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Fleet Manager Professional Integrates with Cancom Tracking’s OmniTRACS

GUELPH, Ont. -- Trans+Plus Systems Corp. announced the integration of Fleet Manager Professional with OmniTRACS fro...

GUELPH, Ont. — Trans+Plus Systems Corp. announced the integration of Fleet Manager Professional with OmniTRACS from Cancom Tracking.

The Satellite Integration module offers increased value to their new TMS solution, Fleet Manager Professional, an intuitive, event based, trucking dispatch and freight brokerage software system for integrated fleet and logistics management. Fleet Manager Professional was officially launched earlier this month and is part of a powerful suite of transportation management software solutions offered by Trans+Plus.

“Trans+Plus is proud to integrate Fleet Manager Professional with Cancom’ s OmniTRACS. In fact, we have a long-standing relationship with Cancom as we celebrate more than six years of product integration with them. Our strong partnership shows in our commitment to provide the very best technology to our many mutual customers," said Dave Wright, president of Trans+Plus.

In the complex world of transportation, intuitive, integrated transportation management software solutions are a must in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The right integration can make a large impact on a company’s growth in terms of reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiencies." By integrating Fleet Manager. Professional with OmniTRACS, we feel that we can help our clients achieve their goals through increased automation and more efficient communications," Wright added.

Implementation of the Trans+Plus Satellite Integration module provides seamless integration of Fleet Manager Professional with satellite tracking and communications. By means of fully customizable macros that are provided with the software, dispatch and management will have quick access to information at all times. With integration, the system automatically updates order status such as picked up or delivered. It eliminates unnecessary calls to drivers by allowing you to view exact truck locations. You can even see Estimated Time of Arrival in real time without ever leaving Fleet Manager Professional.

Send and receive messages with ease. Follow all communication in the order it occurred. Integrated messaging helps keep drivers up-to-date with changes anywhere and at anytime allowing you to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. It helps reduce unproductive stops, change or reroute loads and generally improve customer service. With the Trans+Plus Satellite Integration module, direct input from incoming information increases accuracy and reduces data entry time, allowing information to be shared faster and more efficiently, providing operations with the tools needed to make informed decisions, fast.

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