Goodyear adds long-haul steer tire to Endurance line

by Sonia Straface

AKRON, Ohio – Goodyear rolled out its new Endurance long-haul steer tire today.

The new tire — the Endurance LHS — designed with all new compounds, is the latest product added to Goodyear’s Endurance family of high-mileage long-haul tires.

According to Mahesh Kavaturu, Goodyear’s marketing manager for commercial long haul and regional products, the tire was designed to complement the long haul drive tire Goodyear unveiled at last year’s North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta, Ga.

The new Endurance LHS replaces Goodyear’s current G399A tire, while still using that tire’s “trusted and true tread design and geometry.”

Kavaturu said during a virtual news conference on Wednesday that the purpose of this new tire was for customers to enjoy “the best of both worlds” in terms of improved miles to removal and increased fuel economy.

“We are actually eliminating the trade-off that you see in tires,” he said. “Typically, when you get mileage you have to comprise in fuel and vice versa.”

The new tire features:
• A new, wear-resistant tread compound;
• A new dual-layer tread with uniform stiffness for slow, even wear;
• New rigid casing construction for a consistent footprint; and
• New casing compounds for low rolling resistance

“Long-haul fleets are the biggest segment of the North American trucking market,” added Kavaturu. “When it comes to tires, these companies measure every mile. And they want to get as many miles as possible out of their tire investment, without sacrificing other performance benefits like fuel efficiency, even wear and traction.

“We believe that the new Goodyear Endurance LHS, along with the Goodyear Endurance LHD, can help fleets achieve this balance and ultimately lower their operating costs,” he added.

The Goodyear Endurance LHS is available in the following sizes: 295/75R22.5 (Load Ranges G and H): 11R22.5 (Load Ranges G and H); and 11R24.5 (Load Ranges G and H). An additional size, 285/75R24.5 (Load Ranges G and H), will be available next month.

“The Goodyear Endurance LHS and Goodyear Endurance LHD are positioned to become the ‘go-to’ steer/drive tire combination for long-haul fleets looking for returns on their tire investment,” said Kavaturu.

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