing and assessments including fatigue management programs and other occupational health services. But despite the array of services it offers, it doesn’t exactly look like a typical walk-in clinic. It actually looks more like a man cave – and that’s exactly what Dr. Page had in mind when he designed the place himself in 2014. It has big screen TVs, a full coffee bar and swanky lounge chairs that creates a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for drivers to use while they wait for their tests.

“This clinic is medical but it’s not sterile,” he said. “It’s purely for transportation, it’s designed for the truckers. So the drivers can just walk in, they don’t have to call ahead and make an appointment or don’t have to sit beside cough, colds and sore holes.”

Dr. Page said the hope is to replicate these sorts of clinics all across Canada in the future.

Unique to the anniversary event was DriverCheck’s Knowledge Bar, where attendees could walk up and ask questions related to health concerns or about DriverCheck itself.

“This is kind of a niche market and people don’t understand how much we do and sometimes even what we do so it’s a chance for people to ask questions about what we do and understand all the services we offer,” explained Connor Page, DriverCheck’s business development manager.

And though the celebration is a milestone for the company that became a household name in workplace medical testing, the founder is quite modest.

“To me reaching 20 years means we’ve had a good start,” Dr. Chris Page said.

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